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30 Best Light Novels For You TO Read

Hey, hope you are doing great as always. And as the headline says today I have written about the Best Light Novel Of All Time that you can truly enjoy.

Before anything else, I would like to mention that I have tried my best not to mention that have famous anime and manga. Why do you ask? Because it seems way boring to write on the same thing over and over again and as for readers point of view it becomes boring too to read the same thing.

So, I have picked the once that truly are amazing and yet don’t have any anime.

And before we jump to the list I would like to request that if you gained anything from this blog then do comment your view and subscribe to my website. It truly motivates me to write more on these topics. So, now let us jump into the piece of information that you are looking for.

To begin with, I would like to tell you that this list is based on the number of views these light novels received and the rating that these novels received so we will begin from the least view and with fewer ratings don’t worry they are all high rated novel. It is just that it has fewer ratings than below one.

So we will begin with Human Emperor which is in the 30th position on this list.

30. The Human Emperor

Best Light Novel

The story of the human emperor follows Wang Chong, who was just a normal guy just like you and me. But one day he was brought to an alternate world which completely broke him up from the inside.

Not knowing what to do he started living aimlessly until a calamity stuck his family which made him feel like he was torn apart. And thus he decides he rise to the top and will stand against anything that will harm the things that he cared about.

Which eventually lead him to become the Grand Marshal in the central plan of this world. But now a force has stood against him to destroy what he cherished and lead to a battle which he lost.

And on his death bed, he saw a start the start he saw when he was brought into this world. So, what will they start to do? And how is this star related to things that are happening around him? Find out all the answers to these questions in this light novel.

Now, if you want more of this type of content then don’t worry just jump on the next one. You might like it.

29. World Defying Dan God

Best Light Novel

How about a story of a man who received everything a man could dream of. Well to begin with this man who is the protagonist of this light novel is Young Chen Xiang. I don’t know how young he is but he is young to enjoy what he has received to its fullest.

He had a fateful encounter with goddesses as well as demoness if this was not enough he even received their peerless heritage, martial art, divine pulses, and as well as transcendent alchemy techniques.

Which made his journey of cultivation buttery smooth. When he is hungry he just refines some pills and eats them as snacks, when he has nothing to do he just flirts with the goddess, when bored to death he teases martial artists who were looking for him for some pills, and when he is tired he just asks his beautiful wif to give him a massage.

So, tell him what else a man wants in his life? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Well, is this peace before some incident that might happen in the future? This answer you have to look into this light novel.

Now, let me tell you a short story about the King of Gods.

28. King of Gods

Best Light Novel

First, let me clarify that this novel has to do little with god and more with humans. Well it does involves a few gods then it’s okay.

So, the story of this novel follows a normal young lad whose will is strong and his desire was strong so that he is not normal. But his destiny was something else as he was born in a small branch family and has to follow the path that has been laid.

Until one day his left eye got merged with the eye of an Ancient God due to an accident. And from that moment onwards he turned the tides and became a dragon from a fish.

He started to walk on the path of the legendary cultivator. So, whom will he face in this journey of his? Find out by reading this light novel.

27. Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Best Light Novel

The name of this light novel doesn’t make any sense to me? Why? You will know when you will read the synopsis of this light novel.

This novel follows Yun Luofeng, a genius of her time and mostly known for her medical expertise. But she died after she was caught in an accident, but her soul got attached to an Eldest Miss from Longxia continent of general Estate.

But this is not the only problem the problem was that this trash of a Miss was ungifted in the literary arts and martial arts, but was also a brainless, big-chested, self-willed, and arrogant woman. This brain dead of Miss was not happy with the perfect fiancé like the crown prince of the continent.

And thus she snatched a pretty boy in public, which eventually lead to Crown Prince to annul their engagement. Read more about the miserable life of this ghost and what is her role in this story.

26. Overgeared

Best Light Novel

I think it has a Manhwa so if you want to read it Manhwa which is fully colored then go for it. Personally, I would prefer Manhwa over a novel well your case might be different.

The story of this light novel goes like this Shin Youngwoo who is the protagonist of this novel has an unfortunate life and was stuck on the construction site for quite a long time. And even in the most famous VR game “Satisfy” he works mostly in the caves as a worker.

Until one-day the character “Grid” discovered a ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ in the Northern End Cave from a quest. And the rest is a legend. REad this light novel to find out more about Grid and Shin Youngwoo.

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Well next on the list of 30 Best Light Novels For You To Read is The 99th Divorce. This light novel is from a completely different genera but it is still worthy to read. So, I will meet you in the next section.

25. The 99th Divorce

Best Light Novel

Well, I don’t know how the name of this light novel is given. But here is a synopsis for you to understand a little bit about the story.

The story of this light novel goes like this of a woman in her previous lifetime. Even after their 5 years of marriage, even though he meant everything to her, she was still tossed aside like an old used shoe.

But after her regression, she gave him a divorce contract preemptively. Divorce after 1 year. And the terms and conditions of this contract were as follows: Husband and Wife will never share a bed and Intimacy is strictly forbidden.

But things changed after one she got drunk. You broke the contract, Miss. Li says to the husband.

24. Reverend Insanity

Best Light Novel

The synopsis that I got didn’t make an ounce of sense to me so. I made my own from what I understood.

The story of this light novel takes place in a human world where humans are clever in tens of thousands of ways and This world with humans grows. AS human cultivates and uses Gu. Gu is a true refined essence of Heaven and Earth.

The 3 three temples that lead the people became unrighteous and thus a demon was reborn.

This is what I got from the synopsis that I found. So, if you want to know more about this novel then just read it.

23. One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Best Light Novel

Well, this is how the story of this novel goes. It is a story of a woman who agrees to become a surrogate mother in exchange for millions of yuan.

The man is a very important person as he is the CEO of the most powerful Empire in the capital, and he holds absolute power. Power more than anyone. While on the other hand, she is the adopted daughter of a lowly family.

So, why did she decide to become a surrogate mother you may ask? Because she wants to help her father with his failing business.

22. Chaotic Sword God

Best Light Novel

Here I present you with a novel with double reincarnation. The story follows man Jian Chen after his death. His soul was reincarnated in a completely different world. And due to his memory, he grew up at an abnormal speed, but end up begin dead due to overflowing enemies and the serious wound that he received from them while fighting.

And due to injuries his soul abnormally changed at the border between life and death. And what happened next was he decided to completely change his course of life this time around and choose to cultivate sword art and become the Sword God of the generation.

Well up next is the story of another God but this time it’s about a medical god. So, hope on to the next section to learn more about this God.

21. Unrivaled Medicine God

Best Light Novel

Here we go again once again new betrayal and once again a new journey. I personally like this type of story I kind of like it. To make it more fun one should be a regressor.

Anyway, this is the story of Qingyun Zi who was betrayed and murdered by his peers. And when he thought everything is finally over he woke up. But to his surprise, this was not his body. The person in which his soul resides is Ye Yuan.

At first, he struggled to cope with the loss of his loved ones but the has to withstand all this pain and find go with the flow and love the things that he has right now.
With this, he has to discover the dark secret behind his death and what was the reason he was betrayed by others?

So join Qingyun Zi in his journey. And unveiling the mystery behind his death and other things that will show up eventually.

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20. Invincible

Best Light Novel

Here is the quote from this novel that I really like. Begin stong is lonesome. By overcoming loneliness and pushing one’s limit you stand at the top of the world.

Huang Xiaolong was a pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on Earth. Nut he died and was reborn into another world of Marital Spirit, but he was born with the secret knowledge of Hua Xia, and the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

In this world, everything revolves around Martial Spirit, and everything is decided according to it. Even once train of battle qi and becoming a warrior is decided by Martial Spirit.

And thus came the time when the Martial Spirit of Huang Xiaolong was tested and by mistake he was considered a common Martial Spirit instead he had a rear Martial Spirit. Which eventually shocked people as this common Martial Spirit boy keeps on doing things that are considered impossible.

19. The Legendary Mechanic

Best Light Novel

The lead character of this story is Han Xiao who was a professional gamer until he was isekaied in the very game he loved.

But this time not as a player but as an NPC. Han Xiao was a booster player and was playing this game for 10 years. But after he was isekaied in this game he realized that he is in a dire situation and he needs to escape from this place. SO will he be able to escape or will he become just another NPC?

What would happen if his NPC form and his player form were to meet each other in this world? What will he do?

Tell me about your opinion what would you have if you were to be summoned into the game you love to play?

18. Emperor’s Domination

Best Light Novel

This is the story of an immortal human whose name is Li Qiye. Li Qiye, Ten million years ago planted a simple water bamboo into the ground. Eight million years ago, he had a koi fish as his pet. And finally Five million years ago, Li Qiye to a little girl under his wings. And then he went to his slumber and woke up millions of years later.

And at that time the bamboo planet was at its apex cultivation, the little koi fish became a legendary Golden Dragon, and the little girl became the Immortal Empress of the Nine World.

So, what will he do after he wakes from his slumber and join this immortal man on his journey?

17. Dragon-Marked War God

Best Light Novel

What would happen if a legend is reborn into this world with his past memories? He will definitely create havoc around his peers and around the world.

A similar thing happened with Jiang Chen who was once the greatest Saint underneath the heavens. And he was reborn into the same world after 100 years. Well, he might have been reborn again but his memory and his will to be at the top still remain.

He once again started cultivating with his might. He once again chooses to be at the top of everyone. Here is the line he says to people around him:

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“He says don’t compete with me in terms of concocting pills as 100% effectiveness of pills means nothing to me”

“Don’t you dare to compete with me in terms of cultivating speed as I would not be responsible if you die from embarrassment”

“Don’t even think that you are greater in terms of experience as I’m your great ancestor”.

16. The King’s Avatar

Best Light Novel

Well, this is the only light novel on this list that has famous anime as well as manga. So, you can skip it if you have watched or read this one.

The story follows Ye Xiu who was considered a legend in the online game Glory. But as he had no flaw in terms of the game or in terms of his personal character he was kicked out or you can say he was betrayed by the team which he brought to the no.1 spot.

But after his forceful retirement, he decides he will once again make it to the top, and this time with the team he created. And thus he joins an internet cafe and starts living his normal life.

Will, he is able to make a team that will be able to compete among these pros? Can he get his revenge? Read this light novel to know the answer.


Best Light Novel

Yet another light novel with one considering himself as God. Don’t judge others in ignorance within my presence. One who is thinking of harming others should be read to be harmed himself.

Those who are respectful to me shall receive my kindness. And one’s who dare to plot against me shall be ready for his death.

14. Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Best Light Novel

I would like to hear your views on this one. After reading this synopsis tell me your views.

This is the story of a peerless genius of the 24th century. She was considered the greatest of all the time all she need was a needle and she could literally bring it back from death.

But she was caught in an explosion, and strangely crossed over a world. And when she opened her eyes everyone around her was calling her Miss. The previous Miss was a weakling who had no contractual spirit and even her fiancé would come over with his new love and used to bully her.

After an explosion, she crossed over into a strange world; everyone calls her “Miss.” The previous “Miss” before had no contractual spirit, was weak and incompetent, and even the fiancé comes over with a new love and bullies her?

Now as she has taken over the body, who dares to acct high and mighty infront of her. She with her needle is now unstoppable where ever she goes miracle happens. And one she saved a pest what was she even thinking. Now he wants to win her.

This light novel is filled with magic, romance, supremacy, and a black-bellied miss.
Now, let me tell you a story of a boy who became a legend from just a sweeper at a university.

13. Martial Peak

Best Light Novel

It is said that the journey to the martial peak is filled with solitary, filled with loneliness, and a long one. With this being said one in the face of adversity must remain unyielded. And thus one can continue with the journey of being the strongest among the strongest.

And sky tower is among those institutes in the martial world that tests its disciple in the hardest way so that they are prepared for this long and lonely journey. This is the story of Yang Kai who is a lowly sweeper at this institute and dreams of becoming the strongest among the strongest thus his destiny completely changed when he came across a black book.

What is this black book? Disclose the mystery behind this black book by reading this light novel.

Well, you can read manhua of this light novel. Personally, I didn’t like the art as art is shit. But chapters are updated frequently so if you can compromise on art then you might try Manhua of this light novel.

12. Martial World

Best Light Novel

Yet another light novel with martial art as its core. The story follows Lin Ming one of the talented men in the martial world he had a talent for martial art and wanted to give an audition for Tian Yun Wu Fu with her a girl named Lan Yunyue.

They both were childhood friends and had a little bit of a crush on each other. But on the day of the audition, Lin Ming couldn’t find Lan Yunyue. And later on, he finds out that a guy who is rich and at the same time talented helped out Lan Yunyue…

I want to know your opinion what would have you done if your girl would betray you? It is just a hypothetical question.

11. Release that Witch

Best Light Novel

The protagonist of this light novel is Cheng Yan who was just a normal human just like you and me until one day he was transmigrated into another world where he finds out that he is in a world which is similar to medieval Europe, he was one of the Royal Prince in this Roland.

But this world is not like his own world though it has a few similarities it was completely different apart from those things. Witches were real, Magic was real!

Out of nowhere, he has to fight against his sibling for the throne, and thus the game of thrown for this Roland begins. In King’s mind, he was the worst possible choice for others. Can obtain the throw with this bad beginning?
It might be possible with the help of witches who are considered the enemy of the Holy Church.

Follow Cheng Yan on his journey to becoming the King.

Now finally we are on to the top 10 contestants of 30 Best Light Novels For You To Read !! LEt’s begin with Versatile Mage which has obtained 10th position in this list.

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10. Versatile Mage

Best Light Novel

Yet another light novel with Manhua and with bad drawing. When I first picked it I instantly dropped it due to its drawing. Well, you can still read its light novel as the story is quite good.

This is the story of a boy who finds himself in the mirror world of the world that he used to live in. Here studying is considered a bad habit and studying magic is considered a good thing.

The school that he used to go in has become a mystical school that teaches magic and also encourages students to become mighty magicians.

Well, this is not the only thing that changed magical beast appeared which used to attack the city and prey on humans.

He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed.

His familiar school had become a mystical school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become mighty magicians. As everything changed around him his social stature remained the same i.e his family is still poor and her step-sis is still handicapped.

But Mo Fan the protagonist soon finds out that others are not good at single magic she was A Versatile Mage.

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9. War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

Best Light Novel

What will happen if the memory of top specialists merges with each other? I don’t know what will happen but if you want to know what will happen if you want to know then read this light novel.

Earth’s top weapon maker o you can him specialist’s soul crossed over to another world and merged with Rebirth Martial Emperor’s memories.

Now he cultivates with Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique. And sweeping away the enemies with all its might. There is nothing that he can’t do he can make medicine, capable of crafting weapons, and also know the art of inscription…

Now he is skilled in every profession in the way of KIngs!!

8. My Youth Began With Him

Best Light Novel

The story of My Youth Began With Him goes like this. Seven years have passed since their breakup. And he vanished completely after that.

Now, he appeared again on her wedding day and sparing no means in forcing her to marry him. Read this kind of unique love story and know what was he doing all these years and what are his future plans for her?

Read this romantic light novel and tell your views in the comment section down below.

7. Library of Heaven’s Path

Best Light Novel

The story follows Zhang Xuan traversing into another world and becoming an honorable teacher. But to his surprise a library appears in his mind and as long as it has something he sees, regardless of whether it is human or an object weakness of that thing will pop up in his head. ANd thus making him formidable.

Here are a few things he had done and said to people:

“ Why do you not like to wear underwear Empeopr Haotian. I even think that you’re still an emperor can you please pay more attention to your image?”

“If you continue to fear insomnia then you can look for me Fairy Linglong. I have my ways with lullabies!”

And you demon lord can you even cut garlic? You want to kill me with that disgusting smell.

Check out this amazing story of teachers and students, cultivating and guiding the strongest experts in the world.

6. Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Best Light Novel

This is the story of a woman who is ugly as hell. One can’t look at her while keeping his/her eyes save that ugly she was. Before her rebirth, she was in love with someone else and had made up her mind on escaping but after having a relationship with him and living with him for a long time she hates him to the bones.

She was betrayed by everyone around her be it her friends, family, or everyone else. But after her rebirth, the ones who had betrayed her shall pay the price. As her IQ is in line this time around.

To know more about her story check out this light novel. And tell me your views if you have already read this one.

5. Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard

Best Light Novel

Here I bring you another tragic love story. I don’t if people love to read these types of stories more or what. Well to me it doesn’t matter as this light novel has made into this list of Best Light Novels For You To Read and so I have to write about it.

The story begins like this on her wedding day her fiancé and his lover ran away and eloped. With dim eyes, she seized the man who was standing infront of theCivil Affairs Bureau.

To make it short, your bride is not here, and my groom ran off wouldn’t it be better if we… lived together and fought together? So, how will their lives turn out after this incident will they be able to live happily or will they break apart?

Check out this wholesome tragic, romantic light novel. And tell me your views if you have already read them.

4. Martial God Asura

Best Light Novel

Another freak calling himself God well the storyline is good so we can endure this arrogance and read it till the end. Similar to martial peak and versatile mage it has Manhua and has the same problem and that is its art.

Well if you can endure the art then you should go for manhua because why not it is better to read with images than imagining things in your head.

Well here are the few lines that the arrogant protagonist has said:
Even though you have potential doesn’t mean you are a profound genius. One can learn the mysterious martial art and that also without the help of any teacher.

Even though you have strength with numerous treasures. You still can’t defeat my spirit army.

You ask who am I? Everyone in this mortal realm views me as an Asura but calls myself a martial God Asura.

3. Super Gene

Best Light Novel

Here is my honest thought on this one. After reading the synopsis I like the storyline and I think I will read this one.

The story of this light novel unfolds like this, in the distant future humanity is not dealing with interstellar travels. And finally, humanity has solved the space warp technology, but when first humans were transported to other ends they found nothing.

They came to the conclusion that this place has neither past nor future, this place neither had land nor sky.

But instead, this sanctuary was filled with countless tyrannical unusual monsters. Humanity now is facing its greatest leap in evolution. And the glorious resplendent new era under the starry skies has just begun.

From slaughtering the God Blood monster named Black Beetle to receiving its BEast Soul. And even using its flesh and out of nowhere receiving 0 to 10 points of God Gene.

To know more about this light novel check it out. If you have read it already then you can share your opinion on this one I would like to definitely read it.

2. Hidden Marriage

Best Light Novel

The story of this light novel follows a female protagonist Ning Xi who has returned after 5 years and is out to take revenge on her sister. Her sister has turned her parents against her. She also wants to take revenge on her childhood sweetheart who has betrayed her for her sister.

Ning Xi’s dream was to become an actress but she has to be careful while chasing her dream as her sister is still out there scheming plots for her.

One day Ning Xi fell into her sister’s trap and met a little but mute boy. After that incident, she meets the boy’s father, and to repay her kindness the father says “Marry Me”.

This light novel is full of romance, comedy, and a little bit of flirting here and there.

1. Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Best Light Novel

This is the story of a Sword God who meets his downfall by falling into others’ traps. But fate has given him one more chance. In the last round, his Level was 200, and often called Sword King.

And the knowledge of each and everything about this game- Be ways to earn money, or how to conquer a dungeon, or be it legendary quest, or equipment drop location, or be it Undiscovered battle techniques. He knows it all.

He even knows the secret that the Beta tester doesn’t know about. From future Massive battles, entering Godhood, sword reaching the peak, life advancement he knows all. And wants to surpass his previous self without falling or caring for others.

Can he make it to the top? Check out this amazing light novel of Strongest Sword God.

With this, I would like to wrap up this Blog. I would appreciate it if you guys comment on your views as it helps me to write more on these topics. So, I will see you guys in the next Blog.

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