Most Amazing FAQ on Dragon Ball Part-1

As anime community is growing day by day so is Dragon Ball community and with each new member joining they have the question(Most Amazing FAQ on Dragon Ball) that I used to ask when I just started watching anime.

And just like how I got my answer back then I will answer the question most FAQ question here for Dragon Ball though this would be the first part of the series.

And the very first question is very intresting as it ask “Are there any anime/manga artists inspired by Akira Toriyama?”

Most Amazing FAQ on Dragon Ball

Are there any anime/manga artists inspired by Akira Toriyama?

And answer to these question is simply Yes. He has not only inspired one or two but many many artist some have publicly acknowledge the fact and these are not the your regular manga writer but these are some of the Big names in the industry.

First one among them is Eiichiro Oda those of you who don’t know him let me tell you he the creator of One Piece world an anime which is running from 1999- To till date.

He has cited that Akira Toriyama had an massive influence on him and his generation of writer he has also stated that how important of a role he played in shaping the anime and manga industry which used to get mocked in his day he changed people narrative.

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Even though Eiichiro Oda has a different Art style than Toriyama’s, He inherited his he adventurous spirit and whimsical character designs in One Piece bear resemblance to Toriyama’s work.

Second would be Masashi Kishimoto famously know for his work Naruto he just like ODA has cited how much of influence he had over him and can be seen in the theme of the Naruto anime which is both series share themes of friendship, perseverance, and epic battles.

Third, and final I would like to talk about Tite Kubo the creator of Bleach and Yoshihiro Togashi creator of Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter they both have cited in many interviews that Toriyama played an important role in their life to as he has inspired them in many ways.

He inspired Kubo in creating dynamic action scenes and memorable character designs. And as for Togashi his his storytelling and character-driven narratives show similarities to Toriyama’s approach.

On that note here is a suggestion for you as I have created a FAQ on Nartuo if you are intrested in check it out- Most Amazing FAQ On Naruto Part-1 – AY

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