Where To Watch Anime For Free (2024)


Do you want to know the website which is best to use and as well as free. So you are in the right place or you already familiar with the anime world just want to know what are alternatives to your current website then here are my top 10 recommendations.

Where To Watch Anime For Free

If you are just getting started and want to know which anime to watch next then I have few tips for you guys check out our blog.

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Here, I want to mention that these websites except crunchy role and Hulu every other website are illegal i.e they are not official anime websites. Though you can use it for free they got every anime that is released till now and updates every single day with the latest anime that are released in Japan.

These are available all around the world and if you get any problem in getting access you can try out using VPN and then try again you will get the permission.

My personal favorite are

  • GoGoAnime
  • AnimeKisa 

Because it has fewer ads and pop-up ads than any other website and allows you to stream video without any disturbance.

SL No. Website Name Website URL About
1 GoGoAnime https://www1.gogoanime.ai/ This is the website I’m currently using to watch anime I would say it is easy to use and have all feature that other anime website have it is mobile friendly mean users can use it on your mobile as well as desktop and tablet.
2 AnimeKisa https://animekisa.tv/ Anime Kisa was the website that I used to use before gogoanime. I would have preferred animekisa over gogoanime but due to error 404 in my area, I cannot get access to it in my area without a VPN. So I would suggest you should check anime kisa once.
3 Crunchyroll https://www.crunchyroll.com/ Unlike GogoAnime or another unofficial website of anime, it is an official website of anime production house Crunchyroll thought it has fewer anime and if you want to watch more anime then you have to buy premium service.
4 9anime https://9anime.city/updated/ 9Anime is similar to gogo and others but has a difficult interface so I didn’t use it though I will suggest you should check it you might like it everyone has different preferences.
5 Chia Anime https://chia-anime.su/ Chia-Anime is the first website that I came to know of when I just started watching anime. That time it had any problems due to which I have to switch to kisa anime but now it has solved its problem so you guys can use it without any issue.
6 Hulu https://www.hulu.com/hub/anime Unlike any other website mention here it allows you to watch anime for free on your 30-day trial only so can allow you to watch anime after you buy a subscription.
7 Soul Anime https://sur.ly/i/soul-anime.us/ I just don’t get this website or you can say I simply hate this website’s interface. Though it is just my opinion you can still check it out.
9 Anime Freak https://www.animefreak.tv/ AnimeFreak is yet another website like anime kisa and gogo. With all the anime content available there.
10 Anime Heaven https://animeheaven.ru/ It is the same as animekisa but has a problem which you will understand when you will use it other than that its older version has lots of ads by which I mean lots of ads which is irritating so that is why I have listed it on the last.
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So These are my 10 suggestions from “Where To Watch Anime For Free (2021)“.

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