Manga With Mafia Romance

Are you looking for Mafia Romance Manga with romance element in it? And If your answer is yes then you are at the right destination. As, today I’m here with you guys to share top 10 names with you guys.

You might ask how can I be so sure that these are best Mafia manga out there well my answer for that question is rating. Which I have mentioned along side the manga name and these rating are not just 100 readers or 1000 readers instead it is of 10 thousand of readers approved.

And these rating has been taken from And you can just check the rating by just clicking on the Title here it will take you to the my anime list website where you can confirm whether I’m speaking truth or not?

Midnight Secretary

7.56 by 11.5K Reader

Manga With Mafia Romance

This Romantic Mafia Manga written by Tomu Ohmi, the story goes somewhat like this and follows a chracter named Kaya Satozuka, a diligent and capable secretary who finds herself assigned to the enigmatic and demanding company president, Kyouhei Touma.

But to his surprise, Kaya soon discovers that Kyouhei is not an ordinary businessman; he’s actually a vampire. As Kaya delves deeper into the world of vampires, she becomes entangled in a complex relationship with Kyouhei, managing between her professionalism and her growing attraction to him. And not to forger the office politics and supernatural intrigue, this manga explores themes of love, power, and the complexities of navigating relationships in a world where boundaries blur between the ordinary and the supernatural.

Black Bird

7.59 by 23K Reader

Manga With Mafia Romance

This Manga Black Bird follows a, 16-year-old Misao Harada who has a secret: which is that she can see supernatural beings. Desperate to lead a normal life, Misao wishes to be left alone. However, her life takes a dramatic turn when she discovers that she is the bride of prophecy to the powerful demon clan. Suddenly, Misao is thrust into a dangerous world filled with dark magic, political intrigue, and forbidden romance.

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As she started to get used her new life by looking out for the thing in this new reality of her and , she must confront her feelings for Kyo, a handsome demon who has sworn to protect her. Together, they must navigate treacherous waters to fulfill their destinies while battling against those who seek to control or destroy them. “Black Bird” is a thrilling tale of love, betrayal, and the struggle for identity in a world where the line between human and demon blurs.

Bloody Mary

7.64 by 2.7K Reader

Manga With Mafia Romance

The story takes place in the bustling city of Tokyo, following a mysterious figure known only as “Bloody Mary.” When high school student Ayumi stumbles upon a forbidden and forgotten ritual in an old abandoned shrine, she unknowingly becomes entangled in a world of dark magic and ancient curses. As as the story goes on she struggles to uncover the truth behind Bloody Mary’s identity, she must navigate a treacherous landscape of deceit and danger, where nothing is as it seems.

With the help of unlikely allies and her own burgeoning powers, Ayumi must confront her own fears and confront the malevolent force threatening to consume her world. But in a world where shadows hold secrets and danger lurks around every corner, can Ayumi unravel the mystery of Bloody Mary before it’s too late?


7.48 by 1K Reader

Manga With Mafia Romance

“Baccano!” weaves a complex tapestry of interconnected stories. The story unfolds in a non-linear fashion, following an ensemble cast of characters spanning decades. From gangsters to immortals, each individual harbors their own secrets and desires. As the plot unfolds, viewers are treated to a dizzying array of action, mystery, and dark humor.

Against the backdrop of train heists, alchemy, and supernatural occurrences, alliances shift and betrayals abound. With its richly detailed setting and vibrant personalities, “Baccano!” is a gripping tale that keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page.


7.84 by 10K Reader

Manga With Mafia Romance

The protagnist of this amazing story is Mikado Ryuugamine, a wide-eyed high schooler drawn to the excitement of city life. He encounters a range of unique eccentric individuals, and these unique individual includes the mysterious information broker Izaya Orihara, the headless motorcyclist Celty Sturluson, and the volatile bartender Shizuo Heiwajima.

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As secrets slowly and steadly unfolds and alliances shift, the city becomes a stage for urban legends, gang conflicts, and supernatural occurrences. With its blend of action, mystery, and dark humor, “Durarara!!” delves into the complexities of human nature against the backdrop of a vibrant urban landscape.


8.06 By 17K Reader

Manga With Mafia Romance

The story takes place in the city of Ergastulum and at the heart of this city is a place where crime and corruption prevails and flourish and that place is, “Gangsta.” follows the lives of two “Handymen” – Nicolas Brown, a deaf swordsman with unmatched combat skills, and Worick Arcangelo, a smooth-talking strategist with a troubled past.

Tasked with handling the dirty work of various underground factions, they navigate the treacherous underworld while forming an unlikely bond with Alex, a former prostitute seeking refuge from her dark past.

As they delve deeper into the city’s shadows, they uncover sinister conspiracies and face formidable adversaries, forcing them to confront their own demons while fighting to survive in a world where violence and betrayal reign supreme.

Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf)

8.45 By 13.5K Reader

Manga With Mafia Romance

“Ookami to Koushinryou,” also famously know as Spice and Wolf,” is the adventures of Lawrence Craft, a traveling merchant, and Holo, a wise and playful wolf deity. Set in a medieval world reminiscent of Europe, Lawrence encounters Holo in the guise of a young girl and strikes a deal to help her return to her homeland. As they journey together, they navigate economic intrigues, political machinations, and the complexities of human nature.

Their bond deepens as they face challenges, all while Holo imparts her ancient wisdom and Lawrence hones his merchant skills. Through their travels, they forge a unique and enduring partnership, blending commerce and folklore in a captivating tale of friendship and adventure.

Usotsuki Ouji to Nisemono Kanojo

7.06 By 2.5K Reader

Manga With Mafia Romance

The protagonist of this amazing and unique story revolves around Yuki, a high school girl who finds herself entangled in a peculiar relationship. She meets Haru, a charismatic but deceptive boy who possesses a talent for lies. Despite his knack for deceit, Yuki finds herself drawn to him, unaware of his true intentions.

As their bond deepens, Yuki discovers Haru’s secret: he can’t distinguish between lies and truth. This revelation complicates their relationship as they navigate through misunderstandings and miscommunications. Fueled by Yuki’s desire to unravel Haru’s mysteries, the manga explores themes of trust, deception, and the complexities of human connections in a captivating and emotional journey.

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Tenshi Ja Nai!! (I’m No Angel!!)

7.86 By 3K Reader

Manga With Mafia Romance

This is tale and a quite long journey of Hikaru Takabayashi, a high school girl who is constantly mistaken for a delinquent because of her tough appearance. Despite her tough exterior, Hikaru dreams of finding love and leading a normal life. When she rescues the kind-hearted student council president, Izumi Nagumo, from a group of bullies, their lives become intertwined.

As they navigate the complexities of high school and their blossoming feelings for each other, Hikaru and Izumi must confront their own insecurities and societal expectations. With humor, heart, and a touch of romance, “Tenshi Ja Nai!!” explores themes of self-acceptance, friendship, and the courage to be true to oneself.

Mademoiselle Butterfly

7.90 By 4K Reader

Manga With Mafia Romance

The story follows Emiko, a young girl with a passion for ballet, set against the backdrop of modern-day Tokyo. When Emiko discovers a hidden talent for dance, she finds herself thrust into the competitive world of professional ballet. As she navigates through rigorous training and fierce rivalries, Emiko grapples with personal challenges, including family expectations and self-doubt.

Along the way, she forms deep bonds with her fellow dancers, finds love in unexpected places, and ultimately learns the true meaning of perseverance and sacrifice. Through stunning artwork and heartfelt storytelling, “Mademoiselle Butterfly” offers a poignant exploration of dreams, determination, and the beauty of following one’s heart.

There you go these were the 10 manga that I would like to suggest to you guys. Hope you like it and if their is wrong placed manga in this list then do comment and I would definetly correct. And also, let me know which one you gone read next. It really gives me motivation to keep on writting these type of content more and more for you guys.

And with this I would like to end this Blog right here and you can check out my this Blog you can read it if you want- Top 10 Necromancy Manga/Manhwa Of All time!!

Manga With Mafia Romance

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