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Cultivation Manga

Hello guys, I’m here with the list of 39 Cultivation Manga just for you. This manga has OP MC with an amazing storyline. Each storyline is different from others and take my words you will enjoy each one of them.

So, let’s get straight to them

Martial Peak

cultivation manga

The road to Martial Peak is very lonely, solitary and one has to give many years of life.

In times of difficulty one has to stay strong and face the problem that is given to him/her.

And if you follow this path certainly one day you will break through and then again you continue on your journey of becoming the strongest. And High Pavilion tests its disciples in the hardest way so that their disciples can go on this journey of becoming the strongest.

Star Martial God Techniques

cultivation manga

In the world of Star Martial God Techniques, there are a total of twelve paths from which you can climb the Tower of God. And it is said that this path leads to the road to immortality.

But there is a catch that if one wants to follow this he needs determination as the path is long and it is also said that there is no end to this path. Generations of experts of these three paths are searching for the ending in this road of immortality.

Rebirth of the Urban Immortal

cultivation manga

The story of Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Chen Fan, who was a great cultivator but failed to transcend the Tribulation of Heaven: Which is the final stage of his cultivation.

And now he gains consciousness again in the body of his childhood self. And now he starts the journey again, but the thing is he has knowledge of his previous life and starts correcting things that he has done wrong in his previous life.

Versatile Mage

cultivation manga

Next on the list is Versatile Mage and the story follows a young man named Mo Fan, whose ambition is to become the strongest mage in the world.

And to achieve this he is constantly within strong foes in very dangerous situations, and he even tries to fight with enemies whose strength is greater than his.

The manga is very descriptive as it tells you about the element and other things in brief so that the reader can understand the story more clearly.

Yuan Zun

cultivation manga

Yin and Yang are the flow and the heavens and earth are furnaces, whereas else other living things are charcoal. In the manga, Yuan Zun the battle for destiny, luck, and fate begins between the Serpent and Sacred Saint Dragon arises.

So what will be the outcome of this battle, will the Sacred Saint Dragon be the winner or the Serpent takes all?

Now let’s see what the story is all about-

The manga revolves around Yin and Yang which are the source of life in the manga and a single breath can create havoc And the one who possesses the strength has the right to obtain Yin and Yang of the Universe

Check out this cultivation manga to find out whether the serpent swallows the dragon, or will the dragon rise?

Spirit Sword Sovereign

cultivation manga

The story follows a boy who has returned to his youth, and after returning he starts training and cultivating. And as a result, he became a prodigy because of his previous life knowledge and hard work.

Thereafter he went to the Shui Family to ask the hand of the daughter of the family to everyone’s surprise not the strongest girl but the youngest and illegitimate weak daughter.

Then he moves to his next step that is to control his family and befriend Qin Yu Yan( who is a local alchemist from a low family background), Du Yan( an assassin), and Gu Qing Shan who is the governor of the city. And with this, he quickly improved his cultivation level as a political power.

Check out this yet another Cultivation Manga and find out what are his motives and why he came back to his former body?

God Of Martial Art

cultivation manga

This is the story of a world where everything is determined by martial art even respect is earned through martial art. And here is how the strength is determined: the weakest martial artist has the power of 10,000 pounds, and one is capable of cracking boulders. And the one who is a real master of martial art and is strong as hell can cut the river, mountains in half.

And above them are martial kings who are said to be able to travel across the universe. And people live one the formula of strong devours the weak and even the social status is determined by the cultivation of a person.

And this rule of strong re over weak applies to the clans to the strong in the clan is respected and weak is bullied and humiliated.

To unfold this mystery check out the manga

Soul Land

cultivation manga

The Soul Land has 4 different manga with each with a different story. We will talk about Soul Land 1 in this Blog.

The story of Soul Land follows Tang San who is a member of the most prestigious clan Tang Sect. And tang san is the most important disciple of the sect and he was unmatched in the use of hidden weapons. And every member of the Sect believes in his bright future, but still, he still chooses his dream over his life. And this action led to his death.

And now Tang San was born in the world of magic and cultivation where everything is determined by your power levels and your cultivation. The highest power level that one can obtain is 100 and it is said that no one can match its power and is the supreme beginning.

Tang San is born in a family where his father is a blacksmith and his mother has died in an incident.
And soon he becomes the prodigy in this world and with the help of his previous life knowledge he develops a hidden weapon.

Now the thing is that what will he do now check out the Manga to find out.

Heaven Defying Swords

cultivation manga

In order to get his revenge and kill his uncle who was the one to destroy his beautiful life and family. The lad Xuan Tian follows the path of martial arts and starts his training and slowly and steadily he hones his sword art and techniques.

Join him on his journey to become a sword technique god from nothing. And see his transformation. His path and determination take him directly to the limitless heavens!

These are his words ”With one finger, I obliterate all; With my sword, I defy the heavens”

Forty Millennium of Cultivation

cultivation manga

The story of Forty Millennium of Cultivation follows a boy named Li Yao who was born and lived his life in a Special Waste Treatment Plant No. 23 mostly as a child. Though things changed when he saved the life of an old man and in return for saving his life the old man taught him how to refine artifacts and help in forming his dream of becoming a Master Refiner.

And as the old man passed away, he was given a black wing.

Then after he enrolled at Crimson Nimbus and made a friend named Meng Jiang. Check out the manga to know what happens after this?

the immortal swordsman in the reverse world

cultivation manga

The story of an immortal swordsman in the reverse world follows Chu Qing, who is a swordsman by profession and by accident he entered a mysterious place called Fairy REalm and it’s been 300 years since then.

And during these 300 years, he didn’t waste a single moment and started cultivating like crazy. And as reached the Realm of Eternity, he out of nowhere opened the gate of Hall of TIme and space from where he entered the body of his 17-year self.

But what he found was quite surprising; it is not the same earth that he used to live on. There is a gender change or you can say inverse things are happening for instance men are women and women are men in this world.

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Now he sets out on a journey to defeat all the strong women of this world so that he can return to his original world.

Will he succeed in doing so you have to find out for yourself. And tell me your views on what you think of this Cultivation Manga.

Shenwu Tianzun

cultivation manga

This story of Manga follows the person who was once the Supreme God of Physique and was the strongest of all other gods of martial art. And yet he was betrayed by the one whom he considered as his own and most trustworthy person his best friend.

His friend and others formed a plan and excited it almost perfectly to kill me. But one of his soul particles escaped and got inside a boy whose soul left his body due to grievous injury and life has given him another chance. And you guys have to find out whether he will be able to get his revenge or will meet his end again with their hands and what are the difficulties that he will face to reach his former self.

Cultivation Chat Group

cultivation manga

Here is another Cultivation Manga from Legend of the Paladin and it is a Chinese web novel.
The story of Cultivation Chat Group follows Song Shuhang, who is a modern-day school student. And one day by accident he was added to an online chat group where people from all over the world with the same interest talk on the topic which is considered supernatural or myths. Some of the topics that these people talk about are cultivation, tribulation, monsters, and much more.
And as time passed he got interested in their talks and more than that this world is real he started to join the conversation.

The Great Ruler

cultivation manga

The story of this manga takes place in a universe where numerous planes intersect with each other, it is a place where many great clans live and a place where lords assemble.

One after another The Heavenly Sovereigns started to appear from the Lower Planes and they all show their skill and power which others will desire to achieve as they all are on the road to becoming a ruler in this endless world.

And in the territory of the fire kingdom which is ruled by the Fire Lord thousands blaze fire. Other than their Martial Ancestor from whom heaven and earth frighten, The West Heaven Temple, The Northern Desolate Hill from which these are the owner of this world.

This story follows a boy from Northern Spiritual Realm he got from there riding on Nine Netherworld Bird, and he straight dives into the brilliant and diversity of great rulers.

Can he achieve his dream of becoming a great ruler? Check out this cultivation manga to find out.

Spare Me, Great Lord!

cultivation manga

Spare Me, Great Lord!, You might be thinking is it the name of the Manga, or is it just a statement. Well, it is a Manga.

And the story of this manga follows an orphan, named Lu Shu. He is just not a regular orphan, but he is a metahuman that is experiencing changes that are occurring to him, his country, and the world around him during the magical era.

Follow Lu Xiaoyu on his journey to hone his skills and ability with his sister called Lu Xiaoyu. Along their way of becoming strong, they will encounter various supernatural events and obstacles ( even the ones who are the strongest in the nation).

So how will he tackle these obstacles and continue on his journey to join this action-filled manga full of cultivation?

Banished Disciple Counterattack

cultivation manga

The story follows Ye Chen who is a loyal disciple and dedicated his life to guarding the spiritual medicine field for his sect.

But during invasion and fighting with the enemy, the spiritual field was destroyed.

But the loyalty and dedication that he gave to his sect could not save him. The betrayal and the loyalty and love from his peers could not protect him from that.

Because of this, he was shamelessly banished from the sect.

With this feeling of being left alone and lonely, he decided to get stronger and thus he dedicated his life to getting strong with the help of a flame falling from the heavens. And so he starts cultivating and starts fighting strong foes.

So will he succeed in doing so and if so how will he do it check out this cultivating manga to know more about it.

The Heaven’s List

cultivation manga

This is the story of Heaven’s list where everyone, be it, child, a teenager they all want to get there on the list of “The Spiritual Road’s List,” but everyone’s name can’t be on the list; only a few genius and the brilliant disciple can get their name up there.

And our protagonist of this story Jiang Yi is no exception in this case he also wants his name to be on this list.
But it seems that how hard he tries or cultivates, he is still left behind. But his brother Qin Yuan made a list of his abilities and made him assure that he will succeed and that he believes in him.

But there is a mysterious mark on his left arm that his teacher has put on and due to which he has to wear bandages over it. What exactly are these inscriptions and what are their purposes? And what are the dangers that are revolving around him found by checking out this mysterious manga?

The Scholar’s Reincarnation

cultivation manga

This Manga The Scholar’s Reincarnation is yet another Korean fantasy manga which is drawn by Yum Jack and written by Soo Yu Hyun. And the story follows a nameless hero, a red-headed warrior. And is fighting with a group of delinquents that he has grudges against and killing them one by one. And the second thing we see is that this very man was killed by a Buddhist monk in his suicide attempt.

They both knew each other a long time ago, and the last wish of that Buddhist monk was that this red-haired man should find peace.

But soon we see that red-haired man finds himself reborn as the son of Hwang Jung-Woo who is rich as hell and is heir to the vast estate. And though he had everything that one could possibly want he still thinks that whether it is for some greater reason he was born?

And even if he is born then what is that reason check out the Manga to find out.

The Everlasting God of the Sword

cultivation manga

This is the story of a person who was considered The Greatest Talent in all of the Nine Realms.
The protagonist of this Manga begins his journey with swords when he was only 4 years and two months old.

And by the age of seven in the age where children used to play games and enjoy their life, he the Yudao in the Palace of Shangqing. And gives him the title of “The Peerless Genius.” had studied the Ten Thousand Sword Sutra. And when he was 11 years old he fought against

And when he reached the age of 14, he with his Six Forms of the Ancient Sword, surpassed one of the top 10 masters of Sword Zuo Tianxing. And thereafter he received the title of “The First Swordsman of the Abyss.”
Join this adventure of a sword master and how he becomes a legendary Cultivator. And do comment your views on what you think about the story.

I would be very much excited to read your thoughts and opinions.


cultivation manga

Next on the list of Cultivation Manga is Apotheosis. The beginning of the story is quite simple and slow. But eventually, you will find the Manga interesting as I did.

The story of this Manga follows a boy named Luo Zheng who is at the bottom of the clan hierarchy, despite the fact that his family was the one who was the one creating the technique that could defeat an enemy instantly.

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And one day due to the unfair treatment that he received from his clan members and cousins he burns the family records. In this process, the hidden magic infuses Luo Zheng and now he becomes a skilled fighter.
Thereafter he fled from the clan and now he has to learn all about this power and grow strong so that he can save his sister while he is constantly hunted down by his clan.

Check out this story about a boy and how he saves his sister while fighting his family member.

Cultivation Through Science

cultivation manga

Cultivation Through Science follows a Qin Yun who has traveled the world Xianxia and during his journey, he cultivates and becomes a peak master of a sect, with the “Super Master System”.

There was a quote that he always used to say that “If you learn physics, chemistry, and mathematics, then one could travel the world without any fear”.

And as he is a master and is totally a madman regarding exams he takes it way too often, and in his point of view, Immortal Cultivation is also a subject that everyone should know about.

So the students have to take these 9 years of compulsory education, and the only way out is through scientific cultivation.

Spirit Blade Mountain

cultivation manga

The story of Spirit Blade Mountain revolves around The Spirit Blade Sect which was founded in the year 4233.
And they have produced First rated geniuses in

these thousand years. And now is one of the 5 biggest sects in the Ten Thousand Celestial Alliance. And the one who is leading or running this organization currently is, immortal Feng Yin, who is also a member of seven Executive Elders of the Ten Thousand Celestial Alliance, and he has cultivation that is said could even shake the whole world.

But the sect believes in peace and dedicated itself to the peaceful development of the society, and the core value that they believe in is Loyalty, Truthfulness, and being kind to others.

Now they are trying to gather a new generation of talent and Genius. And among them is our protagonist of this story Wang Lu, who has reincarnated to this world from the modern society of the 21st century. He aims to become a peak-level expert.

Life and Death: The Awakening

cultivation manga

This is the story of Hwasan who looks like a weak man and a person that can’t fight in the front line. But he is a person with a brain. He is a peerless genius in terms of tactics and ambush. He has cleared the examination civil servant and that to be twice due to his brilliance and outstanding character.

Other than that he is respected by others due to the fact that he has a close connection with various Kings and top officials.

And his normal daily routine is to read and stay in his room and hone his brain. But one day his action surprised everyone present in the location, he jumped into a fight in order to save the disciple of the HwaSan sect and fought on the frontier.

And now all disciples of HwaSan Sect are being killed indiscriminately; all young and old disciples are being killed. HwaSan revealed his Identity.

And now he seeks revenge by identifying the one mastermind behind this massacre.
So what will he do now? Check out the Manga to find out.

Peerless Martial God

cultivation manga

Peerless Martial God is a story of a man who dies and now is reincarnated into the body of his namesake of another realm. And the name of this boy was Lin Feng.

This was called trash by his clan members and was bullied by everyone.

Join his cultivation journey from being a weak boy to one teaching everyone else about martial arts.
But the question is will he be able to rise above others in his clan, city, empire.

Join him on his journey where turns the world upside down with his knowledge and power. And ultimately become the Peerless Martial God.

The Mount Hua Sect’s Revenge

cultivation manga

This is the story of the 13th disciple of the Mount Hua Sect called Chung Myung.

Now the story shifts towards Plum Blossom Sword Saint, one of the 3 Great Swordsmen who defeated the demon Chun Ma, who has brought Chaos to the world with his power.

And as the battle came to an end Chun Ma was defeated by this Master Swordsman lying on the top of the headquarter mountain of the Heavenly Demon Sect and counting his last breath.

After his death, he was reborn again in the realm of mortal life after 100 years in the body of a normal child.
Check out the Manga to know what happens next and if Mount Sect is still there or it has collapsed.

Only One Sword Reigns Supreme

cultivation manga

The story of Only One Sword Reigns Supreme begins with the elder of a clan fighting with each other so that they could gain the power so that they can exploit a mine. They sent someone so that they can crush his dantin, so that he can become the abandoned son of the Ye family.

But he somehow entered a mysterious tower of the Boundless Hell which was because of the bloody ring of his mother.

And now out of nowhere, he was commanded by a person that he should cultivate the Dao of the sword, which was never cultivated by anyone before. In the meantime, his Ye family abandoned son Ye Xuan: so now he vows to himself that “I must become strong in order to protect my sister and take back everything that was mine.”

And now a mysterious woman appears and says that I will make you the strongest swordsman that the world has ever seen so follow me.

Now you have to find out whether Ye Xuan really became the strongest swordsman with the help of the mysterious women.

Battle in the Heavens

cultivation manga

Next on the list is the Battle in the Heavens. This is a story of a land where magic doesn’t exist and the rules are made by strong and weak who have to obey, this is a story where the land has alluring treasure and mind-boggling nature that one can’t get enough of. And with this beauty, there is a beast or you can say it is a place filled with unforeseen danger.

The protagonist of this story is Xiao Yan, who is a talented one who has shown such brilliance that none has ever seen. But he lost everything he had 3 years ago- his reputation, his promise to his mother, and his power to.

So what was the thing that made this tragedy happen? Is it some kind of sorcery? Check out this manga and find all about Xiao Yan and his story.

Alchemist of Chaos

cultivation manga

The story of Alchemist of Chaos is written by Mars Anime(火星动漫), this manga describes the story of a man named Gu Yun who once was the strongest person alive but out of nowhere loses all his ability because of a mysterious seal that appeared on his hand three years ago, his sect demoted him from one of the strongest members to a person who is ridiculed by everyone in the sect.

But soon he finds out that his abilities are being stolen by none other than God himself so that he can recover an undisclosed event that almost led to his death.

So, God searched all around the world and found Gu as the most suited one so he created a seal to serve as the mechanism which will directly transfer Gu’s power to God.

Now, what will he do? What will be his next step? Check out the Manga to find out.

The Path Of The Shaman

cultivation manga

It was said that if Grim Reaper calls your name three times, then your soul will be taken to the underworld. And this incident happened to Hyeokyeon Mungang. Whose name was called three times by Grim reaper?
But just before he was taken he swallowed the herb of immortality, and to his surprise, he actually survives this incident.

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And when he finally opened his eyes he was surrounded by old dudes.
And now he somehow poised the body of a boy, and the person whose body he possessed was the strongest of the strong and is the head of the Sa Clan, Hyeokyeon Mugang.

Find out what he will do now since he is in the Sa Clan. And do comment your views.

The Northern Blade’s Legend

cultivation manga

It’s been decades since the brave warriors of the Northern Heavenly Sect kept the world safe by fighting against the evil Silent Night.

But the fourth-generation sect leader was accused of helping the Evil Night, and thus resulted in the collapse of the Sect. And now in order to save his child he has to commit suicide.

Now the child is left alone and the name of the child is Moowin because of this he lives a miserable life under the surveillance of others.

But one day he was able to escape as the Silent Night attacked them and he fled to the mountain where no one could find him.

He now trains himself in the fighting techniques of his predecessors. Follow Moonwon on his journey and find out what he will do next.

Douluo Dalu II

cultivation manga

This is not Douluo Dalu 1 it is Douluo Dalu 2 and the writer is also different and the name of the writer is Jueshui Tangmen.
This is the story of a young boy who was considered useless and was mocked by everyone. And after getting fed up from all this he makes a resolution and makes a pledge to himself that he will become spirit master. So will he succeed in this or is he just talking you have to find out by reading this cultivating manga.

Soul Land IV

cultivation manga

Soul Land 4 is different from all other parts of this series and is written by The Ultimate Combat.

Spirit Beast that is almost extinct and Soul Master Join forces and achieve peace. And it’s been almost 10,000 years since the battle of the douluo plane with the Abyss plane ended. The energy that was abundant in the Abyss opened the gate which allowed soul masters and spirit beasts in the Douluo plane to reach knowledge ,ranks and power that were considered as impossible to reach. And with that more secret starts to come in limelight. So what are these secrets? Go find it out.

From here on I have suggested these manga before in my blogs and if you read my blogs regularly then you might skip the list. Just because these manga fall under the category of Cultivation Manga I have to add it.

Tales of Demons and Gods

cultivation manga

This is a tale of Nie Li, who was one of the strongest Demon Spiritist in this previous life and was at the pinnacle of the martial world. However he lost his battle between the sage emperor and him and was thus killed by the six deity ranked beast.

Call it luck or whatever he his soul escaped and was back into his child self. And fate has now given him a chance to change his mistake from previous life. But the problem is he is the weakest student in his class with the lowest talent at only the Red soul realm. Check out this awesome manga with more than 360+ chapters and is still in progress.

Magic Emperor

cultivation manga

This is a story about Zhuo Yifan who was the strongest individual and had a secret book that contained an infinite secret to strength and because of which others framed him and his most trusted person his disciple betrayed him and killed him. Lucky his soul escaped and got into the dead body of a teenager but the problem is he has to fight the people who killed this child and save his mistress from these thugs. But can he do so ? Does he have the power? So what will he be doing in future ? Will he get his revenge ? All the answers to these questions are found in this cultivation manga so check it out.

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

cultivation manga

This is the story of history’s strongest mage who was sealed by demigod’s in an abyss where he lost list count of time and when he finally returned it’s been 4000 years since all his friends and family members were long gone.
All he left with was his memory and this body of a boy whom he wields now. This boy was considered as the Westrod Academy worst student and his family considered him as a disgrace to their name. So what will this hero do and can he get his revenge from Demi- God’s who stole everything from him. Check out this cultivation Manga to know.

Martial Master


Though the art of the manga is not so good but storyline is amazing so it is worth reading. I personally follow this manga.
This is a story of a martial artist who was betrayed by his lover and friend was killed by them. And it’s been hundreds of years since that incident and now he has occupied the body of a boy named Simon. He is an illegitimate child of the royal family who was deceived . But with his previous life’s knowledge . He seeks revenge and wants to destroy those who will disrespect him and his mother. Follow the manga to know more.

Volcanic Age

cultivation manga

Joo Seo-Cheon is given a second chance by life to prevent things that happened in the war that took place long ago and the cost of that war was huge. With this he was given another to redo things in different ways so that he can stand with those heroes whose sacrifice lead to this peace.
After his death he was reborn in his childhood body with knowledge of his previous life. So how will he lead this life? Can he save his teacher and his sect? And will he turn evil as he gains power or will he put an end to war before it even started.

The Descent of the Demonic Master

cultivation manga

This story is quite tricky as protagonist of manga died once and was born in a demonic sect where he reached the pinnacle and after that he was betrayed by his most trusted friend and after that he was reborn again in his previous life before he died and this time he has chance to rescue his family from the accident that took their life and made him disable for life.

When I was first reading this manga I got confused because of this rebirth so I have to read it once again carefully.

This is the story of Gang Jinho who just wants to live a peaceful life with his family and friends but will this world leave him alone and will those martial masters leave him alone when they sense his power. Find answer to all these question by reading this manga,

Reborn 80,000 years

cultivation manga

This is a story of a prodigy and genius who was defeated by a villain and fell accidentally. And when he comes back to his consciousness he finds himself sleeping more than 80,000 years and the world has completely changed. The adopted son already became the strong man of the continent, whereas the wild dog became the supreme demon king. What else has changed since then and what will Yang Chen do now? Read this cultivation manga to know more.

Feel free to comment your views about the list or which manga you going to read or which one you have completed.

I would be more than happy to reply to your comment.

If you like this list, then I think you might also like these-

Few of the manga were taken from MyOtakuWorld

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