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While looking for ideas to write a blog I thought to myself. Why not make a list of characters whose deaths touched me deeply and felt this is how one’s life should probably end?

Well, sometimes I have these thoughts that I should have these kinds of endings. Do you think these kinds of things? Or I’m the only strange one.

There is no ranking to this list but still, there are a few that are my personal favorites that I would like to give a top ranking. Now. let’s take a look at the list.

Niji (Naruto)

epic ending

Niji is the character who has gone through all the phases of being hated by the audience to being loved by them.

And I think this character transformation which is seen in very few in real life made him stand out from the rest of the people in this list. He had the choice to save him or to perform his duty. Or Dharma in the context of Hinduism.

And he chooses his Dharma over his life. This whole character development to his self-sacrifice for others made him gain my respect and thus I thought he deserved to be on this list.

Kyojuro Rengoku (Demon Slayer)

epic ending

Demon Slayer is filled with sad endings and is full of grief. But it becomes more sad ending when one of the kindest souls was just seeking his father’s recognition and was not able to get it when he was alive.

Made it more sad ending and more epic. He even in the face of death did not show his back on his junior and the people who needed his help and stood his ground even though he knew he was on the losing end. And this made his ending one of the saddest and most epic endings in my regard.

Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

epic ending

Kamina one of the lead characters of Gurren Lagann definitely should be on this list of anime characters with epic endings. Because an epic ending doesn’t only mean how one died but also for what or whom he/she died.

And Kamina made into this because of his self-sacrifice for his brother as well as motivating and molding him into what he became in the latter of the series. And because of these reasons, I think he should be on this list. Do you agree?

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Koro-Sensei (Assassination Classroom)

epic ending

How will you feel if you are to be killed by the person you loved and cared for that is because they have to do it and it’s also your order. I know it is and will the one of the saddest endings.

Koro Sensei tasked his studies to assassinate him and at the climax of the anime when they were almost close to killing him Sensei accepted his fate and fulfilled his life mission. Is the reason I think made his ending epic whether it was epic or not it’s up. Let me know if you agree or not.

Leone (Akame ga Kill)

epic ending

I clearly remember this anime, I was new to the anime world just moved from watching Bollywood movies where there was a happy ending in every movie, and then I came across this masterpiece.

The beginning itself was screaming how the anime would go but I who was a newbie didn’t see that. And then when I started attaching to one character he died the next episode. And this kept happening till the end which gave me totally new perspective.

But the death of Leon was different to me I don’t know why maybe she saw it coming or her lonely death or what but it made it so painful yet epic for me at the same time.

I can’t explain exactly why I put her on this list but I’m dead sure that she belongs to this list.

6. Erwin Smith & Sasha Blouse (Attack On Titan)

Firstly, let’s start with anime in which the life of characters is totally on the line throughout the series, and death could be seconds away. And despite knowing this thing they never ever got scared or ran away from the battlefield.

Things that I mentioned above made them more respectful and above others but what made these two apart from others from their team is their determination towards their goal and not getting greedy or corrupt by the thoughts that they will die what there for them to sacrifice for if they have to die.

These two knew they had to make sacrifices for others to move forward and there is no replacement for them it has to be them and no one else. This will and self sacrifice in my opinion is the things that made them different from other.

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By showing these qualities automatically anyone gains my respect be it a living or fictional character so I think both had an epic ending. Do you agree?

5. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

epic ending

Itachi the name itself has become a synonym for sacrifice in the Anime community. And I don’t need to explain to those who have watched the anime. And for those who have never seen the anime Naruto here is a short context. Itachi from his child sacrificed himself for his community and his village.

But to me what really made him great and made him on the list of legends is his love for his people even after his death he planned it so well for a moment it seemed that he had foreseen the future and made plans accordingly.

Though his ending was epic and painful in itself to me his mentor side touched me very much. He couldn’t care less about himself kept himself among enemies and guided his brother and Naruto whenever he could.

What is the character of Itachi that made him stand out from others tell me your view on this.

4. Escanor (Seven Deadly Sins)

epic ending

Well, if you would ask among all the anime characters which character personality you would choose to be yours then, I would choose Escanor. Why you may ask?

Well, it might be hard for me to press this feeling in words but I think it is about pride I think, when Sun is up there is no match for his pride and I kind of want that personality not only personality but the power or ability to back that pride.

The way he ended his life according to his will just to save his friend and his pride of never running away from the battlefield made him legendary in my eyes and was an epic ending on my accord. Do you agree?

3. Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)

epic ending

If you ask any One Piece fan it was the saddest moment of the whole anime to date. They will have this name at No.1 for sure. It’s no different for me as at that time I didn’t usually follow manga and was aware of what coming next.

And anime death of favorite characters hurts on a totally different level as compared to just reading manga.

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And what made his death so different than others? Well, here is what I think- firstly he had a friendly nature which automatically made him loved by everyone, and second thing is that he was the brother of MC which made him more closer to people’s hearts automatically.

And third, is his self-sacrifice for his little brother without a second thought. And U clearly remember how hard it was for me to hold the tears from my eyes. Did Ace’s death make you cry or not?

2. White Beard (One Piece)

epic ending

What would be a more badass death than this one? Tell me, I will wait. Whitebeard chooses his death place, purpose, and even the way he will die.

I don’t even know how many times I have seen this Arc. From his entry to his exit, that short appearance of his was totally epic to me.

Beating Akianu like he was a joke, taking all those attacks to his chest and not a single hit to his back. Which implies many many things. And most important of those things is that he never ever ran away from any battlefield and the most epic part.

He died standing I mean how the heck can anyone be this epic, Died standing while protecting his sons. I don’t know anything more epic than this.

1. Jiraya(Naruto)

epic ending

Though Naruto had many sad and heart-wrenching endings. But this one was the most sad ending. This was the first anime I watched I clearly remember how attached I was to him.

And that flashback at his end made it more sad as if I had taken the place of Naruto. Ohh man this makes me sad to this. He was a good, kind, perverted man.

I totally loved his character from the start when he was shown to the end. When he knew his end was near and still to make people aware used everything he could at that moment.

What is your take on him let me know.

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