As the manga/manhua community is growing decently over the year. It is natural that demand for Harem-type manga is also growing so in order to fulfill that demand.
I’m here with my suggestion on Harem Manga/Manhua.

Hope you guys like it and if you do leave your valuable comment. It motivates me to bring more such types of content. So, without further wasting time let’s take a dive into this suggestion of Harem Manga.

Note: While reading the summary you might not feel like there is a harem in the manga as mainly the story is discussed in summer but let me assure you that there is a harem in them you will find out once you read the manga.

Martial Peak


Though this is a story of a Martial Artist, harem comes with it as a bonus. So if you are into Martial Art type manga then you can go for this one.
This is a journey of a boy who is the weakest candidate of a Martial Academy or you can call him sweeper of the Academy and he dreams to be one of the strongest in the martial world.

And in his journey of becoming the strongest many young and beautiful women cross his path. Soo, will he be able to achieve what he wants to or will he give up on lust? And follow the women of his choice?

Go and find out the answer. Manga already has more than 2000 chapters. Though each chapter is small and is released very frequently. That means you don’t have to wait for a week to know what is going to happen next.

The Secret Queen


This is a story of a woman who all her life was praised for her beauty. But she was tired of all this so she decided to throw everything and start anew.

But she was kidnapped and was tossed into the harem of an unknown ruler. Lia, who was afraid as well as desperate, made a deal with Karina, the handsome but ruthless king.

She has to keep her appearance as Karian’s concubine. She has to keep that appearance long enough to search for the hidden assassin in their midst. And once she keeps her promise will she be able to escape? Check out the manga to know more.

The Legendary Villain Princess


After dedicating his whole eight years to help him rule the empire, only to get death by burning. But he has only one wish before his death that he should be reborn so that he can change his fate.

But guess what he was in the body of his sworn enemy? And his revenge plan is going smoothly, but out of nowhere a prince suddenly appears and proposes marriage? Don’t he know that he has 4 imperial concubines?

It Looks Like I’ve Fallen into the World of a Reverse Harem Game


Where Am I? I was sleeping but after opening my eyes I found myself in a totally different world. And now I am the game’s villainous princess who was feared by all. But wait what is up with this situation…completely naked men are all over these men whom I don’t even know are approaching me. And what am I hearing “ Are you cold? Should I give you a hug so that I can warm you up? Seriously what is going on and how the hell am I going to get out of this place.

I Want To Roam


I didn’t find good synopsis for this one but the one I get is here-

A thousand years later, when he finally woke up. He realized that his compatriots are being raised as food by aliens. So, he set out on a road to them with his companion pet witch, blood princess, Yin, and Yang Patriarch, Jian sages, fox demon wife, Hacker sister, Pseudo sister, Beast-ear maid.
Earth was given to him in dowry by the Demon Queen? Will he lay low and enjoy his life or will he fight against those damn gods.

Handling The Demoness And Saintess


This is the story of a Boy whose Dad remarried, his dad and his beautiful stepmom went on a honeymoon trip. And he was left with his Aunt Qian He. His and her date of birth coincidentally are the same. And he believed that he will start a new unabashed life.

So what will his new life bring him what is his Aunt’s true identity and what is his childhood friend doing?
Check out the manga to find out all these answers.

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99 Ways to Become Heroes by Beauty Masters


This is the story of Lu Chen the only son of King Lu. So he thought that he will live a vigorous life. But exactly the opposite happens. He was blessed with a talent that was not seen in the past. So, with this, his dream of living a nice and peaceful life crumbled down.

And 5 beautiful masters decented from the sky to make him practice martial art against his will. Each of these masters has extraordinary strength as well as their own domain of expertise. Here is their names master of the holy land, the empress of a thousand ages, the supreme empress of the world of pills, the emperor of alchemy, and also his little sister… Can he bear all these hardships or will he fail and crush everyone’s expectations.

Release That Witch


How about this one day you suddenly find yourself in the middle age of Europe when there were myths circulated regarding witches and what if these were not myths but the truth. What would be your reaction?

This is the exact same thing that happened to a male engineer who found himself in another world and he is the prince of this nation. Which exactly looks like Europe more like the Middle Age of Europe. And witches truly exist. And they possess magical powers.
Check out this manga to know what exactly this story of Witch is about.

Martial God Asura


An unexplainable mysterious phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces of this Martial World. And after this incident, five years have been passed and now the story revolves around Chu Feng, who is a regular outer disciple of the Azur Dragon school, he awakens a lighting beast who is considered one of the nine mysterious beasts.

And also, he discovered that he has an egg sealed inside him. What is the story behind this Egg which is sealed inside him? And who is residing inside this Egg?
Find all these answers in this manga.

Virus Girlfriend


You must have dreamt of having a superpower. But did you consider having the power to control Zombies might help you during a zombie apocalypse? This is the power that belongs to Long Mo who now controls zombies however he wants.

And while traveling throw an area he discovered a girl zombie who he was familiar with it was his girlfriend but now is transformed into a zombie.
So, now he decided to help her recover her memory

The star emperor (Reborn 80,000 years)


The timeline of this story doesn’t make any sense to me. Well, you guys also try to make something out of it.
This is a story of a man who slept for 80,000 years after he and his generation of strong stars, Stardust, died by the infamous villain.

And when he finally woke up time has drastically changed. There are 4 strong men on the continents who were once adopted, sons. One of them is the wild dog he has become the supreme demon king.
So, what will he do after awaking?



I will tell you in simple words what this manhua is about basically it is about climbing a tower again when he basically climbed it but this time around he wants to climb with lots of girls and want to minimize the suffering of people.

And now for the real synopsis. The story follows Hall Plain, which is a whole different world than Earth. And the protagonist of this manga is Kim Su Hyun who is suddenly abducted after being discharged from the military.
After that, he somehow climbed up the Hall Plain.

And now after 10 years the time for his reward is there and what he asked was to get in time from where he started climbing the Hall Plain. So how is planning to climb this tower of suffering? Find out by reading this manga

Mo Shou Jian Sheng


This is the story of Liu Feng who lives in the modern world of the internet and is an internet addict. One day he somehow traveled through dimension into the world of swords and magic.

Even though he traveled here through dimension he didn’t have any magic so everyone ridicule him. But even so, he was proud of his sword skills as he in-game was a great swordsman but this illusion of his was shattered by natives.

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So, now he starts to think of various questions and self-doubt starts emerging in his mind. What does this world have to offer to him? What is destiny? Check out the manga to know more about him.

God of Martial Arts


This is the world of Martial Arts here respect is earned by one’s martial art skills.
You are considered a weak martial artist if you can only split a boulder. And if you have the strength to cut down river and mountain you are considered strong.

After this comes the ones who are that strong that they can even travel across the Universe of their own free will. Here strong devours weak. And if you are weak then you don’t have a choice. Check out this Martial Art world Manga with lots of Harem content in it.

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

Harem manga/Mahua

Well if you are a big fan of Magic-type manga. Then this one is for you with lots of hot chicks following the Main character.
This is the story of a mage who traveled back in time. And decides that he will not let history repeat and will save his loved ones.

This world has Shadow Labyrinth which coexists with the real world and people have to clear the Shadow Labyrinth which gives the player history’s greatest tragedy. And one has to change the outcome of history and should not let history repeat itself.

This is the story of Desire, a magician who with others 6 attempts to clear the Last and most catastrophic Labyrinth. But they fail to complete and thus the world comes to end.

But as Desire, though they are done for he found himself 13 years in the past. So, what will he do in order to change the fate of this world and what are the difficulties that he will face in the future check out this Manga to know more about it.

Iron Ladies


This is a story of a person with some god damn luck as Mu Siyun graduated from university he sends his resume to the star fleet on a whim and but by some hell of luck he became the Fleet admiral. But that’s not all to it he was given a battalion of 3000 female soldiers to conquer the universe.

Chaotic Sword God


This is the story of Jain Chen who is widely considered one of the experts on Jianghu. It is said that his skills with the sword were on par with perfection and has a record of being undefeatable in battle. After a battle with Dungu Qiubai who went missing for more than a hundred years, Jain Chen was graciously wounded and died as the wound started getting severe.

But this was not the end of Jain Chen his soul was transmitted to another completely different world. And due to his fast growth and increase in threats to other enemies piled against Jain Chen and thus history repeated itself once again.

But this time around his soul was mutated and from there on he would tread on a completely different path. This time around he wants to become the sword god of his generation.
So, will be able to make it this time around to check out the manga to know more about him.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch


This is the story of an assassin on modern-day earth. His knowledge, as well as skills, were unparalleled as well as the fleet that he accomplished was unimaginable. And due to this everyone in the underworld feared him.
But during a mission, an incident occurred and now he is Jun Moxie. Jun Moxie is a sixteen-year-old super-level debauchee.

He is the sole heir of a declining renowned family. His family consists of his old grandpa, a crippled uncle, and lastly himself. Criticism, cold stare, and whatnot he accepted all with a smile on his face. As his new journey starts in this new world. While drinking he says-

“This cup I toast to those I’ve killed in my past life. Forgive me, for there is no chance for you to have revenge. Gulp!” “This cup I toast to those whose life I will take in my new life. Forgive me, for you are fated to die by my hands. Cheers!”

Check out this manga if you are into this type of manga. And let me know in a comment how is the manga.

My Three Thousand Years To The Sky


This is the story of Bai Qiuran, who is a disciple of the Qingming Sword Sect. Bai Qiuran is was considered one of the talented ones in the field of cultivation. But fate has something else for him his peer all attained what they want in a short amount of time but on the other hand, Bai Qiuran has to spend three thousand years just to become a Master while cultivating Chi. Read his story and see what happens when one believes in himself.

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I have Nine Female Disciple


Hey! are you flexing in front of me? Just wait and watch how I humiliate you! Women? I have nine female disciples! Yes, I’m matchless! And that is how arrogant how I’m.

My Girlfriend is a Villain


Follow Zhang Nan, who is a young master of a declining clan. Just like other normal humans, he wants to live his life normally but his grandfather has other plans for him. He sends him to an aristocratic training school.

He wan accidentally was assigned a class full of girls. You might be thinking that it must heaven is not quite the opposite. His female peer tormented him to the point that he no longer wanted to go to school.

Join him and find out whether he can change his position in the class. Or will he give up on school?

The Rebirth Of The Demon God


Next up on the list of Harem Manga is the Rebirth of the Demon God and the leader of the demon clan is Di Shi ian who was betrayed by his closest friend, if that was not enough five sects also joined the force and under their power, he perished.

But when people thought that the Demon clan was vanquished. Shi Tian is reborn as student Mo Fan.
Thus, began the journey of revenge. But the question is will he be able to do so? And who will join in his journey of revenge?

The God of “Game of God”


There is a warning of manga containing material that is not suitable for children under 17. So, by proceeding you are confirming that you are above 17 years.

This is the story of Myeong-In, who is a student at a third-rate university, and also he doesn’t get any support and respect at home.

But what people don’t know is that he has a secret identity that no one knows. He is a professional gamer who is famous and rich, his nickname is “God of Game”.

But out of nowhere three beauties in his known life of gaming revealed to him about the elite society who play something called “Game of Gods”. And if you win the game then one can receive abilities and power, with which one can basically rule the whole world.

Forced to Become the Villain’s Son-in-law


How about this you are a writer and you intentionally give a bad ending to a novel that is a best seller. And you somehow are reincarnated into your own novel. What will you do then?

This same thing happened with Li YU Guo who was destined to go to hell for writing a bad novel but instead was reincarnated in it. And is reborn as the villainous son-in-law. The battle between him and the protagonist of the novel.

Check out this manga to know what he will do in this novel that he created himself? Can he change the ending or will he vanish with the ending? Find all these answers in the manga.

My Master Is a Deity


This is the story of Yang Yiyun, who is a mortal on the bottom layer, and who occasionally obtains the Supreme treasure Pot. And since then he has never turned back and continued his journey of cultivation.

Be it Martial Arts, Medical Skills, or immortal methods everything has blossomed. This is a story of a normal person becoming a God.


  • Ai Yori Aoshi
  • Tsugumomo
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets
  • Strawberry 100%
  • D-Frag
  • Jitsu was Watashi Wa
  • To LOVE-Ru Darkness
  • Mahou Sensei Negima
  • High School DxD
  • Heaven’s Lost Property
  • Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom
  • The World Only God Knows

Hope you guys enjoyed the list I have prepared for you guys if you did then leave your valuable comment. It helps me keep on writing this type of content.

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