Best Board Games For Kids

Are you looking for boards games for your kid? or you are looking for a boards game that will engage your kid so that he/she stays away from the Mobile.
Here, I have selected the top 5 boards game that will keep your child engaged as well as help in the social as well mental growth.

  1. Why boards game.
  2. And what are the benefits of playing boards game?

Why Board Games

1. Pandemic has made a severe effect on a child’s growth, from physical growth to mental growth, so in order to keep them engaged, board games are the best alternate of the outdoor games.

2. Now let look at more scientific reason it is a proven fact that playing board games helps in increasing brain function.

3. Board Games teach a child how to patient(that is by waiting for his/her chance and also waiting for the right moment to secure victory)and how to set goals.

There are much more reasons. But this blog is for “Best Board Games” so, I will stick with it for today. Maybe in the future, I might write more about Board Games if you guys want it.

Now let’s look into other reasons, that is what is the advantage of playing these particular board games.

1. Monopoly

Advantage of playing Monopoly

1. As the main purpose of the game Monopoly is to make money via buying the asset, using money wisely and therefore teaches the value of money to the child.

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2. Monopoly, boots the confidence of a child as well helps him to make wise decisions by learning from his/her previous mistake.

3.It also helps in improving bonding between siblings, friends, and as well as family members. In this age of mobile and television people including children’s don’t interact with each other frequently. 

2. Catan

Advantages of playing Catan

1.Playing Catan can be a good exercise for your child’s brain, as in order to play a game successfully, the child has to learn the rule and create strategies to use those rules in his/her favor.
2. I, personally like this because with this game child will learn how to play with numbers, instead of running away from them.

3. Ticket to Ride

Advantages of Ticket to Ride

1. It helps the child to remember the name of the state and other important cities names in a more playful and engaging manner. As, in this game train travel around the country and its cities so automatically child will remember the important name, especially the name of cites that are close to his/her city.

2. As the board is pretty and attractive children automatically get attracted to the game. As the game is colorful and uses lots of different colors at the same time. It helps your kids to better differentiate between colors and even remember their names altogether.

4. Cluedo

Advantage of playing Cluedo

Well, who doesn’t like to be a detective, when they were young and this is what this lets you do the main objective of the game is to solve the murder. Find the culprit?, which weapon was used? , in which room? by using the brain some clues. This board game is the combo of both role play and brainstorming which help your kid in using their brain and get entertained altogether.

5. Scrabble

Advantages of Scrabble

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1. Improves memory: It helps in improving both the memory and cognitive skills of your child, as scrabble is a board game in which one has to form a word from the many letters all jumbled and mixed. 

2. Vocabulary Building: Not only will, Scrabbles improving a child’s memory but it will also help in vocabulary building as a child can look for words in the dictionary which he/she doesn’t know. And as the child will play games regularly, his/her vocabulary will be built slowly and steadily.

3. Quick response time: Lastly, it will help in improving the response time of the child as to how quickly he/she figure out the words. You can observe the change in your child as he/she will spend less time searching for things and many other things.


6. Candy Land

Advantages of playing Candy Land

1. Here few basic things that Candy Lands improves in your child-

  1. Help him/her learn colors.
  2. Helps your child to understand direction, taking turns
  3. How to handle disappointment and failure.

2. Apart from mental development it helps in the physical development of child such as
Strengthening your child’s fingers.

A board is physically moved around by the child it helps in muscle development

3. It also teaches some basic skills to children such as being patient, sportsmanship, counting the number of spaces to move.

7. Chess

Chess is the most famous board game and each and every person knows about it and its benefits. Chess is a board game that is played worldwide from child to an old person every one plays this game. Well, let’s look at some of its advantages.

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Advantages of Chess

1. Chess helps in improving the concentration and memory of a child and also helps in improving a child’s attention span, spatial-reasoning ability.

2. Helps in developing strategies and goals as well as it also enhances reading and maths skills.

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