Best Animated Movies Of All Time

Well Hello there, are you looking for the best animated movies of all time then you came to the right place because I have selected 10 for you and plus 5 bonus animation movies too.

So let’s get straight to them.

Spider-Man into the spider-verse

Miles Morales is a teenager, who is bitten by a radioactive spider in a subway in Brooklyn. And with that being said he develops some mysterious but cool powers that transform him into a Spider-Man( A man with a power sider that is he can shoot web, stick to the wall, climb buildings, got spider instincts, and many more) but soon he comes to realize that he is not the only Spider-man other than him there are other. But as it is said with power there comes responsibility so Mile must use his newfound power to fight against Kingpin, who is a madman and opens a portal of other parallel universes to pull all the different Spider-Man of different Universe into a single Universe. He must stop his plan from succeeding. Find out what will be the outcome by watching this animation movie.  


Akira is a Japanese Anime Movie, and the story goes like this Japanese government in 1988 drops an atomic bomb on Tokyo as the experiment that they were doing on children goes awry. Now 31 years after the incident, that is in 2019, Kaneda, who is a bike gang leader, Kaneda tries to save his friend who’s name is Tetsuo from a secret government project. Kaneda fight with everything he got against greedy politicians, anti-government activists, irresponsible scientists, and even powerful military leaders. But now the story takes a turn his friend Tetsuo whom he wants to save manifests supernatural power. Which lead to a final fight fought in Tokyo Olympiad and exposing the experiment’s secrets.

Lillo and Stitch

This animation is movie is a beautiful tale of a young girl’s encounter with the most wanted extraterrestrial being of Galaxy. And the story goes like this Lilo is a little girl who adopts a small but usually and ugly dog whom she calls Stitch. Stitch can be called a perfect pet except for the fact that he is a product of a genetic experiment. He escaped from some alien planet and somehow crash-landed on Earth. Now the story revolves around lilo and Stitch where, Lilo gives Stitch her unconditional love, faith, and unwavering belief. She chances his heart and gives him an opportunity to look with other perspective and try to belief and love other. Check out this beautiful movie about how a little girl changes the heart of an extraterrestrial being.



Shrek movie has its whole franchise of 5 movies and one upcoming movie in 2022. You will not get bored from watching this movie. This movie is one of the “Best Animated Movies Of All Time”.

The story of this movie goes like this once upon a time, there lived an ogre named Shrek in a swamp. Whose solitude is all of a sudden shattered by an invasion of a fairy tale character? And to add salt to their burn they were banished from their kingdom by  Lord Farquaad. In order to save their home, he makes a deal with Farquaad and goes to rescue Princess Fiona who will be Farquaad’s bride.

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Will he be able to save his and what the future holds for him check out this awesome franchise.


Up next on the list is Frozen, and the story goes like this. In the face of disaster when her kingdom is trapped in perpetual winter, Annie sets out to find her sister, she joins forces with mountaineer Kristoff and his reindeer companion. Her sister is a Snow Queen and her name is Elsa. She seeks her so that she breaks the icy spell, and saves her kingdom. In their journey, they encounter trolls who is comedian snowman, harsh and unknown condition and various magic at every corner of their journey. Find out what happened next and did they save their kingdom and what difficulty they faced by checking out this animation.

The Lion King

One of the best animations of Disney and any age group can watch it. This animation scores the highest score in my list of “Best Animated Movies Of All Time”.

The story follows a young lion cub named  Simba. This adventure of Simba of getting his revenge and getting his Kingdom Back from his wicked Uncle. As he in past tried to kill him and his father by luring them in the area of wildebeest where his Father Mufasa is killed and he some escapes. And now he comes back as an adult. Join him in the adventure by watching this movie,

Kung Fu Panda

If you are looking for animation with action ( that is with fighting) and comedy at the same time then this one is for you. This franchise has 3 movies, 5 short films, and 2 animated series.

And the story revolves around a Panda named Po who is the laziest and clumsiest character but he has a dream of becoming a kung fu legend. In every part, there is a new villain but the story is connected. In this blog, I will talk about the first part. A snow leopard threatens Po’s homeland, but Po fulfills an ancient prophecy and defends the Valley from the attack. He trains under Master Shifu with his comrades and tries to save the village from this threat. What will happen to check out the movie to find out?


I bet you have heard once about Aladdin in your lifetime. This is how famous this animation is and is one of the  Best Animated Movies Of All Time.

The story goes like this Aladdin who is a young lad, frees a genie from a lamp, and finds out his wishes granted. Nut his happiness doesn’t last long as evil has other plans for the genie. And in his journey, he encounters the princess of the kingdom and she is in a dire situation. Will he be able to save the princess and banish the plans of evil. Find out by checking this beautiful animated movie.

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How to train your dragon

How to train your dragon franchise is yet another “Best Animated Movies Of All Time”. This franchise has 3 movies and each one of them is the best and must-watch movie.

The story follows a young lad named Hiccup who is a Norse teenager and lives with his family and friends on the island of Berk, where fighting with dragons and living their livelihood is a normal thing. His different view of seeing things and make decisions makes him a misfit in his clan even though his father is chief of the clan. In his early days, he spends his time in dragon school, where he struggled and tries to be a worthy Viking. But his life completely changes when he befriends an injured dragon and names him Toothless, and what the future holds for him, and how this encounter will change his clan future check out this movie.

The Incredibles

The Incredibles is also a  franchise that consists of 2 movies. And the story of Incredibles follows married superheroes named Mr.Incredibles and Elastgirl who are forced to live as normal citizens as using superpower are banned by the government. In between this Mr. Incredible’s wish for a thrilling adventure and soon, his wish come true as government summons him and assigns him a mission. To fight a battle against an out-of-control robot. But he finds himself in a dire situation, then comes his family for his rescue. Watch this loving and amazing movie and tell your views in the comment down below.

Toy Story

The story is another movie franchise which started in 1995 with Toy Story and it has a total of 4 movies with the latest movie released in 2019 and a spin-off film will be released in 2022, apart from this Toy story has 1 short movie with the title(Lamp Life released in 2020), 3 animated series and 2 television special.

The story of the movie goes like this Woody, is a kind-hearted cowboy doll whose owner is a young boy called Andy, he is Andy’s favorite toy until one day parents of Andy brought him Buzz Lightyear and now Andy most of the time play with him this made Woody kind of jealous. To make things worse Buzz himself is an arrogant toy and he thinks of himself as a real spaceman on a mission to return to his home. But in between something happen and Andy and his family shift to their new home and Woody and other toys were left behind with a crooked neighbor. Now they have to escape from there and must find Andy will they succeed will Woody and Andy become friends. Find out by watching this amazing movie.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a quite unique movie I would say, cause its theme is based on Marine life( that is on a fish named Nemo) this movie has comedy in it with difficult situations how these fish overcome these difficulties. So now let’s talk about the movie, the story follows Marlin, who is a clownfish, who does on a mission to rescue his son. As he was caught by divers as he was swimming near the surface of the water. With joins a blue reef fish named Dora who is quite innocent and funny at the same time. Will they be able to rescue Nemo. Find out yourself by watching the movie.

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You have heard of rats destroying food and stuff. But have you heard of a Rat whose dream to become a chief, not only a chief but a great world-class chief? Remy who is a Rat to pursue his dream moves to Paris, and where he meets a hapless garbage boy Linguini. But the problem is he has to keep his identity hidden. With his hilarious action and his skills he gets a chance to prove himself as a chief but will he be able to prove himself. Check out this amazing movie to find out.

Wall. E

This movie revolves around a robot named Wall. E, whose job is to lift waste and dump it. His daily routine was to clean up the garbage and clean this Eart one at a time. But as time passes and he has lived for more than 700 years he developed some kind of personality and emotion in itself and now kind of feels lonely. Then by luck, he spots EVE, who is a sleek shapely probe that is sent to Earth to scan the whole of the Earth and give feedback. So now Wall. E decided to follow EVE and sets on his greatest adventure. Follow Wall. E on his adventure by watching this movie and do tell your views in the comment down below.

Lego Movie

Have played with Lego in your childhood or you still play with it then you will definitely love this movie. Cause this is a movie based on Lego.

And the story follows Emmet, who is a normal LEGO figurine and always follows the rule and regulations ut one certain he is mistaken as someone special. who might be an extraordinary being and is said to have the or be the key himself to save the LEGO world. He somehow finds himself wit group of a stranger who is on an important mission to save the world by stopping the evil plans of tyrant if conquering the LEGO world. And as Emmet, he is useless, hopeless, and at the same time hilarious who is unprepared for such a grand task. Nonetheless, he tries to give his all to save the world. Will he be able to save the world? Watch to find out.

And tell your views in the comment down below.

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