100 Years Quest: Fairy Tail

Here is good news for Fairy Tail fans as they could get an Anime Sequel soon that is of the 100-year quest.

On Saturday “The live-streamed of Hiro Mashima’s Fan Meeting ended with an important announcement that Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest sequel manga is soon will get an Anime adaptation.

Ueda the manga writer of the Fairy Tail drew the following illustration in celebration of the news:

100 Years Quest: Fairy Tail
Image from SeaArt.AI

Here is how Kodansha Comics describes the 100-year quest story.

Natsu and his friends as well as the whole Fairy Tail guild are back on their feet and are ready for action and lots of adventure. And now they are looking to tackle a difficult challenge that no one dares to take on which is the 100-year quest. Viewers can expect a mysterious town, a ghastly new enemy, a baffling spirit, and a new continent to explore overall a whole new adventure. As when you’re with your real friends, where ever you go it is a new adventure.

Here is how I would like to describe the anime to you. If you don’t know anything about anime.

The anime takes place in an imaginary world where magic is common and people use magic in their daily life. And the story of the anime follows a boy called Natsu who is a young boy with fire as his magic element. One certain day he meets a girl named Lucy who is in search of a guild which she could join. After meeting him she joins a guild named Fairy Tails and from there the story begins and centers Natsu, Happy( who is a cat that has wings), and Lucy.

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Ueda launched the official sequel of the manga on July 25, 2018. And Mashima is the one who is providing the original story for the manga, whereas Ueda is drawing the manga.

The original series of Mashima’s Fairy Tail contains 3 anime seasons and the final season complete in 2018. Other than that anime has anime films, spinoff manga, several other original video anime projects.

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