Demon Slayer: Katanakaji no Sato-hen

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Katanakaji no Sato-hen

I’m back with the AnimeTalk that I have left previously. If you haven’t consumed the previous part then you can just click here (Part 1) and read and then come back and join us here in this conversation so that you don’t leave out anything.

After 23.00 min was just heartwarming drama I totally enjoyed the conversation it was not much not less just a perfect amount so that one does not get bored. Do you agree? The story was moving forward at a steady pace and the character introduction went smoothly and was heartwarming to me at least. So, let’s discuss the remaining episode in brief.


Firstly, I would like to confess that I’m super jealous of Sound Hasira for having 3 Wifu with him. Sad and I don’t even have one with me really sad. Well, it can’t be helped. But they don’t come near Nezuko-sama.

Talking about Nezuko I would love to talk about all the cute moments that I found in the second part, the funny part, and some adult content that we were introduced to in this part. Which by the way I totally loved it. This much adult content is totally acceptable to me. But to much ecchi makes me fell cringe.


This part was seriously funny as hell. Inoske brings a positive vibe with him as well as fill the surrounding with energy. But the Baka part was true. Haha totally loved this section of anime. Moving more cute part was introduced.

These 3 make the scene full of cuteness and heartwarming. Even their voice just match the vibes. Do you agree? Who so ever is doing their voice-over I just love your voice-over.

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And with this mark the beginning of a new Arc. I will definitely miss the Inoske and Zenitsu as they will not be part of this Arc as they are on their separate mission. And Tanjiro is going to Sworsmith village. And I think something big will occur here. Do you agree with me? Or do you disagree?

It should be a matter of big discussion on how complex their security and planning is that they can’t even locate the Swordsmith village let alone the Headquarters of Demon Slayer. Though I got a rough idea of how things work they even have a more complex structure for their headquarters. Just imagine how complex it might be that even Upper Moons are not able to locate their headquarters.


Now another round of praises for the animation team especially for this scene for one moment I thought I was sitting in the theater even though I was watching it on my PC. The smoothness and the details are praiseworthy. Hail the animation team.

Another Reason To Watch Demon Slayer. Would you agree with me?

She is just as adorable as Nezuko she is innocent and has everything that an anime lover seeks. Comment if you know what I mean. But having 2 Hasira in one place definitely makes me curious about what did happen in the future. Is any Upper Moon gone show up here?

I might be wrong too as one of them left and the purpose of the other is still not clear. So I might be wrong also.

Now before wrapping this AnimeTalk, I would like to talk about 2 more things. At first, I didn’t notice but our Tanjiro has grown into quite a man. And he understands every other adult thing. Huhu things might get even hotter in the future.

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And finally, I think this gentleman is not the person who came into Tanjiro’s dream as every other character has a similar style so I think he is not the one we are thinking of. What do you think let me know in the comment down below.

With this, I would like to end this AnimeTalk here if you want to enjoy more such AnimeTalk then check out Anime Discussion.

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