10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Hey, anime fans hope you all doing great. For us, anime fans seeing our strongest most loved main characters fight and overpower some villains are one of the best moment in our life. Be it Madara playing with all the shinobi alliance or be it Escanor completely destroying Estorasa.

We all just love to see these overpowered moments. But who are the 10 strongest among these badass characters that are on the next level to others? To answer this question I had written a full blog for you on the 10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022.

Well, to be honest, there are more than 10 who are all on the same level in my eyes(a little bit of up and down) but for sake of simplicity, I chose the top 10 in this list.

Here Is how I have decided that one is strongest. Firstly, they must possess planetary-level threats which means they have the power to destroy the world. Secondly, they should be badass as hell. This one I just made up.

Here are the characters that I have not included –

Firstly if they are gods or divine beings described in anime or manga. They are out of this list. For example characters like Zeno-Sama, Gilgamish who is ⅔ god and ⅓ human.
Secondly, if their full power level is yet to be shown or described they are out of this list. So characters like Shanks, Gojo, etc are out.

Now with all these let’s get straight up to the list of 10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022. These are the top 10 contenders in this list so no one is no.1 and no one is no.10.


10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Kuro Sensei from Assassination Classroom is the homeroom teacher in class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He is one of the lead characters in the anime and the story revolves around him.

He is training his students to assassinate him as he threats the people of earth to destroy the earth as he destroyed the moon. His true intentions, as well as his back story, are revealed later in the series. Matter of fact he is very sensitive toward his student.

His face turns red which is a sign that he is very angry when his student was bullied by a teacher.

Koro-sensei looks like a yellow octopus with much superhuman ability that people dream about. And these abilities made him a great threat to the people of earth.


Now let’s talk about the abilities that he possesses.

  • Protective coloring: Kuro-sensei depending on the situation can change his color. It acts as camouflage.
  • Liquefaction- This is the ability he developed after getting poisoned once and to counter it developed fluid control.
  • Absolute Defense- Kuro-sensei can shrink his body and form a sphere that acts as a shield and protect him from any kind of attack.
  • High Speed- He possesses this amazing skill in which he can travel faster than the speed of sound I guess around Mach 20.
  • Laser via Energy- He can transfer his internal energy into his tentacles and shoot a laser.
  • Superhuman Reflexes- Koro-sensei has superhuman reflexes as he can dodge multiple bullets of anti-sensei which are specially made to kill him.
  • Regeneration- He possesses a totally overpowered skill regeneration. He can regenerate any body part of his body.
  • Eidetic memory- Koro-sensei possesses eidetic memory which allows him to remember everything that he has seen or learned and use it to his advantage.
  • Superhuman Digestion- Other than the anti-sensei bullet Koro-sensei can eat and digest anything that he wants to.
  • Genius Intellect- Even before gaining his powers Koro-sensei possessed a high intellect as he can learn various complex things and problems in a matter of minutes.
  • Assassination- Koro-sensei possesses an extraordinary ability in assassination be it students or other top assains he can completely destroy them.


10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Eren Yeager the protagonist and the antagonist of the anime Attack on Titan secure a position in this list of 10 Strongest Anime Characters. He is one of those kind-hearted characters that the world made into a villain.

The story of him turning into a villain is also mind blogging. It is really amazing how the event turned and as an anime fan, it is what I expect from animes. A sudden turn of events makes viewers look a fools as everything was infront of them yet they can’t see that coming.

The story of Eren Yeager goes like this- Eren was a kind-hearted boy who used to live with his father, mother, and his childhood friend Mikasa. But a calamity strike them and their lives were turned upside down. His mother died living behind with nowhere to do. Now he is with Mikasa and another friend Armin.

They decided to join Survey Corps which is responsible to kill titans. And he decided to eradicate titans from the map.

Power And Abilities

Now let’s talk about the power and abilities that Eren possessed. Eren has the titan of the founding titan from whom all the other titans emerged. And these titans are capable of destroying the whole world living behind nothing and because of this Eren Yeager was able to take the spot on this list.

The power of founding let him absorb the other titan and use their ability which makes him very dangerous as these titans have very unique power which is impossible to defend against. For example power of Hammer Titan can allow him to harden his muscles to an extent where it is impossible to pierce through, Let alone damage him.

Now let’s take a look at other abilities that other titans provided him and the abilities he had as a founder titan.

  • Superhuman Strength: There are many abilities that founder titan provided Eren. One of them is superhuman strength that lets them easily lift boulders of many tons easily.
  • Superhuman Speed: With access to founder titan he was able to achieve a superhuman strength second to only Riner who was in possession of one of the titans whose main power of super speed. Eren can run at superhuman speed for a long time which makes it a very special power.
  • Regeneration- One of the best abilities in my perspective. As it is very painful to lose one of the limbs and with the loss of a limb you will lose your power level drastically. Access to titan gave him the ability to regenerate not only his titan body but also his human body which means he was just immortal until his body stop regeneration temporarily.
  • Here is an amazing ability that made him different from other titans such as he can control his regeneration, crystal hardening of his fist and neck, and future memory. These are some of the amazing abilities that he possessed with founder titan.


10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Acnologia is also known as the Dragon King. He was the first and most powerful dragon slayer who ever lived. Nobody comes even close to his power level in comparison to other dragon slayers.

He was a cataclysmically powerful Dragon Slayer and as per his wish, he can change his form. He is the final boss of the anime Fairy Tail and is one of the most feared being in the entire fairy tale arc. It is said that no one has ever lived after facing him.

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But he was not like this from the beginning. In his early days around 400 years ago from the current fairy tale timeline when he was a human, he used to be a doctor who was kind-hearted and used to treat dragons. But fate had something else written for him. The same dragon he saved destroyed his village and even killed his family.

And then he with other members of his group became dragon slayers. But due to excess power, they became corrupt and couldn’t handle the power. Acnologiya has killed so many dragons and bathed in their blood that he was transformed into a dragon itself.

Gildarts from the Fairy Tale guild, when he was on his 100-year quest meet with this
Calamity and saw death for an intense. He was the first to encounter Acnologia and survive Though he lost one hand, one leg, and some organs. But he survived somehow.


Now let’s take a look at some of his abilities.

  • Dragon Slayer Magic: He doesn’t have a Dragon Slayer Magic to be precise. That is because the overuse of his magic leads to its loss. But what is fascinating about him is that hie immune to every magic that is present in the world.
  • Dragon’s Roar: Well just like other dragons and dragon slayers he also had a dragon roar. But his was on a completely different level compared to other dragon slayers. As we saw in the case of Tenrou island which was entirely eradicated by his single roar and even created a giant crater in the ocean. His roar can even divide the ocean in half.
  • Mouth Blast: Acnologya can throw a huge blast of magic from his mouth which even created a ripple effect in the time rift.
  • Here is capable of performing much other magic but let’s take a look at them at once- Finger BeamEruption, Eternal Flare, Kinetic BlastsShockwaves, Time Magic, Healing Magic, Dragon Form, Flight, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Immense Strength: Immense Speed and Agility, Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Immense Durability, Telepathic Immunity.


10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Certainly one of the top contenders in the Strongest Anime Characters. Broly from Dragon Ball Universe is a Saiyan just like Goku and Vegeta. But he is a little bit of a special case as he is a legendary super Saiyan.
He is certainly one of my favorite characters from the Dragon Ball Universe. He is the son of Paragus. And was one of the Demonic Saiyan that is born every thousand years and due to his power level certainly higher than that of Vegeta. He was stranded by King Vegeta.

Where grew up with his father until he was rescued by Cheelao and Lemo who were subordinates of Frieza. But he is quite different from his counterpart who were murderers and lunatics. This behavior was due to his not-so-tragic backstory and his lonely life on a planet where there were not so many special begin.

But he is somewhat lunatic in case of a fight. As he can sense danger very quickly and during he goes into berserk mode and nothing can handle him. He can’t determine who is a friend and who is his foe.


Now let’s take a look at this madman’s ability-

  • Flight- First and most common ability among Saiyan is flight. And like other Bro;y can also fly.
  • Ki Blast- This is the most basic form of energy wave.
  • Heat Resistance- He has a high resistance against heat, he can even pass through lava by making his energy a barrier.
  • Saiyan Power – We have witnessed this power many times in the series as Goku and Vegeta have gone through this. Well, this is how it works. In the face of adversity, this trait helps to get stronger and overcome that barrier that was hard to overcome. Which eventually lead to an increase in raw power and an increase in every other aspect.
  • Mimicry- One of the most dangerous out there and if the antagonist has this then it gone a be long and fierce fight. This ability let the user get the technique of others just by looking once. And now not only he has his technique but other abilities too. Which made Broly even scarier.
  • Dashing Punch- A punch thrown at the enemy at high speed. This punch not only has a force of the one body but the momentum of the speed too. Which is many times greater than your normal punch.
  • Here are many other abilities that Broly possesses-
  • Gigantic Charge, Eraser Cannon, Saiyan Blaster, Omega Blaster, Wrathful Charge,
    Eraser Blow, Blaster Meteor, Gigantic Breath, Saiyan Blaster, Omega Blaster, Planet Crusher,
    Super Saiyan Broly Energy Rampage Special Quirk Skill Arts in Dragon Ball Legends
  • Energy Rampage, Gigantic Full Blast, Powered Shell, Gigantic Omegastorm, Gigantic Cluster, Gigantic Catastrophe, Meteor Crash, Gigantic Strike.


10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

The main antagonist of the Chimera Ant Arc. Meruem is also known as King by others. Was one of the most badass characters that anime has ever produced. Literally one of the most badass until the end but that arrogance caused his death eventually though.

Chimera Ant Arc was one of the darkest and sadistic arcs that I have ever seen. Initially, the king was very violent and cruel. At first glance, Queen’s intentions seem to work as he was as he wanted but later he goes through a change of heart. And started to develop feelings of love for Komugi a human girl.

He started questioning the difference between ants and humans and many more questions started taking place in his mind which he tried asking her. But to me, the most epic thing was his battle with Netro.

I really loved Netro was giving his all and he was just a little bit serious. Even the ultimate move of Netro was not enough for him. But he never saw through that due to his ignorance and because of that, he died. If he had not died back then he might have been the strongest and most badass character that might be out there.


Now let’s take a look at some of his abilities-

  • Immense Strength: This one should be considered as a default ability for every strongest anime character. You can grasp the sheer power of Meruem just by looking at how he ripped off Netro’s arm and one leg with a single punch.
  • Immense Speed and Reflexes: Second default ability that the strongest anime characters possess. You can grasp this one by this one- He was able to easily dodge Netro’s faster-than-sound punches and gave him a counterattack ripping off his one arm and one leg. Other than he can instantly rip off the internal organs of anybody.
  • Immense Durability: Meruem has exceptional durability as he was able to endure so much attacks from Netro which were thrown with so much power and faster than the speed of sound combined. And still suffered approx Nul damage.
  • Immense Agility: Blessed with an elastic body and inhuman agility he can bend or avoid attacks by changing direction which is merely impossible for humans to do. And using this he was able to easily dodge Netro’s many attacks.
  • Extraordinary Intelligence: Just like other antagonists Merurm possesses extraordinary intelligence. Which helps him to read the minds of other people easily. Which gave him an upper hand in many scenarios while fighting against Netro.
  • Nen: Unlike other Royal Guards Meruem possessed nen. He had a specialization in using Nen. With that, he also bestowed both Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi’s abilities for his own. He can also boost his Nen by consuming other nen users.
  • Meruem also had enhanced perception and was a brilliant strategist.
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10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Another one of the most epic and badass anime characters. The Lion Sin Of Pride Esacanor is a man worthy of his name. Totally loved this character. His entry in battel has never disappointed me never. Be it his first appearance or be it make a joke about Estarosa or be it fight against Meliodas. Every fight was epic.

I would say he was a well-written character. Escanor was since his childhood a unique human who possessed the power of a fallen angel. And if you have watched the anime til the end then you know whose power it is. his power unparalleled by any human he was discriminated against by everyone even his family and was described as a monster by his parents and brother.

His power was simple as the sun grows in the sky his power increases exponentially and at noon he is the strongest being but at night he is the opposite of what he is in the morning. You can just slap the shit out of him at night. To add more power he had an axe and this axe is not any ordinary axe that can be used by anyone. Once Galand the Truth of truth tried to pick this axe out of ignorance and he was not able to move it. Instead, he was beaten to death by Escanor.


Now let’s take a look at his abilities.

Sunshine: This is the ability that I was talking about earlier. He is strongest at noon and weakest at night. But in the morning you better not come infront of him if you pissed him off at night. This ability not only give him power but also bulks up his frame just like any legendary bodybuilder. He is totally ripped and can easily win Mr.Olampiya.

  • Super Slash: This is a superpower full downward slash that even if you are not in its trajectory you would still feel it. This powerful blow delivered by his axe is extremely dangerous.
  • The One: This ability is one of the badass abilities that any anime character can possess as his trump card. At noon when his abilities are at their peak For one miniature he becomes the source of power and is invincible during that duration. Totally badass ability is it?
  • Divine Sword Escanor: This is a powerful downward strike created by his hand. It was so powerful that it was able to destroy Zeldris’ Ominous Nebula.
  • Divine Spear Escanor: Yet another badass move possessed by lord Escanor. But this time he use his index finger to pierce through the enemy’s body.
  • The One: Rember I said that The One should be the trump card that every MC has but guess what this is not the last resort for Escanor. He came with the Ultimate The One. But this one is double edge. Why you may ask.
  • Well, this ability consume his life energy and convert this life energy to enhance his already invincible ability. Not only he can use The One for a longer duration but can exponentially increase its power.
  • Here are the items that Escasor possessed-
  1. Rhitta
  2. Large Spear
  3. Magic Glasses


10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Another character that I love and have huge respect for. I would have loved him to watch his if ever made. Totally badass and fearless character. Edward Newgate or Whitebeard. Was one of the 4 emperors of the sea despite being old and severally weak due to diseases he possessed the power to destroy the world whenever he wished.

And for these types of characters respect automatically comes from within. Yes, I know he is fictional but still the value that he had are the ones that I respect.

Whitebeard was a being n One Piece world that was feared by everyone and from everyone one I really mean everyone. He possessed the power to split the ocean in half and make it look like a piece of cake. I mean who does this? This is the moment I became his fan.

Despite being on his deathbed, he beat the shit out of Akainu. He was toying with him. Throwing him crushing him however he pleased to. To remind you Akianu, he is the strongest admiral. And he was toying with him despite his old age, severely diseased, wounded, with it don’t even know how many bullets in his body, half of his skull destroyed, and whatnot.

The most epic one was his death not a single scratch on his back and he died standing. I mean who can be more epic and legendary than this character?


  • Physical Abilities- Let’s start with the basics. He has so much raw power that even giants were mere ants infront of him. As we have witnessed in the Marine Fort Arc how he smashed Vice Admiral Ronse’s head with a single hand and made him unconscious, Despite begin ill.
  • Tolerance- Nobody comes close to his in terms of tolerance in my eye. He just kept going and going and going till his last breath. He took hundreds of bullets, hundreds by stabs, and abilities for many others. He took cannon shots and whatnot and still went on and on and on.
  • Devil Fruit- Whitebeard had Gura Gura no Mi a paramecia-type devil fruit that allowed him to generate vibration in anything he wished. Even in the air. As we saw how he created a tsunami and spit the ocean.
  • This devil fruit even enhances his attack and can be cast over his fist, weapons, and the thing he wishes to cast on. This can create slash, attack bombs, and other things that he wishes for.
  • Apart from being an attack type this devil fruit also provides him with defense from any kind of attack. Shock waves from this devil fruit can block any kind of attack.
  • And according to Sengoku the Admiral of the Navy whitebeard possessed the ability to destroy the whole world but choose not to.
  • Weapon- Apart from his devil fruit Whitebeard possessed a legendary blade just like Enma which Zero possessed. Its name was BIsento. That blade was not for a show he actually was skilled in using it. As we have seen him fighting against roger using that, and even against shanks too.
  • Apart from this Whitebeard has all three types of Haki that are Kenbunshoku Haki, Busoshoku Haki, Haoshoku Haki

Ainz Ooal Gown

10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Ainz Ooal Gown is one of the most overpowered MCs from the very beginning of the series. Ainz Ooal Sown also known as Momogan is the MC of the series Overlord. Though to me he seems more like an antagonist of the whole series since till now there is no one in the whole series who is on his level or a little threat to his entity.

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And is more of an antagonist rather than a protagonist. But the most important thing about him is his power which is totally overpowering. He crushes one will to fight just by giving them an enemy that they can’t even dream to defeat.

He showed his power in battle against a human country where he single handle massacred their whole army just by sending his minions. I know I should not call them minions and say I don’t know why they were so disgusting. And another remarkable thing about him is his caution against a little bit of threat. Though they are not even a threat to him he considers them as one and thus prepares things for them according. But putting a hefty defense and attack magic that is nearly impossible to breach.


Now let’s take a look at his abilities.

  • Supernatural Strength: On many occasions, he should have the strength that is far beyond human capabilities. Such as he easily smashed through the ogre, crush Clementine’s body, he smashed two angels down to the ground. And on many other occasions, he showed others his true and all might raw strength.
  • Supernatural Mobility: Ainz Ooal Gown has super mobility which surpasses everybody in the series there is only one character that is capable of getting up to his speed that is Shalltear. Other than her no one even comes close to her.
  • Supernatural Durability: Here is a saying that I created that is with great power comes great durability. You can predict his durability just by this event- he only incurs pain when hit by the most powerful blast from an angel.
  • Magic- Now let’s talk about the most fascinating thing that he has which is his magic. He had so much magic that it is even hard to count. But for sake of example here are some- black holes, undead summoning skill, bestowing powerful blasts which can create a large crater, instant kill spell.
  • Intimidation: Ainz Ooal Gown’s presence only can create fear in others. He is a very powerful being and thus possesses a high level of intimidation. For example, during the battle of the RE-Estes kingdom, he scared the whole army with only his presence. His presence brought shivers to their bones.
  • Let’s take a look at his other types of equipment he has all the strength of all 41 Supreme Beings. Ex-
  • Compliance with Law, Takemikazuchi MK 8, Amaterasu & Tsukuyomi, Female Sensei’s Iron Fist of Wrath, Houyi’s Bow, Suck The Blood And Eat The Flesh, Earth Recover.


10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Father from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is another top contender in this list of 10 Strongest Anime Characters. Father the antagonist of the series is 400+ years old and resembles the father of Edward & Alphonse Elric “Van Hohenheim”. He is also the first homunculi that came into existence.

He is a ruthless tyrant that will go to any extent to get immortality. He is the one that created other homunculi directly or indirectly. He deems power and ownership of the world. He was created from the essence of Eye and thus his shadow actually has a great resemblance to Eye. All his knowledge was obtained from Eye.


His abilities vary according to to form which he has taken as he has many forms-
True Form, Evolved, Father takes on a form identical to Pride, Father takes on a giant form, Father’s Hohenheim-like container, Father’s fourth form, a “miniature sun within his hand”.

  • First Form- This is just a small round mass with a single eye, tendril-like arm, and wide toothy mouth. Which looks just like Eye of Truth. Though he can’t use alchemy in that form still can teach others how to do it. After his defeat, he returned to this form.
  • Evolved- During his battle against Hohenhelm when he was still in the container he was losing the battle. Thus revealed his second form in an unseen battle. In his second form, he resembles his ancient flask form.
  • Form identical to Pride- In his third form, he can take the form of his son Pride not completely but identical. And that is without any container.
  • Giant form- After absorbing around 50 million souls of the citizen of Amestris his form changed and he became like a giant cyclopean being. He also claims that this was his true form all along.
  • Hohenheim-like container- When he was in Xerxes due to the limitation of his body in the container he transformed into Hohenhelm, excluding his skin color, hair color, and hairstyle.
  • After absorbing God- His fourth form was the younger version of Hohenheim. And due to the sacrifice he received, he was able to absorb the beings on the other side of the gate which were Gods.


10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Saitama the caped Baldy. A person who is a hero just for fun And still not gets recognized by others instead is treated ill. Even though he saved their ass countless times. Saitama from One Punch Man. Is a normal human who loves to play games and win them badly, and is just a normal human in every other action, except when it comes to fighting.

In the latest chapter of One Punch Man, you can clearly see that he has power that can easily destroy planets in seconds. His power limitation is yet to be discovered. And I really mean it just by looking at the recent chapter I think he still had a lot more to him.

Well, let’s now talk about the anime context so that I don’t give any spoilers. We have seen in many occasions his power level he can come back from the moon to earth in seconds and make a big hole there just by his jump pressure.

Another instance of his power is when he one shot every other creature that stands in his way.


Let’s take a look at some of his abilities-

Immeasurable Strength: He has immeasurable strength. One which we saw during his fight with Boros was nothing but the tip of the iceberg. He possesses strength that is incomparable to other people even the No.1 hero doesn’t come close to him.

Inhuman Leap: He can jump as high as he wants to the is no stopping him. Jumps in the hero test were jokes on comparison when he jumped from the moon to earth and that to be in seconds. And after seeing his leaps gravity is like I’m joking with you.

Shockwaves: Saitama can create shockwaves with a punch. And that to be very destructible punches. When he was playing with Genos or sorry training with Genos a little bit of a serious punch and stopped it halfway this only created a shockwave that destroyed the whole mountain behind them.

He has many other countless abilities which I think I should cover in another blog.



10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022


10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Kurosaki Ichigo

10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022


10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Kaneki Ken

10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto

10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

And with this, I would like to end this blog. And if your favorite character is made in this list then let me know in the comment. Also, let me know if any other charter deserves a spot on this list. I would love to read your comment.

Till then you guys can read my other blogs-

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