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I have a piece of news that will make One Piece Fan really Happy. And what news it is. Well, it is about the new Movie One Piece.

The title Of the Movie is ONE PIECE FILM RED and every one-piece fan will understand from the title who is going to be the center of attraction of this movie. According to leaks, the movie will be released on 6th Aug 2022.

As the Wano Arc is at its climax moment. Eiichiro Oda gave the fan an even big surprise by sharing the poster and today the trailer of the Movie.

Below you can check out the trailer:

At the end of the trailer, it is clear that the moment for which fans were waiting for 20 yrs is almost there.

Here is the official tweet check this out:

Tell in the comment are excited about the movie or not. If you have any theory that you want to share please do it. I would love to read your theory.

And if you are new and don’t know what is One Piece then I will give you a quick summary:

The story of One Piece follows a young boy named Monkey D.Luffy who wants to become a Pirate King as he was influenced by a Pirate named Shanks when he was a child. He sets out on a journey to become the King of the Pirate by making his own crew of 10 people. He in his way makes many friends and have lots of adventure. At present, the story is taking place in a land called Wano who is the land of samurai. And fluffy is there to defeat one of the Emperor of the Sea.

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So this was my summary without giving out too much of the spoiler.

Few other information about One PIece:

  • Total Chapter In Manag:1000+
  • Total Anime Episode: Almost 1000
  • Writer: Eiichiro Oda
  • It been almost 20 years since first anime was relased

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