Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

Hey. Manha/Manhwa lovers are you looking for action romance manhwa with op mc? Then You are at the right place as I have prepared this list, especially for you guys. I have listed 15 types of these types of Manga/Manhwa.

I personally love this type of manga/manhwa as it has a little bit of everything. I don’t like those type of manga/manhwa which is completely focused on one genre as it tends to get boring over time. And I don’t like Chinese manhua their art is bad. So because of that reason I have selected Manga and Manhwa for this Blog.

So Without any further due let’s jump onto the list.

My Wife is the Demon Queen

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

The story of “My Wife is the Demon Queen” follows Xiang Ye who is your average man who makes his living by working corporate. But by coincidence, he stumbles across a ring. Thereafter he finds himself in a Demon world as a member of the Demon Tribe. And this tribe consists of a Queen who rules above everyone.

But as our protagonist started to understand everything he claims that his wife is Demon and somehow our protagonist and his Demon Queen wife are a human tribe territory but the female protagonist is greatly weakened as her most power is sealed. So now he and his wife have to survive this crisis in the human Tribe who consider Demon as their enemy. Can our protagonist and his beloved wife survive this? Or will they get executed? Check out this manga to know will their chemistry work or if will they part ways.

Tokyo Manji Revengers

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

This is the story of Hanagak Takemichi who is in his mid-20s when he learned that his high school girlfriend died in an accident. Later he discovers that she died in a gang clash between Tokyo Manji and one another. But what can he do he was a loser who was bullied all throughout his childhood.

And as he was thinking about all these things at the station waiting for the train he was pushed infront of a train. But to his surprise, he survived that and finds himself in his high school days when things started getting worse. He remembers this day as clearly as the back of his hand.

He with his childhood friends were enjoying their normal life when a few high school bullies approached them and that is when things started to fall apart. Can he stand for himself? Can he change himself? And can he save his childhood lover? To find out all these answers you have to check out this manga.

Mercenary Enrollment

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

Yet another romantic manga/manhwa with lots of action filled in it. The story of this anime revolves around a boy who at an early age went through an accident in this accident he lost his family or so he thought. After 10 years he came back from his Mercenary work after discovering that his little sister is alive and is currently living with their grandfather.


But the problem here is will his past let him go? Or can he fool everyone and escape this hell? Even if he fooled them for how long can he fool them as all of sudden their no.1 soldier died?

To know about the romantic part you have to check out this manga/manhwa.

Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

This is the story of Demon lord Arnos who for the sake of peace gave up his life. The hero declared that after his death both humans and demons will peacefully coexist. And 2000 years later Arnos reincarnated to his surprise Hero kept his word.

But every society has its evil and that need to be eradicated quickly as soon as possible if not it can be harmful to society. And thus Arons has to deal with all this without his full power He now has to find his friend as well as deal with the enemies of the nation.

So can he do it? And even if he could do it how much op can he be? To find out all about these questions check out him and follow him on his journey.

The World’s Best Assassin, Reincarnated in a Different World as an Aristocrat

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

He was the best Assassin in the world. He never fails! He never misses! But at the same time, he never lost his sanity and remain human. But on his last mission before retirement. He was assassinated by his own colleague. He was betrayed by the organization for whom he spent his all life.

But to his surprise when he was closing with the guilt of not living as he wanted he finds himself infront of a goddess. And thus he was given a chance he was reincarnated into a fantasy world with magic as its core. He was born into an assassin family.

Now can he live his life as he wants or will he fail just like he failed in his previous life? To find out this answer you can check out this manga. Or even better you check out its anime.

Strongest Abandoned Son

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

The theme of this manhwa revolves around a high school boy and his miserable life. How he from being worthless becomes the greatest. Personally, I love these weak to strong types of Manhwa.
The story follows a boy name Ye Mo who finds himself in a situation everything around him has completely changed he was in a body whose daily member has left him.

His beautiful master left him. He was even begin mocked by a woman who stands at a podium with a love letter that he wrote to her. But these things are not worthy of his attention a bigger thing is happing that he suddenly recalled!! What that might be? Check out this Manhwa to know more about it.

Taming Master

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

Another amazing Manhwas by Asurascan. Though it is not as OP as other top ones it is still not underrated. I just finished it and I would say it is good. It had a rating of 4.5/5 at the Asurascan and another third-party website.

The story of his manhwa goes like this Ian our protagonist is on the list of the Top 1000 of a Virtual Reality game. He wicked the role of a sniper and is currently at level 93. But as new updated date approaches and new characters are begin introduced in the game he decides to switch characters. So, now he has to climb up to the ranks once again.

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And during this time of his rank push, he meets with a girl that is totally into him. But the question is the whether he can follow up on her hints.

Return From The World Of Immortals

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

This is the story of a super expert who was called into the supreme world its been about 10,000 years since he has been transcendent in this world and almost forgotten about his previous life on earth.

Tang Xiu finds himself back in his original body and it’s been only 1 year since he went to the celestial world. Now he wants revenge. You might ask for whom and for what reason. Well, this might be the worst kind of betrayal one can receive in my opinion.

He was betrayed by his lover and his best friend. But things now are different as he has knowledge of a transcendent being and that of the supreme one.


Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

A line of a disclaimer for the viewers this manga is full of violence, rape, and much more horrific thing so don’t read it if you hate this kind of thing.

This is the story of Kei Kurono who is killed just like your other normal isekai but what is not normal in this scenario is that he is caught in a game of gods. This is a game that will test his skill, will, and other things. And everything comes down to one thing can he survive this hell of a game?

And this one is even worse If he even dies he can’t die his death is even not in his hand everything is by the will of god. And God knows what will happen if his stubbornness prevailed over him and he refuses to listen to him. Check out to know what will happen to him.

Legend (Takano Masaharu)

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

Reiji Saeki lost his life in an accident during a summer vacation and now is currently living in the countryside. And as he was living his life a mysterious ball popped infront of him.

This is a ball that possesses magic as he was a magician from a parallel world and this ball of light is looking for someone who can be his student to learn this long-lost magic before this magic is completely lost.

And now Reiji took up their suggestion of his and started his new life in this parallel world. So, what is this new world like, and will I be able to get some happiness and peace here?

Hiraheishi Wa Kako O Yumemiru

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

Another bak to past manga I love these kinds of manga where people tend to learn from their past mistakes and grow into their best version. And in a similar context, this is a story of a man who was an average soldier in the military who was just like cannon fodder and died like one.

But to his surprise, he wakes up and finds himself in the lap of his mother when he was just a child. And this little from size but man from his thought decides to change this disastrous fate that humanity will face in near future. With the knowledge of the future to make everything in his favor, he decides to stand up and fight.

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So how far can he go? Can he stand up against the demon lord and his army? I

Berserk Of Gluttony

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

This is a story of a world where powerful ability by birth determines your future. As they are the ones who can fight, and these are the ones that are on the front lines to fight against the monster.

The people with weak abilities are the working class whose future is determined to be a failure. This is a story of a gatekeeper who is considered a failure by others and himself. He has only ability and this ability only makes him hungry. What could this ability be used for nothing to my understanding? But he has a way or you may say he found a way. What is it? Check out the manga to know about it.

The Breaker: New Waves

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

This manhwa has two-part and this is the second part of this manhwa which is in continuation from the previous manhwa.

The protagonist of this is manhwa Yi Shinoo whose master is Goomoonryong who is one of the legendary characters of this series. His master destroyed his ki center due to some reason. And so now he has no place in Murim’s world. And thus left it.

And now Shinoon is living a normal life going to school and coming back to his home where his mother is waiting for him. And if you have read any Murim-type manga or manhwa then you know how things work there. They will never leave anyone alone related to their enemy or any legendary character who was a one-man army. And thus people from Murim started to threaten his normal life as well his life.

So what will Yo Shioon do without his Ki? Check out the anime to know about it.

Seraph of End

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

The world is in chaos as the virus has infiltrated human life and is killing anyone who is above 13 years old. And seeing this as an opportunity vampires showed themselves and portrayed themselves as saviors of the world. But instead, they have their greed behind them.

They asked these people to be their life stock in order to protect them. Among these survivors is Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya, two young boys who are taken captive from an orphanage. Also other members of the orphanage who, they considered their family.

And these two you decide to stand against this injustice but the question is can they fight against these monsters?

Chaotic Sword God

Action Romance MangaManhwa With OP MC

As you can tell this is the story of a man who was the God Of the Sword no one in the Jianghu realm comes even close to his level of swordsmanship. He was basically a one-man army.

He is recognized by everyone as the no.1 expert in the Jianghu. His sword skill is beyond perfection and his swordsmanship is noncomparable. And now he went missing after his battle with exceptional expert Dugu Qiubai. He was injured and died due to this injury.

But he was reborn with all his memory from his fast life. But due to his fast growth and monstrous strength, he made many enemies which came one after another, and eventually died even before he could get to his prime self. And once again he is stuck in the loop process. So what will he do this time around?


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  • Player (OH Hyeon-Jun)

Hope you guys enjoy this blog and if you made a decision on which you want to read then do comment on the name of Manga/Manhwa. So until the next Blog, I would like to take my leave.

You guys can read my other Blogs on this website till then.

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