Games, Gunpla, and animation of  the “Gundam Breaker Batlog Project”, will be launched in the summer of 2021!

Information is given regarding-

  1. Game and Gunpla development
  2. Mixing build
  3. Animation development

Table of Contents

1. Game and Gunpla development

The original aircraft of this project will be deployed in both games and Gunpla. Further it is being said that the “Gundam Breaker Batlog Project” is a project to connect more frimly ” Gundam Breaker Series “and “Gundam Series” games with the motif of Gunpla.

In this “HG Gundam Breaker Batlog Series”  it said that you can customize your own Gunpla just like game that is project can be combined with head, torso, arms, and legs by modifying the structure and attaching joint parts to all the series.

Further company is planning to release Gunpla limited to overseas markets, mainly in the North American area. In addition to Gunpla, company plan to gradually roll out figure products from the North American area .

Gundam Breaker Batlog Project
Gundam Breaker Batlog Project

  1.  The only Gunpla custom and action game series with the motif of “Gundam” among Gundam games. You can combine various parts to create your own strongest Gunpla.
  2. There are some Gunpla that can be combined in addition to the Gunpla “HG Gundam Breaker Batlog Series”.
  3.  Sales of overseas products in Japan are undecided.

2. Mixing build

The “HG Gundam Breaker Batlog Series” is capable of “mixing build (customization)”  that is it will  allows user to combine each and every part of the head, torso, arms, and legs  remodel the structure and attaching joint parts to any part of the series of  “HG Gundam Breaker Batlog Series”. You the user can customize your own Gunpla just like one can to  in game.

3. Animation development

In order to further link the game and Gunpla, Sunrise Co., Ltd. is going to produce a short film “Gundam Breaker Batlog” with all 6 episodes in total which the original aircraft of this project plays an active role.

Characters from  game “Gundam Breaker Mobile” and the PlayStation®4 / PlayStation®Vita exclusive software “Gundam Breaker 3” will appear also apper in the 6 Episode animation film .

It will be distributed on the official Gundam YouTube channel “Gundam Channel” in Japan and on overseas. In addition, in the area where the smartphone app game “Gundam Breaker Mobile” is distributed, you can enjoy the story mission that was the day before in the app game, and you can enjoy the world of “Gundam Breaker Batlog” more. Is possible.

4. Staff Information and other information

  1. Scheduled to start distribution in the fall of 2021
  2. Gundam official YouTube channel “Gundam Channel” (domestic)
  3. (overseas)
  4.  Scheduled to be available from the smartphone app game “Gundam Breaker Mobile”
  5. Staff
  6. Planning / Production: Sunrise
  7. Original: Hajime Yatate / Yoshiyuki Tomino
  8. Director: Masami
  9. Obari Mechanic Design: Kunio Okawara / Kanetake Ebikawa / Kotaro Ando (Studio GS) / Kyoryu Kuramochi / Kyoshi Takigawa / Naohiro Washio.

This is the information given by “Gundam Breaker ” on there official website.

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