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Into Mecha Type Manga? Want some recommendation?

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I have suggested 10 Unique Top Manga. Which has good reviews and rating.

What you can expect from this Mecha Manga Blog?

Let me make this clear that all the manga that are included in this Blog are all high rated about above 4.5 out of 5. And its not live only thousand hundred views on these manga but in millions. So, you should not worry about quality cause each one of the is good.

Apart from that I have included 10 Unique name each with different story line. Also, I have suggested a few honorable mention which in my opinion should be include in this Blog apart from the these 10 prominent names.

Lastly, this Blog only include manga(except 1 manhwa). So, if you are into manga then this Blog is just made for you only. And those for manhwa lovers I will make one soon for you guys to. So, till then check out this or other Blog of mine that might pique your interest her is one recommendation from me- Top 10 Necromancy Manga/Manhwa Of All time!!

1. Knights & Magic

Mecha Manga

The story of this manga take place in a realm where magic and machinery intertwine, this is the journey of a young prodigy named Theo.

Theo our protagonist has reincarnated in a world filled with giant robots known as Silhouette Knights. And what is interesting that he is fascinated by these mecha and is driven by his passion for these mechanical marvels, Theo harnesses his knowledge from his past life to become a formidable Knight pilot.

As his journey moves forward with lot of things happening here and there political intrigue, battles against dark forces, and forges unlikely alliances, Theo’s determination to revolutionize the art of Knight craftsmanship make him work much more harder and ultimately pushed him towards the pinnacle of power.

The manga is filled with exciting and fabulous mecha battles and a blend of medieval fantasy and futuristic technology, “Knights & Magic” is an epic tale of ambition, resilience, and the boundless potential of human ingenuity.

2. Mezametara Saikyou Soubi To Uchuusen

Mecha Manga

In this manga, we the reader embark on a thrilling journey with Hiroshi, a seemingly ordinary high school student who by chance discovers an extraordinary artifact buried deep within an ancient ruin(which shouldn’t be discovered).

And as it was discovered it my duty to tell you what happened next, so this mysterious relic, known as the Saikyou Soubi, grants him unimaginable powers and reveals his destiny as the chosen pilot of a powerful interstellar spacecraft.

As Hiroshi is experimenting and enjoying his newfound abilities, and as the story moves forward he discover more hidden truth and also started facing the threats from various entitles (cause we all know with great power comes…) such as rival factions, enigmatic aliens, and cosmic threats.


Now, as always the fate of the universe hanging on the hands of, Hiroshi and he must use the full potential of the Saikyou Soubi to protect all that he holds dear and uncover the truth behind his extraordinary legacy.

3. Legend Of Star General

Mecha Manga

Legend of Star General takes place in the mystical realm of Staroria, but now it is time that a legendary warrior known as the Star General rises to protect the balance between light and darkness.

Gifted with extraordinary powers bestowed by the celestial gods, the Star General now has to stand up fight with dark forces lurking and threating to engulf the universe.

But this journey is not all lonely and sad cause he got his allies alongside him not these allies are not just any regular entity they are sorcerer, a fearless warrior princess, and a quirky inventor.

So will the ancient prophecies will come true or will something unexpected will happen . Will the star general able to save this universe or will darkness engulf the universe. Check out this manga to find out how the story will unfold.

4. Beyond The Sky

Mecha Manga

In groundbreaking sci-fi adventure the story unfolds as humanity’s quest for exploration extends beyond the limits of our solar system.

Which is led by a determined crew, which includes a brilliant scientist, nt expected but he is their which is demons and finally a resilient captain and their determination is fueled by the exploration of the unknown.

Their expedition ventures into unknown, shady, territories. To their surprise they soon encounter enigmatic alien civilizations and confront existential questions that challenge their understanding of the universe.

Find out how will the this unique crew will face the unknown challange with constantly changing enviournment and circumstances. And also let me know what do you think about this Mecha Manga.

5. Darling In The Franxx

Mecha Manga

The story of this manga takes place in the post-apocalyptic world, humanity’s last remnants reside in mobile fortress cities, which are designed so to protect from monstrous creatures known as “Parasites.”

Among them, is our protagonist of this story Hiro, a former prodigy, struggles with self-doubt after failing to synchronize with his partner.

And at this time of crisis he met with Zero Two, a mysterious girl with horns, known as the “Partner Killer.”

And this encounter sparks a unique connection, leading them to pilot the powerful Franxx robot together. As their friendship deeps so does their partnership, and their sync increased they speedily started uncover dark secrets about their society and the true nature of their existence.

With their bond as the key, they embark on a journey to challenge fate and discover the truth, shaping their destiny in the process.

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6. Break Blade

Mecha Manga

Rygart Arrow is our protagonist of this manga, and he lives in a world where magic and machinery coexist. And what drive this world is Quartz a core element. Rygart Arrow our protagonist lack this core ability, which drive the civilization of this world.

And to make things worse his homeland is plunged into war, and thus making Rygart’s unique status as a “un-sorcerer” makes him an invaluable asset. And not only this there vaious obstacle that he must overcome like his bond and alliances , Rygart must move through this hard time and must come out victorious.

And just like every other protagonist he has to face formidable foes to protect his loved ones and the future of his nation.

And in between this clash of mighty mechs and ancient powers, this mecha manga not only explores themes of duty, loyalty, but also enduring human spirit in the face of adversity.

7. All You Need Is Kill

Mecha Manga

Are you into manga which revolves around Alien invasion? If Yes, is your answer then this manga might be for you.

This mecha manga is the story about a soldier Keiji Kiriya who finds himself trapped in a time loop after dying in battle. And every time he dies there is a lesson in that death of his which eventually led him to become a better warrior.

And he is suffering from this hardship he got a chance to met Rita Vrataski, a legendary fighter known as the “Full Metal Bitch. But destiny has something else written for them as they both started to get along begin their new journey and try to break this endless cycle of his while turning the tide of war.

As Keiji started to understand the moral implications of his actions and the consequences that he will face by altering fate, and the sacrifice that he has to make in order to achieve victory (And that sacrifice might be the Ultimate sacrifice) which is…

This mecha manga is an amazing tale of redemption, courage, and the resilience which is not only shown by the protagonist but also by the all of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming odds.

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Mecha Manga

You must have atleast heard once about this anime. This is how famous this anime or manga is. The story takes place in the post-apocalyptic world where Angels or monster are threating to cease humanity from existence.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion” is the journey of teenager Shinji Ikari who unwilling takes on a task of driving a giant bio-mechanical weapon called an Evangelion in order to defend against these otherworldly threats.

As the story moves forward, he discover various enemies some are outside and some are internal. And at the same time he also start experiencing various kind of complex relationships with fellow pilots Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Soryu, and father, Gendo Ikari, (who lives very far away from him due to his job) he leads the organization which is overseeing the Evangelion program.

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Check out this dynamic, amazing battel filled mech manga and enjoy the action. Or even better if you are into more into anime than manga then check that out.

9. Pluto

Mecha Manga

The story of Pluto takes place in the distant future, when humanity discovers an anomaly within the Kuiper Belt—a sentient entity also know as “Pluto.”

And as always the countries are trying their best to get their hands on this entity. And we follow a team of scientists led by Dr. Elena Ramirez who is tasked to explore and discover the Pluto’s secrets. But to their surprise their own teammates have their own agenda which not only put their mission at risk but also whole of the humanity.

Amidst this power struggle our protagonist Dr. Ramirez must lead this alliances to thier end goal with make keeping eye on thier enemy. Not to forgot by the entity Pluto they also have to decide what to do with it …

therefore I dont want to spoil anymore enetertainment of you guys. Just hope into the manga and after finishing let me know how was the manga. So we will jump onto the last name which we will be discussing in this Blog of Mecha manga.

10. Kidou Senshi Gundam 0083 Rebellion

Mecha Manga

Kidou Senshi Gundam 0083 Rebellion follows a story after one year devastating war. And now the Earth Federation is on high alert in order to prevent another conflict.

And amidst this devastating period and period of rebuilding phase a faction Zeon remnants launches a rebellion. Which is led by Anavel Gato their target is prototype Gundam unit which is armed with devastating nuclear capabilities.

Our protagonist, Kou Uraki of this story finds himself dragged into this mess. And this rebellion not a small scale rebellion but in fact a super large cosmic level and our protagonist Kou must find a way to prevent this war and restore the peace of the solar system.

Will he able to do it? Well you have to check it out yourself.

A Few Honorable Mentions-

Kurogane No Linebarrel

Kidou Senshi Gundam Msv-R: Johnny Ridden No Kikan

And that is it from this Blog hope you guys enjoyed this Blog as much I did while writing this Blog. And if you did then make sure to leave a comment I would really appriciate it. You can check out my other Blogs to if you did not find manga name sutiable to your taste. Here is one I would suggest to you- Top Best 10 Tomboy Manga Suggestion Just For You!!

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