What Is Animeology And What I Do Here?

Animeology is a Blog soly made or the purpose of sahring my information on anime, manga, light novel and games.

Personally I think journey of  animeology begin when I was just a child and shows like dragon ball used to strem on Cartoon Newtorks. But due to timing issue I couldn’t watched it completely and soon time passed by and aroiund 2016 an idea to watch dragon ball stuck to my mind. Since then my passion for anime kept on increasing. 

Then One Day I decdied that I will make  a website that will make people aware of the amazing anime content out there. I want people just like me to enjoy these amazing storyline with faboulous animation work.

What I Do Here?

Well, answer to this is very simple I make the list of anime of diffrent geners. In this list I select the best anime that one can truly enjoy. 

Most of the time I list the anime that I have already watched but if I suggest some that I have not watched then i check reviews of those anime,manga or light novel on various sites to confirm wheather it really amazing or not.

At animeology I also suggest top rated manga, light novel of different geners.