Far Cry 5 will be free to play

Here is good news for those gamers who want to play Far Cry 5 but don’t want to buy it. Because it is now free to play.

You can get access to the game through Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Connect, this week. The free period according to the source starts from August 5 and will be active till August 9. Preloading for the game is available right now.

Far Cry 5 has some elements of good old Far Cry, but all the early discussion about its which gives hints about real-life politics was totally boring- Though it got plenty of other things too, its graphic is beautiful as well as its scenery but there is no use to it cause one can’t even enjoy that peacefully.

If one tries to do so, a wild animal will come from out of nowhere and will start maul you, whereas a helicopter will start falling out of the sky, and soon fight will break somewhere near.

But one thing that, I personally like about this game is- its custom maps which you can explore, which also include a hyper-realistic Gregg’s, which you will not find in Far Cry 6 any time soon. According to the news, this game will come without a map editor.

By now, Far Cry 5 also has a lot of fun custom maps for you to explore, including a hyper-realistic Gregg’s, which you definitely won’t find in Far Cry 6 any time soon, since the game will come without a map editor.

On Ubisoft Connect you will get the game a little early than Epic Game Store as on Ubisoft Connect it will be released at 6 am PDT/2 pm BST and on Epic Store at 10 am PDT/6 pm BST. And after the trial, it will be available at an 80% discount.

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