Sadistic Anime

I don’t who want this kind of anime but here I’m with a list of 16 sadistic anime. That will definitely make you feel down after watching it. Personally, I don’t like watching these kinds of anime as they make me sad which is not good for my health so I like to avoid these types of anime.

But while searching for the next topic to write on I found out that quite of few of you people love to watch this type of anime and even discuss it. So here I’m with 16 sadistic anime. That will ruin your day and make you feel down all through the day.
Hope you enjoy this list.

And if you like this list or want me to add any other anime to this list then put your valuable comment in the comment section.


Sadistic Anime

The story of Monster follows Kenzou Tenma who is a Japanese surgeon working as a brain surgeon in Germany. He had everything that one wishes for. A perfect carrier ahead, a loving fiancee, money, and whatnot.

But he was disappointed because of the hospital’s politics. And despite being warned by others he does surgery on a young boy who was shot by a mayor in the head. And with this event, his life started to fall apart he lost the support of the director, which eventually leads to losing his job, and to add further he also lost his fiancee.

But soon the director and the doctor who replaced him were murdered. And he was called back but he was also the prime suspect in the murder. To add more to the suspension the boy he saved was not just an ordinary boy he has more to him. Now Tenma has to get to the bottom of everything so that he can clear his name. And find out the Monster behind all these incidents. It is one of the best sadistic anime out there though it is old at the same time, it is gold.

When They Cry

Sadistic Anime

Another sadistic anime. The story follows Maebara Keiichi who has just shifted to a new town Hinamizawa. Now he spends his life blissful with his friends and with his classmates. Until one day he hears news of a murder that occurred in his neighborhood.

This is the point where horrific incidents start happening to Keiichi. And the more he started to notice other things the better he seems to know his friends. He found out there is more them how they look. So what future holds for Keiichi?

Perfect Blue

Sadistic Anime

Well, the title of this anime gives a positive vibe at first look but as for the anime itself, it lacks good vibes. The story of Perfect Blue follows a Pop singer Kirigoe Mima who was looking forward to her future after quitting her group in order to pursue her career in acting.

And soon he lands the role of sexually-charged murder mystery, but with this role, her life starts to fall apart. Reality and hallucination she can’t figure out what it is? Innocence is lost and dreams started to become like nightmares. And while dealing with this dangerous paranoid delusion she stumbles across a website that has described each and every detail of thing that is going to happen in her life.

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So, what is she going to do? And she survives this hell? Check out the anime to find out.

Hellsing Ultimate

Sadistic Anime

At the center of this anime is Hellsing which is a secret organization which is sponsored by the British Government. And it is their duty to protect the people of this country and protect their blissfulness. To maintain this blissfulness they have a perfect and most dangerous weapon which is Alucard a vampire. Which is tremendously powerful. I have covered his power and other detail in one of my blogs.

Though it is not clear how he feels about being a servant to others it is perfectly clear that he loves his job which is vampire exterminator. But soon a threat arise which was thought to be dead fifty years ago.

A group of vampires was secretly planning to do something. So, Hellsing has to do something about this threat which is growing at an alarming rate.

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

At the center of this anime is, Rin Asagi your normal-looking ordinary office lady. But on another hand, he is a private investigator who is willing to take any job be it finding a cat or be it infiltrating any secret organization. She will do it for you but not for free obviously.

But you may ask what makes her so fearless well it is her abilities that she is indestructible, supernatural healing, and mutation. So with her friend Mimi she takes a job to infiltrate and unbury the darkest secrets of society. Can she do it and if she is able to do it then what are these dark secrets and how dark are they?

Black Lagoon

Sadistic Anime

The story is about Okajima Rokuro he is your pul-upon businessman. But one day when he was on a business trip he was kidnap and ransomed by the Lagoon company. He was abandoned by his boss and thus joined the Lagoon company and now he has to work for them this Lagoon Company is a mercenary pirate operating out of the crime-riddled city of Roanapur.

Now he has to face the worst politics of the underworld at the same time he has to survive in this situation with his short-tempered and gun-toting coworker. Can he survive this hell?

Ghost Talker’s Daydream

Sadistic Anime

Saiki Misaki is a unique individual who is able to see ghosts since she was a kid. The story then shifts into her days of adulthood when she is working at an S&M club. And as a kind soul, she in her spare time helps these spirits to realize that they are dead and they don’t belong to this world.

Well, this work might have been easy if not for her background where she comes from and also her perverted employer as well as her loneliness. Join her in this adventure and find out what the future holds for her.

Cossette no Shouzou

Sadistic Anime

Eiri Kurahasi is a Japanese art student who used to work in an antique shop of his uncle. And while working there he came across a pot that contained an image of a girl. And soon his friends realized that he started to become absent-minded and they blamed the girl in that pot. But he gives no concern to them.

And when he realized that his mind was completely filled with this girl who is not even a living thing. He started to look for things about her and soon he discovered things about her. Her was Cossette d’Auvergne and she was murdered with her family. Soon things started to happen around Eiri who was asking him not to leave him and many things started occurring. So how will he deal with this thing?

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Sadistic Anime

I don’t know if this is sadistic anime or not as it was suggested to me by someone. Well apart from that even if it is not sadistic it is still worth it and I’m sure you will not get bored by watching this it is one of the highest-rated anime out there.

The story of Psyco-pass goes like this in the distant future a system is developed which can read one’s emotions and can determine his tendency to do a crime even before it occurs. And to maintain peace and harmony among people a unit is established for this particular cause.

This is Enforcement Division which works in the field and the other one is the Supervision Division which keeps an eye on their colleagues in the Enforcement Division. So, how successful is this system in determining other people’s emotions? And is it 100% corruption free? To find out the answer to these questions

Platinum End

Sadistic Anime

From my perspective, it is a kind of sadistic anime it gives negative vibes whenever I hear its name as all the memory related to this anime comes out.

Well, let’s get to the main topic which is its storyline. The story of this anime follows a young lad Mirai Kakehashi who is your depressed school kid who was getting ready to commit suicide but halfway through his journey to the other world he is rescued by an angel.

And this doesn’t stop there he is now the contender to become a god. And for that purpose the Angel saved him. He with the other 12 contestants has to fight to the death coming for 999days. As the current is old and is fed up with his position he wants to offer the position to young ones. Does Mirai have what it takes to be a god? Find out yourself.

Angel of death

Sadistic Anime

Another sadistic anime. And these anime take place in a single building which is hell in itself. The story of this anime revolves around two psycho characters one wants to die and the other wants to kill they both end up together and now they decide to flee from this hell together. Can they both make it out alive or will their dreams come true? Check out the anime to know more about Zack and Rachel as well as their sadistic side.

Attack On Titan

Sadistic Anime

Attack on Titan is a combination it sometimes gives a vibe of sadism and sometimes it gives a warm feeling but at the end of the anime it takes a sharp turn towards the sadistic type and never comes to the warm side.

The story of AOT follows a young lad name Eren YAger who was having the times of his life with his childhood friend Mikasa, Armin, and his mother. But this happiness came to an end when his village was attacked by a giant-sized titan which was never seen in the history of the paradise island.

This incident took everything from his happy life and his mother. And what left him was his friends. Now with his friend Miakasas and Armin, they decide to join Titan’s extermination squad so that they can root out the main cause who created this mass destruction and destroyed their happy life.

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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Sadistic Anime

The story takes place in America where assassination is a normal thing and it happens almost every day. And behind most of these assassinations is a group called Inferno. And the reason behind this group is so powerful is an assassin named Phantom. It is said that he is nearly invincible and is the leader of this group.

But our protagonist is a normal tourist from Japan. By mistake saw the identity of this Phantom and is now on a chase. But as his luck ran out he was captured and brainwashed and he now has to work under them and do all kinds of dirty work. Can he escape this hell? More importantly, can he survive in this hell without his memory?

Elfen Lied

Sadistic Anime

The story revolves around a species called Dicionii, also called a two-horned human, they are said to be the next human evolution. And as always because of the fear of death humanity captured these Dicinoii and ran various experiments on them.

And among these Dicionii was a young girl who somehow escaped this hell but in this process, she killed many guards. At the same time while escaping she suffered from Amnesia. She was found by Kouta and Yuka who found her floating near Yuigahama of Kamakura city. They gave her the name Nyuu and thus they started living together. But the question is how long they can leave peacefully when the whole organization is in search of her.


Sadistic Anime

I would say this anime has quite a unique storyline. It goes like this beautiful therapist Chiba Atsuko and a genius scientist Tokita Kosaku were working at a psycho-medical Institue. And they were working on a device that they were successful in making. It is a device that let them monitor patients’ dreams and their inner world.

But just when things were working well. Their device was stolen and the one who has stolen this device is terrorizing other people. This is when Chiba decides to get to the bottom of this and find out who is the culprit. So who is this culprit? And what are the other possible thing that can be done with this device?

Death Billiards

Sadistic Anime

What would you do if you were abducted and you can’t even remember how? And all of sudden you were asked to play a game and you have to play it as your life is at stake. How would you relate to this? Let me know in the comment section down below.

Now on to the story of this anime. Two men were abducted and they even don’t remember how they were at this location. And out of nowhere two beautiful arrives and escort them to a small bar. Where encounter a bartender which asks them to play a game.

And they have to play this game irrespective of their choice and they have to play this game as their life is at stake.

And with this, I would like to end this Blog. Hope you like this Blog, if are planning to watch any of this anime then let me know the name in the comment section down below. And if you have any doubt let me know I would more than happy to answer your question.

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