Yuumi Build and complete guide

Yuumi Build and complete guid

Hey fellow Wild RIfter, hope you enjoy wild rift as I’m doing. And here I’m once again with the Build And Guide of Yummi. This champ can be just a pain to deal with as you can’t target or kill her until she has her ally champion nearby.

So, here I’m to tell you how you can use her effectively with describing her passive ability and will also tell you when and how to use her abilities.

And lastly I will show you in which order you should open her skills and the build that you should consider using on her.

So, stay tuned as you go and learn a lot from this guide. And if this guide helped you a little bit then leave your valuable comment. Now, let’s dive straight into the Yuumi Build and complete the guide.

Yuumi’s Ability

Bop N’ Block (Passive Ability)

Yuumi Build and complete guide

This is a quite simple passive ability. Yummi’s basic attack on the enemy champion grants her a shield. Though the passive has a 12 seconds cooldown but the shield is permanent that means it will not go away until you take damage. Here is a good thing about her passive ally champion: her shield will be transferred to ally champion when she sticks to him.

So how can you use it? Just attack an enemy with base attack and attach yourself with one of the allies. Try to attach yourself to the champion who is carrying the team.

Or if you champion like Malphite who will always engage with the enemy first and is tanky then attach yourself to him. He will almost be immortal and it will be easy for your team to kill all enemies as you both will be on the front line taking all the damage.

Prowling Projectile (First Ability)

Yuumi Build and complete guide

This is just a small missile which you can control and has quite a long range. But it has barely any damage. And can be used when you are attached to an enemy.
While she is attached she gives more damage that is 60 plus 2% current health magic damage and slows the enemy champion by 20% for almost 1 second.

You and Me! (Second Ability)

Yuumi Build and complete guide

This has both Passive and Active ability: But what it basically does is you will attach yourself to ally champion and can use every ability and your attack button will be removed.

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Let’s look at its active and passive ability.
Passive: This will increase the adaptive force of the ally champion as well increase her adaptive force by the same amount.
Active: Yummi will attach herself to his ally champion and follow them and is untargetable when attached. And you can attach yourself to an ally till the time you wish or your ally champion dies.

One way to use this ability is by switching between ally champon without getting into your base form. With this you will be untargetable and can support your ally champion quickly.

Note: If you are rooted or stun by any means then you can’t use this ability for 5 seconds and you know what will happen in this time you will die.


Yuumi Build and complete guide

In simple words it will heal you and if attached to an ally champion you will heal him. So that is why I said in the beginning that Malphite practically became immortal. Same thing you can do with Mundo.

Let’s see how much exactly she heals. Yummi will heal 80 health and also gives 15% movement speed and 30% attack speed to herself or to ally champion.

Final Chapter (Ultimate)

Yuumi Build and complete guide

Now, let’s talk about her Ultimate. This is the most annoying ability for enemies as she starts emitting waves and once the enemy champion is hit by 3 waves he is rooted for 1.75 seconds and with this she gives 50% magic damage.

Ability order

Yuumi Build and complete guide

When is Yummi strong?

So, you might be asking, is Yummi a late game or early game champion? The answer to this question is that she is a late game champion as you see she has barely any magic damage but in late game her healing abilities and other abilities are quite annoying to deal with.’

So, in the early game try to play without sticking to your ally and stick to him when he needs a heal. This way you can get the best out of Yuumi in the early game. And in late game try to stick to the champion who engages the enemy first and then move around the ally. Mostly focus on the one who is carrying the team or is taking the most damage.

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This will overall help your team greatly.

So, now let’s jump on the Yummi’s Build.

Yuumi ‘s Build

Yuumi Build and complete guide
Yuumi Build and complete guide

Now, I would like to describe these items and will try to tell what these items do as well as the core item for Yummi.



Yuumi Build and complete guide

This item will heal or shield an ally and will give you both 20 ability haste. Also, 20-40 ability power for 4 seconds. If you don’t get what this line is saying then all you need to understand is this much-
+65 Ability Power
+350 Max Mana
+20 Ability Haste


Yuumi Build and complete guide

+250 Max Health
+60 Ability Power
+10 Ability Haste
This will also give Yummi +5 Movement Speed. And when you heal or shield ally champion then both of you will gain 10-30% Attack Speed.


Yuumi Build and complete guide

+75 Ability Power
+300 Max Mana
+10 Ability Haste
Your next healing after full Harmonic Echo will heal 70 Health. And Harmonic Echo is stack up by moving,

These 3 items were the core items of Yuumi. As you can see, these items provide so much healing ability to Yummi.


Yuumi Build and complete guide

This item will give Yummi +120 Ability Power and increase Ability Power by 40%.

The 5th item is optional as it would be rare when support will have enough money to purchase this item.
So, you can use any item of your choice. But I will suggest one.


Yuumi Build and complete guide

This item will provide Yuumi with following things-
+55 Ability Power
+40 Magic resistance
+10 Ability Power
And can store 35% of pre mitigation damage dealt to champions as Blood.


Yuumi Build and complete guide

You might also want to use this item as this item will give Yuumi-

+35 Ability power
+500 Max Mana
+20 Ability Haste

This might be the best early game item as this gives Yuumi lots of mana. And in early game mana is very quick.

Now let’s check out the Ruins that you should consider using on Yuumi.



Yuumi Build and complete guideYuumi Build and complete guide

This ruin is the only ruin that you should consider using on Yuumi. When you attack an enemy champion then an Arey is sent over to the enemy which deals damage to the enemy or will shield the ally.

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In the next ruin you might consider using champion or gathering storm.

You might want to know the reason for each. It is because Yuumi has a less chance of dying so by using champion you can give damage in early game and if not die then in late game too.

And the reason for gathering storms is quite the same. As Yuumi’s early game is not good, you might want to prepare for a late game and this item is best suited for that.

Other than these, I personally don’t think any other ruins are good on Yuumi. Well it is up to you what ruins you want to use.

Now, let me explain these ruins a little bit.


Yuumi Build and complete guide

Yuumi will gain 8% damage against champions. And you will lose 4% each time you die.

Gathering Storm

Yuumi Build and complete guide

Every 3 minute Yuumi will gain AP 4,10, 15, 28 and so on.

Next Ruin you should consider using on her is Loyalty. Other ruins I personally don’t think are useful to her.


Yuumi Build and complete guide

Yuumi will gain 2AR and 5MR. As well as your closest ally, the champion will gain 5AR and 2 MR.


Yuumi Build and complete guide

Mana is a major problem for Yuumi in the early game. So, you should use this ruin on her.
On hitting an enemy champion with an ability or empowered attack permanently increases your max mana by 30 and can be increased upto 300.

Spell that you should consider using on her are-

  • Ignite
  • Exhaust
  • Heal

Never use ghost, flash, shield are practically useless on her. And doesn’t make sense.
Because if your all ally champion dies then she doesn’t have any ability to protect herself leave the base. So, you should focus on supporting your teammates.

So, I would like to conclude this guide that as a Yuumi champion your mindset should be that you should support your ally as much as you can and in the best possible way.

And if you guys have any queries related to this guide then you can consider texting me on Instagram.

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