Upcoming Anime 2021

Upcoming Anime 2021
Upcoming Anime 2021

Here, I have Listed 10 Upcoming Anime of 2021 .Anime will be aired on mentioned date below on official website and as for unofficial website it will release on next day.

So let’s check out the list.

Upcoming Anime 

  1. Record of ragnork
  2. Sacrlet Nexus
  3. Peaches Boy Riverside
  4. My Next Life As a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!
  5. I’m standing on 1,000,000 live (S2)
  6. Girlfriend Girlfriend(TV)
  7. Kageki Shoujo!(TV)
  8. Re-Main(TV)-
  9. Yubisaki kara Honki no Netsujō (S2): Koibito wa Shōbōshi(TV)
  10.  The Duke of death and his maid

These are the Top 10 Animes that will be releasing soon. So now let’s look onto its release dates and little bit of  summary.


1. Record of Ragnarok

(Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui)



This anime will be release on 17June 2021.


Manga was first released on 25 November 2017 and is running till date production studio is ‘Graphnica‘. As this anime is one of the Netflix series so you can watch it on Netflix except Netflix India because it is banned there.


Story goes like this gods have decided to destroy the humanity so Valkyrie propose an idea to the gods that lets let’s have a contest which is record of ragnarok in which god’s will battle human and this is 13 versus 13 fight in which 13 strongest human will fight against 13 gods.

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I am looking forward to watch this anime as it has only fighting scenes so I am looking forward to it.

2. Scarlet Nexus

(Yōichi katō, Toshizo Nemoto and Akiko Inoue)



This anime is  scheduling be released on next month that is July 1st 2021.


This video which is producing this animation rise and directed by Hiroyuki Nishimura.


And lastly it is licensed by funimation and medialink.


Much information is not given regarding it’s anime so all we can do is wait.


3. Peaches Boy Riverside




It will be released on the same date as Scarlet Nexus which is 1 July 2021.


It’s Hari make Manga which was released on August 2015 and is currently running and has 8 volumes.

4. My Next Life As A Villainess: All Route Lead To Doom!

(Satoru Yamaguchi)


This anime schedule to be released on 2 July 2021.


This anime has Novel series whose run date was from July 6 2014 – March 23 2015 and light novel it was released on 20 August 2015 and it’s currently running till date and has 10 volumes .


It’s Manga was released on 28 August 2017 and is currently being aired.


Story goes like this Catarina Claes gets back his memory of her past life by bumping her head and then she realized she was an otaku and is now reborn into the otome game  (fortune lover) as a villainess who regardless of whatsoever route she takes will end up either she will be killed or exiled.

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But she starts taking countermeasures so that she could avoid those routs but it turns out by doing so she has to face consequence.


I think this gonna be a good anime so and hope so it lives up to my expectations.

5.I’m Standing On 1,000,000 Live(S2)

(Akinari Nao)

It will be released on 2 July  2021.


This is the season 2 of this anime if you haven’t watched season 1 you must watch it in my point of view I like it and  I hope you also love this anime.


Ik was produced by Mahu films and directed by kumiko Habara with Takao writing the script.

6. Girlfriend Girlfriend



It will release on 2 July 2021 and it is a TV series.


Manga was released on 4th March 2020 and is currently e learning it has 6 volumes.


anime television series is directed boy Satoshi Kuwabara and  studio which is producing this Tezuka productions.


7. Kageki Shoujo!

(Kumiko Saiki)



This anime will be aired on 3 July  2021 and just like girlfriend girlfriend it is a TV series.


It has 3 manga one was aired from  2012-2014 and and second Manga was from  2015 to till date and it has 10 volumes. And last Manga was published on March 2019.


Directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda and studio which is animating this anime is ‘Pine Jam‘.

8. Re-Main

(Masafumi Nishida)

This animal is going to be aired on 4 July 2021. It is also a TV series.


Here are a few more information on Re-Main.

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Studio which is animating this anime is papa MAPPA and is directed by Masafumi Nishida and Miyoshi Matsuda . To


9. Yubisaki Kara Honki No Netsujō (S2)

(Tanishi Jawano)


This anime scheduled to be aired on 4 July 2021. Adapted by Tokyo MX and directed by Toshihiro Watase.


A female office worker 24 yr old is catches in a fire in her apartment and is saved by Ryo Fujihashi and he offers her his apartment to live .Ryo later learns that he has been love with her for long time .This is 2nd season of this anime.




10.  The Duke of Death And His Maid

(Koharu Inoue)


Animal is written by ‘Hideki Shinrane’.


This Anime will be aired on 4 July 2021 and is directed by Yoshiko Yamakawa.

JC Staff is the Studio who is animating this beautiful anime .


Manga of this anime was released on 3 October 2017 and is currently going on and has 12 volume.



  1. These anime are for the month of June and July .
  2. And I will keep updating information regarding new anime release.
  3. If you want to know about ranking of manga 2021 check out ‘Ranking Of Manga‘.
Feel free to comment guys your review matters a lot and let me know how can I Improve.


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