God of War is one of the most selling games ever. Especially, the 2018 God of war reboot is one of the highest-selling games out there. Usually, God of war is produced for PlayStation but now the company has announced that it is available for PC so now PC gamers can play the God of war official. For those who are not familiar with the God of war series, this game is an action-adventure game God of war reboot is the 8th part of the series.

The game follows ‘Kratos’ who is half human half God and it is motivated to kill all the gods out there and with the ending of God of war 3 has almost killed all the Greek gods out there. Now in part 4 is the God of war reboot he has a son, named Atreus, who in the game is on your side throughout the game and he plays an active role as in between fights game let you switch the characters and you helps Kratos in, navigation, storytelling, and solving some puzzles.

I would like to say that do I have played God of war before but this whole series (that is God of war reboot) by just looking at the trailer and gameplay this blew my mind this is one of the best exclusive series PlayStation 4 ever had. Which brings me to the topic of graphics graphic are just amazing and animation work and the character design everything is just amazing.

Now let’s talk about how you can play it on PC first of all you need to download PlayStation Now for the PC app then you have to create or sign in with PlayStation Now account and there you go. On your very first trial, you will get 7 days free to try the game, you need to finish this game before the trial ends because if not you have to pay $8.99/£8.99 for months access. According to the website of Sony, you will need a dual shock 4 but other third-party payers do not work with the service cause you would not able to use touch screen functionality which is a major element of God of war.

Check out GODW 4 PS Trailer:

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To additional information on the God of war reboot:
Developer- SantaMonica Studio
Publisher- SonyInteractive Entertainment
Director- CoryBarlog
Producer- BrianWestergaard, Elizabeth Dahm Wang, Sean Llewellyn, Chad Cox, Eric Fong
Designer- Derek Daniels
Series- God of War
Available on Platform- PlayStation 4, Now on PC
Released On- April 20, 2018
Genre- Action-adventure
Mode- Single-player

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