Wild Rift Patch 2.6

As the new patch is almost there, wild rift brings all kinds of fun stuff in the update. Here is a quick recap of ting s what you can expect.

First, let’s check out the champions that wild rift is bringing.

Kayle And Morgana

Wild Rift Patch 2.6

Kayle, the righteous, and the Morgana, the fallen will be joining the wild rift. You can see them in the next update. These two are just like a typical sister.

Sibling Rivalry you can say.

You can obtain one of the champions free from event that will begin after the update.

Next on Update is Dr.Mundo


Wild Rift Patch 2.6

The very first Visual and gameplay updates coming to Wild Rift and is of Dr.Mundo.

So which means you can take this mad doctor and enjoy it and roam with it anywhere you would love to take him.

With this, we come to the section of the item and new item that would we be joining wild rift.


Sheild Items

Here is a piece of good news for those players whose main champion is mage or assassins cause Banshee’s Veil and Edge of Night are the two new items you can use to protect from that annyoyning Crowd Controlling ability.

Finally, these two-item made their way to the wild rift from the league of legends.

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Support Item

It looks like the wild rift team made supporter the centre of the update as other items for support is getting its place in the wild rift.

These items are Hextech and Megadrive and Ixtali Seedjar.

Now let’s see what is wild rift team have for champ selection.


As I’m a wild rift player myself. This particular update is huge in itself.

Now instead of banning 3 characters in ranked games, you can ban 5 characters. And I think it is huge as there are lots of characters it is also important to do so.

Now let’s talk about some rank rewards.

New Rank Rewards

Every player above gold will receive a Glorious Orianna skin and skin border display.

Wild Rift Patch 2.6


Wild Rift Patch 2.6

Intesntional Losing Detection

As a player, I know how much frustrating this is when a player intentional feed or help the enemy. So in order to reduce this wild rift has changed things in this update.

Update For New players

Things will get exciting for new players this time around. New players will have a newly expanded mission which is themed around jinx!


Wild Rift Patch 2.6

Here comes the section for which most players look forward to:

Lots of lots of skin are coming to this update and in this list, my favourite champion skin is there. Tell your Main champion name in the comment and if your champions skin is available there this update?

Without losing a single second let’s get straight to it.


  • Crystal Rose Lux (Legendary)
  • Crystal Rose Sona
  • Crystal Rose Ezreal (Legendary)
  • Crystal Rose Jarvan IV
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  • PROJECT: Akali
  • PROJECT: Fiora
  • PROJECT: Jhin
  • PROJECT: Katarina
  • PROJECT: Vayne (Legendary)


  • Blade Mistress Morgana
  • Viridian Kayle
  • Corporate Mundo (Legendary)
  • Mecha Rengar
  • Mecha Kha’Zix
  • Winter Wonder Lulu
  • Dunkmaster Darius (Legendary)

And we are the last section of this patch is bringing us


Wild Pass

It goes without saying that this update wild pass will come with brand new items, gifts and poro for free pass users.

And the skin that Wild Rift is offering us this time Hexplorer Shyyana.


Wild Rift Patch 2.6

And Finally and the last thing that will be coming in this update is URF Mode.

URF stands for Ultra Rapid Fire in this mode champion will be given unlimited Mana and greatly reduced ability cooldowns which mean unlimited action. I personally can’t wait to try out this mode. So prepare your Thumb for the battle.

And I will see you next news or blog.

And if you have made this far in this News section check out my other wild rift blog:


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