Isekai Manga With Op Mc

40 Isekai Manga With OP MC

Hello, there are you guys looking for Isekai Manga With Op Mc then I got you have prepared the list of 40such Manga for you. Do leave your valuable comment.

It really helps me to bring this type of content. So without wasting time let’s get to it straight.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

The story of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime goes like this one certain day a man was stabbed by a robber in an act of protecting his coworker. As he was laying and was waiting for his death. He heard a voice in his head and the next moment he finds himself in a new world in the body of a slime. What is next to check out the Manga to know?

Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

The story follows an ugly, fat and an unattractive boy who is bullied by everyone and even his family members have cast him aside. One day he met with an accident and finds himself on death bed and recalls his life and thinks that he could have lived a totally different life he had taken a step.
Now he finds himself in a new world with his knowledge of previous life or you can say with his memory of previous life.
In this world, he decides to change his life in a positive way and start creating new friends and start learning things. This world is completely different from his previous world he was born in the world of magic. So he has to start from zero.
Can he change his life and alter his future from what he had lived in his previous life check out the Manga to find out.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

4 heroes are summoned from the different worlds in the world of demons and humans where people can use Magic. These 4 heroes have to defend humanity and defeat demon.

Among these 4 Heroes, our protagonist is a Sheild Hero who wields a shield, unlike other heroes who have the weapon to kill he has a weapon to defend due to this he is not respected and was framed in a conspiracy and was declared guilty.

Now he has to prove his innocence as well as defend humanity. Will he be able to achieve his objective and what other mystery future hold for him?
Find out by checking out this Manga.

Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

This story of the Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha follows a Demon King who sacrifices himself so that demons and human life are in peace and harmony.
He then reincarnates again finds himself in a totally different world from what he left with an altered history.

Its been 2000 years since his death his descendent is very weak and now peace between humans and demons starts to crumble down.

Will he be able to retain the peace for which he sacrificed himself? And will he be able to meet his long meet his losing lost friend? Check out the Manga to find out more.

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Sword Art Online

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Would you like to live in a game if you were given a choice to do so?
This Manga story goes similar to this Kirito who is a Beta tester of a Virtual Reality game. The game is too good so he decides to play again when it is launched globally.

Now on the day of the global launch, everyone logged in.

And that’s where Manga begins they can’t log out. Now he is stuck in the game with thousands of others with their mind and consciousness in-game and bodies in reality.

They have to clear the game to get back. But the condition is this they can’t die if they do they die in reality.


Isekai Manga With Op Mc

The world of Plunderer is the world that is controlled by numbers, and once the number hits 0 you will be pulled out from the world forcefully. And the world follows the Alcian calendar in which the story takes place in the year 305. In this world, every human being is branded with no. which one can increase by many things such as making bet or any mean which you could think of.

The story begins with the count of Hina’s mother dropping to 0 and she tells her to find Legendary Ace and give him the ball she had given to her.
Who is this ace and what is his story where he came from find out all about him in the Manga? And tell your opinion about the Manga in the comment down below.

Soul Land

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

If you are into Manga that is cultivation based then this one is for you it consists of everything prodigy protagonist, isekai, romance, adventure. It anime is released under the title Douluo Dalo and has many seasons released.

The story of the Manga starts with Tang San who steals the Tang Sect’s most secret teaching to fulfill his dream. Tang Sect is one of the most famous and strong sects. After fulfilling his ambition he throws himself in a Hell Valley.

After which he opened his eyes to a different world as a baby with the memory of his previous life. With the help of his previous life memory and knowledge he soon became a prodigy. This is where manga begins. Check out this cool and amazing Manga and find out more about Tang San.


Isekai Manga With Op Mc

If you are into a Manga where the protagonist is one hell of an overpowered character then this one is differentially for you.

The story of Overlord begins with Yggdrasil, which is a popular game that is quietly shut down on its last day without any warning. The protagonist who loved this game decided to stay until the very last moment in the game till the time he was forced to log out.
But to his surprise, the server of the game didn’t shut down and he was stuck in the game. He now was stuck in a body of a skeleton and was transferred to another world.

He now doesn’t have any family or friends in this new world but all he has is the power that he obtained and his loyal servant. So he decides to take over the world. Check out the manga how he will do so and if he does then what challenges will he face? Find out by reading this Manga.

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Well how about this what will you do if you were abducted by some demon and you were forced to live with him. But here is the catch instead of making you do anything you were given a life of a King and all you need to do is go to school.

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This exact thing happen to Iruma his parents sold his soul to a demon who then made him his grandchild and was made to go to school like every normal human does but the difference is there are demons at school.

So check out this Manga to know what exactly is he dealing with this and what will future holds for him. Tell your views in the comment down below.

The King’s Avatar

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Do you love playing video games? Well, I do and if you do then you might like it.
Tell in the comment down below your favorite video game or video game you are playing right now.

So apart from this, the story of the Manga( which is The King’s Avatar Manhua Adaptation Rerun) goes like this. The protagonist is regarded as the trailblazer who is a top-tier professional player in the online multiplayer game named Glory. He is called “Battel God” by everyone because of hi and his contribution to the game for the past 10 years.

However, he was forced to retire from the team and leave behind his I’d, and move out without leaving any trace of himself.

But his love for games is on another level so he finds work at a nearby cafe.

And their Glory launches its 10th server. He then again throws himself into the game. Will he get his revenge and make it to the top once again.

I added this Manga to the list of isekai Manga because most of the part of the Manga is in-game.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

The story of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! follow a boy Satou Kazuma, who is a hikikomori who likes games, but this all came to an end because he died in a traffic accident in an apathetic way a person could die. You have to read the Manga to find out how he died.
But when he woke up he finds himself in front of a girl who claims herself as a goddess. She asks him whether he wants to go to another world or not.

But to her surprise, he asks her to accompany him to another world.

So then they both were dropped to another world and this is where the story of the Manga begins.
Will they survive in this world ? or they will become the food of some creature or die just like the way he died in his previous life.
Check out the Manga to find out.

Fate/Stay Night

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Here is another manga that is kind of isekai but not completely would say, but you should read it it is definitely a good one.
The story of this fate series takes place in an ordinary town in Japan, named Fuyuki City. Hidden from everyone else. A deadly war is going in this city of Japan.

Seven sorcerers known as “ Masters” summons powerful familiars from other world and these familiars are called Servents. They all fight against each other till the last one remains. And the last one which remains will obtain Holy Grail, which then gives him/her the chance to fulfill his/her one wish. And what this actually is this Holy Grail is only a few know, but now the time for the next war has come.

The main character of this Manga is Emiya Shirou, he lost his parent in a fire and then was adopted by a man who is a sorcerer himself. As he admires his stepfather and wants to become just like him but he doesn’t have any talent to be one. And now the time has come for the Holy war his father has already passed away and he is left alone in the war without any knowledge or power. But to his surprise, he summons Saber a servant who is called the strongest servant.

What will happen in the story next check out this Manga to find out.

In Another World With My Smartphone

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

You can figure out what is in the Manga by its name. Well, it is my job to tell it anyway.

The story follows Mochizuki Touya who gets involved in an accident that involves some lighting and zapping him up. He then wakes up and finds himself in front of Kami-sama ( God). This is the first word God said to him “I am afraid to say that I have made a bit of a blunder…” laments the old coot. But everything is not lost yet!. He offered to reincarnate him into a fantasy world with his smartphone as a bonus. So like this begins the story of Touya’s adventure in a new fantasy world.

He travels make friends and goes on adventures and does whatsoever he likes to do. Check out this Manga and join on his adventure.

No Game No Life

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

No Game No Life is the Manga of a sibling named Sora and Shiro who are full of rumors and are prodigy and overpowered gamers. Who can defeat the whole gaming community just by themself.

They call the world one full boring game. And with this one certain day, they get a message and were summoned to the world of the game. Where everything is decided by a game. They are called here to save humanity and make peace with all the races by playing gaming. Will, they achieve the objective which they are given by the God of this gaming world.

Find out how they defeat their every enemy with their skills and smartness.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord(Isekai Maou To Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu)

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is about a person who made a game in which was transferred somehow and now he lives in the game itself as Demon King Diablo.

He has some godly power by which he defeats his enemy one-sidedly but will what future hold for him as everything in this world is not exactly the same as he planned it.
Check out the Manga and join diablo and his companion in their journey.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

This Manga is connected to the Manga of Adventure of Sindbad which is absolutely beautiful it also has an anime adaptation you should check it out too.

The story of This Manga follows a boy named Aladdin who came to this from other dimension or world you can say he travels here and there with his djinn Ugo. Ugo who is jin who has much power lives inside a golden recorder, and now Aladdin is on a mission to find its true container” The Djinn’s Metal Vessel”. One certain Aladdin cross path with a lad who wants to enter a Dungeon which has pooped a decade ago in order to make fortune for himself.

Thus these two meet by chance and go on an adventure.

You must check out this Manga storyline of this Manga is quite good.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives(100-Man No Inochi No Ue Ni Ore Wa Tatte Iru)

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

This Manga has an Anime adaptation with 2 seasons. And I personally liked its storyline.

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The storyline of 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatte Iru goes like this a introvert boy named Yuusuke Yotsuya was living his boring life playing video games and going to school.
He was bored with his life but one certain day someone called Game Master Appeared in front of him and assign him a role and transfer him to a new world where he meet his classmate Iu Shindo, Kusue Hakozaki and they together have to complete the mission on whatsoever condition if not they will die and if all 3 die together they will die too.

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I’m The Great Immortal

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Yet another iskai manga with op Mc. The story of I’m The Great Immortal goes like this In the previous life there was a genius who stands out from other geniuses or above all geniuses in the world of immortality.

He was framed and killed by 3 celestial beings. But to his surprise, he was accidentally reborn to his 20s with the help of the book of Heaven.

Now all he wants to achieve is his immortality and return to the immortal world, so begins his journey and he started training and becomes the strongest man on the earth. He became so strong, turning his hands into clouds and covering his hands with rain, provoking anyone who defies him!

Check out this Manga and follow Taixuan Taizun in his journey who is the ruler of 3000 world and 10 000 times better than Thanos.

Survival Story Of A Sword King In A Fantasy World

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

The story follows Ryu Han-Bin who is just a normal human and was just discharged from his mandatory military service, and this when he was teleported to another world.

He was given a goal to survive somehow and become stronger in a desolate world riddled with monsters. But he has a problem which is ‘Guildline’ which suppose to guide him and help him survive but this guide system is filled errors.

So what will he do? How will he survive and what future hold for him check out this isekai manga with op mc.

I Became The Strongest With The Failure Frame “abnormal State Skill” As I Devastated Everything

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

The story of I Became The Strongest With The Failure Frame “abnormal State Skill” As I Devastated Everything goes like this during a school trip Toucka and his other classmate were summoned to another world.

And everyone is given a rank according to their power level but the only problem is that Touka was the only lowest rank: E-rank- which is extremely low or you could say is the lowest rank in his entire class.

So, the former mob character and the hero who was abandoned, will he become the strongest devil and strike back as he advances in rank.

Lonely Attack On A Different World

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

It is a written quote that “The strongest doesn’t need any cheats!”

The story of Lonely Attack On A Different World follows Haruka who is the protagonist of the isekai manga with op mc. Haruko spends his high school life as a loner, and one certain day he was suddenly summoned to another world along with his classmate.

And then God appears in front of him which made him think that he can ask for any cheat that will help him survive in this world.

But the cheats were given on the basis of first come first serve and till the time his chance arrive all cheats were gone.

And he had another problem that is he is a loner and can’t find a party to join.
He started thinking that even he is the new world but nothing has changed.

But one thing changed and that is as he notices the danger and now decides to save his classmate without relying on cheats.

So how will he achieve his goal and how will he become strong without any cheat check out the Manga to find,

Crimson Karma

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

This is a story of a soldier her name is Kasiya Del Roman who was crafted to become an assassin. She is now a simple tool as she has long her emotion or any other feeling that makes one human, she is thrown away in her final moments.

She dies a painful and lonely death. But she opens her eyes and finds herself on the battlefield of a different world. But the thing is will she live the same life as she used to live or will she change life and live as she wants to.

Find out yourself by reading this isekai manga with op mc.

100-Nin No Eiyuu O Sodateta Saikyou Yogensha Wa, Boukensha Ni Natte Mo Sekaijuu No Deshi Kara Shitawarete Masu

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Manga follows Eisen, who is the prophet who saved the world. Hundred of heroes were raised to put an end to the war with an evil god. Eisen who has received a grievous injury in action to protect heros, after that he left to another world so that he can recover from the injury.

In the meantime heroes of this world completely changed the world and developed the world.

They were longing to meet their Master whom they all admire, they all made of all the achievement in detail and reported to him.

After reading their letter, Eisen decides to give each one of them vistas he ist the country for sightseeing.

The Only “r” In The World

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

The story of The Only “r” In The World follows a warrior whose family was killed in another world. Sucked by darkness and chaos warriors decide to take revenge and start going crazy. And one day he came to know about the existence of Kelg’s Bar. Where reborn’s are searching for friends so that they could subdue Demon King all day and night.

He(Uras) immediately goes to the bar so that he could be selected for rebirth. Everything went well but only the problem is R is imprinted on him now. Which is a sign of weakness from unknown summoning. What are these mysterious things? what is R?

What is this unknown summoning? check out this Manga to find out,

Reincarnated As An Aristocrat With An Appraisal Skill

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

After being reincarnated, Ars Louvent is supposed to live in a different world as a weak aristocrat. Both his physical strength and intelligence were mediocre in both worlds, but here he naturally possessed a skill called “Appraisal” that allowed him to see the potential of any person.

By gathering talented people by his side, Ars uses this “Appraisal” skill to transform his weak territory into the strongest one! But the road ahead of him won’t be so simple.

Doctor’S Rebirth

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Doctor’s Rebirth Manga has based n a man who was killed in war during his medical volunteer. He was killed by a rebel soldier who tries to kill his patient so instead of him, he took the shoot.

But now all of sudden he is on a battlefield full of people who were oddly dressed and then all of sudden he realizes this is the Murim World a novel he used to read a lot.
He started to understand the world now and he talked to 3 Great Doctor of the novel and find out the person that he just saved was the protagonist of the novel.

This is the tale of a man who became the greatest physician in Gangho! Resume francais.

Read this Manga and join him on his journey to a fantasy world and then become one of the greatest. This is an isekai manga with op mc.

Devil Sword King

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

How about this you were given two choices either to live in a fantasy movie or novel of your choice or to live in reality. Comment your choice down below.

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Whatever you choose the protagonist of this isekai Manga decides to live his life in the Magical world as well as in reality. And he is fully determined to do so.

Check out this Manga to find out more.

The Beginning After The End

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

This Manga is one of my favorite Manga. It has everything that I was looking for Op character, Romance, and an amazing storyline it has it all.

The Manga follows King Grey who had everything that a person wants in life power, fame, wealth but the only thing he carve for was love from a family friend he was lonely.

He died and was reincarnated in a new fantasy world where magic is the source of power he is born in a family of adventurers. And he decides to change his life and live the life he wanted to live in his previous life.

Will he succeed in this? What are the problems that he will face? Check out this amazing Manga and tell your opinion in the comment down below.

Tang Yin Zai Yi Jie

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

The story of Tang Yin Zai Yi Jie goes like this Tang Yin has a different body, but it has no use in this world, all he can do is assassin other people.

But things took a turn and he finds himself on a battlefield where he can use his body and get the pleasure he wants to get. Check out this Manga to find out more.

Martial Master

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Yet another isekai manga with op mc that I follow, The storyline of this Manga is good but the drawing is not up to the mark but you can compromise that for a good storyline then you will love this manga.

The story does like this a legendary martial master Simon was betrayed by his friends and lover and was killed by them.

And 300 years later he reincarnate as an illegitimate child of the royal family who was deceived by others. But soon he starts cultivating and becomes strong day by day.
Check out the Manga to know what the future holds for him. And are the difficulty he will face in the future.

The Descent Of The Demonic Master

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Here is another amazing isekai manga with op mc. I also follow this Manga around 115 chapters are released around the time I’m writing this blog.

The story of this Manga goes like this in the first life he met a tragic accident and losses his family and is one leg.

Then in his second life is reincarnated and becomes a red Demonic master and was betrayed by his closest friend Blue Demon. And Finally, he reincarnated again and in this life, he got the chance to correct all his previous life mistakes.

With all the knowledge he gained in his previous life he cultivate and get strong. But many threats present themselves in front of him even though he wants to live a simple life.

How will he deal with them? Will, he be able to keep his family and friend safe. Check out the Manga to find out.

Omniscient Reader’S Viewpoint

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

The story of Omniscient Reader’S Viewpoint follows a man who thought the world is destroyed but the next second he finds himself.

The new journey of a normal person begins within the world of the novel, and to add more context he is the only person who has finished the novel.

So what will happen next how will things unfold in this Manga? Check out the Manga to find out.

Nidoume No Jinsei Wo Isekai De

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

This manga is a tale of a person who was reincarnated in another world as he dies in his previous life and was sent to another world by a girl who look like Kami-Sama(God).

She informs him that he has died and her name is Kunugi Renya-san and I’m a God.

So how will he live his next life and what kind of world is this new world read the Manga to know.

Fff-Class Trashero

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Next on the list of isekai manga with op mc is Fff-Class Trashero.

The protagonist of the Manga is Kin Han Soo who finally accomplished what he was summoned in this world 10 years ago. He was finally able to kill the demon king. Now he finally will be able to return to earth.

But what now God appeared and what is in his hand a report card.

As God has helped him in this task and removed many obstacles from his way his score was F.
And now he has to again start from the beginning will he be able to get out of this loop.
Find out by reading the Manga.

Strongest Anti M.e.t.a


The story of Strongest Anti M.e.t.a follows a traveler Xue Que. He all day scam people, and often he ventures alone. He even bluff to get the ultimate power in this cultivation world.

It is not like he is always bluff but he has no other choice.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Hardcore Leveling Warrior is another isekai manga where the main character is op. He is the strongest player of the game there is no one who can be compared to him.

But everything changed when he was killed by an unknown in-game character and his level was reset to 0 because of his passive ability.

This manga has 2 seasons and is all in color print. Find out what exactly happen by reading this Manga.

Isekai Kenkokuki

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

The story of Isekai Kenkokuki follows a boy who is reincarnated in another world. But he was an abandoned child and with him, there were many other children.

So in order to survive, he makes them work on farms. And little by they start to grow and others start to migrate upon hearing about the village.

A group of abandoned children soon become a village. And as the village grows big countries start to have an eye on them. So what is waiting for them in the future?
This is the tale of a man who will become a Divine Emperor in the future.

Versatile Mage

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

What would you do if one day all of the sudden people around to start talking about games, or magic or whatever you love to do.

Studying is not important there and is even considered a bad habit. SO what would be your reaction tell your view in the comments down below.

A similar thing happened to the protagonist of the manga. One certain day he woke up and finds that the world has changed around him.

The high school that he attains now teaches magic instead of other things.

But that is not all that has changed now outside the city magical beast wanders to prey on humans,

His whole world changed an advanced scientific world changed into an advanced magical world. But the only that has not changed is his teaCher and classmate who used to look down on him as a weak and useless person.

The same father who used to work hard for his family same sister who couldn’t walk.
But the protagonist discovers something interesting that he can use multiple-element whereas others can only use 1 element of magic.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

The story of My Wife Is A Demon Queen is about Xiang Ye who is just another normal young man, he finds himself in another world upon hearing a ring. He was summoned to another world they said we are the members of Demon Tribe, which also includes their queen Isabella Osa.

Now the story moves further and they try to save their lives from the human army and claimed that they are greatly weakened right now, as Isabella is his wife and they must grow strong so that they could survive in the capital of the human tribe territory.

Reformation Of The Deadbeat Noble

Isekai Manga With Op Mc

Irene Perreira is a boy who in order to run away from reality he sleeps. People used to mock him, and even call him a ‘deadbeat’, but he had no wish to change.

One day he saw a dream that changed his life. He dreamed of a swordsman… who was as talentless as him but by training with swords for a decade become fierce.

Check out the Manga to find out more about the Manga.

These were my list of Isekai Manga with OP MC.

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