On the official website, the anime adaptation of light novel Miku and U35’s Shinka no Mi-Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei or in English (The Fruit of Evolution -Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made) as well as the main cast, staff, October premiere, visual, teaser video, was revealed on Sunday.

Progatnist of this anime “Hiro Shimono as Seiichi with Kana Hanazawa as Saria”.

Director of this anime series if Yoshiaki Okumura he also directed Antique Bakery and Monsuno. The production House of this anime is Children’s Playground Entertainment and Hotline. Characters of this anime are designed by Minami Eda. Music Composition is handled by Hifumi, Inc. And one who is overseeing the series script, as well as one who wrote this manga, is Gigaemon Ichikawa he also wrote Duel Masters which released from 2017-2019, and GeGeGe no Kitarō 2018.

Other staff members of anime:

1. Color Design- Chieko Hibi
2. Art- SAKO
3. Art Director- Seo Gu Lee
4. Director of Photography: Hideki Imaizumi
5. Editing- Ichiro Chain
6. Sound Director-  Ryō Tanaka
7. Sound Production- Glovision

The story follows Seiichi Hiiragi and is based on ” Animal Fantasy”. His life changes when on a certain day he and his entire school is teleported to another world. Seiichi is left alone somewhere and then all of a sudden a gorilla appears, who proposes out of nowhere to him. The story gets interesting as Seiichi at that moment thinks the gorilla is also fine and gets along with her. After this, they found a fruit called Fruit of Evolution, and after eating that fruit their lives change once again.

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Since January 2014, Miku has been serializing the story on the “Shōsetsuka ni Narō” or called as Let’s Become Novelists and it is still going on there. And on September 2014 Futabasha’s Monster Bunko light novel label began publishing this novel in print. Which was illustrated by U35.

Manga adaptation of this novel was Futabasha’s Web Comic Action manga website launched by Sorano in September 2017.

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Sources: Shinka no Mi anime’s website, Comic Natalie

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