Anime With The Best Plot Twists

Hey, anime fans!! Are you looking for anime with the greatest plot twist ever than tension not as I’m here with that exact list? Here in this blog, I have suggested 10 different anime that has mind-blowing plot twist here and there in the series.

Before we move on the list I would like you to let me know that I have tried to hide as much information so that if you decide to watch the anime after reading this blog. You don’t have to feel like I know the story of what might happen.

And if you know any better plot twist than I have mentioned here then feel free to comment and let me know. I would love to read them.


Anime With The Best Plot Twists

Naruto is a series that follows a young lad who is a ninja and wants to become a Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. He gives his all even though he is treated as an outcast by others.

This series in whole is full of plot twists from beginning to end. From the backstory of Itachi to the one pulling the string for the whole series.

Believe me, this anime is full of plot twists. One moment you will predict that this might happen next and then boom something else happen.

At some point in the Naruto Sipuddien, you will feel like you don’t even know who is being controlled by whom and what will happen next. If you don’t believe me check out the series and if you have watched the anime and still disagree with me then let me know in the comment section down below.

One Piece

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

One Piece is an anime that stands to its name why you may ask? Because the storyline is such that it will make you think how can this happen? And you will come down to two conclusions either everything was planned from the beginning or it is truly a masterpiece because everything that happens in the future is connected to past actions.

Whichever you consider it truly stands to its name One Piece. I will provide proof, for instance, that the death of a certain character in Marin Ford Arc is itself a plot twist, and to make it more mindblowing it is directly connected to people in Wano Arc. His death led to certain character development which was necessary for this Arc.

And this is just one instance that I’m sharing with you guys this whole anime is like this I don’t want to spoil it any further by giving more examples. If you have already watched the anime then you might agree with me.

Code Geass

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

Another top-rated anime in which it would be hard to predict what comes next. It is the story of a country called Britania( Japan) which is going through a lot and I really mean a lot. And among its citizen is Lelouche.

Lelouche wants to change things and thus sets on the journey to claim the whole of Japan. But at the end of season 1, he was almost there but the writer had something else in mind thus we met with the best plot twist that an anime can provide.

And there are many other instants but the one that I’m going to share might be the best plot twist.

It is like this certain someone raised a huge army but to his surprise, some played UNO reverse card on them they turn against the one who raised them. I don’t think there might be any better plot twist in the whole series.


Anime With The Best Plot Twists

Bleach is full of plot twist and I really mean it every arc is so different from the other and which make it even hard to predict who will appear from where.

And I would like to share one of that instant. But before that, I would like to give to little bit context of to the story.

The story of Bleach follows Kurosaki Ichigo who is a 15-year-old teenager. Though he normal high school student he can see undead/ghosts/spirits. And because of that, he was dragged into an event in which he shouldn’t be present.

And eventually, he became a shinigami or a member of soul society. This is where the person present and whose betrayal almost shook the whole society. At first glance, he would seem to be a kind and normal person but h so cunning that he hit hard society and ran away.

And if you know the name of that person then feel free to comment your opinion whether you agree or disagree with me.

Fairy Tail

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

Fairy Tail is an anime that follows a young lad Natsu and his fairy tail guild who are magicians. And our protagonist of this story is a fire-type magic user. His goal was to make his guild no.1 and protect them from any kind of danger.

As they were the people who took him in when he needed them. But his life started changing after he meets lucy a 16-year-old girl, who wants to become a full-fledged mage.

Ya I know you are not here for this but still, I have to give you the context. And the plot twist that made me say wow, Was when I found out the final boss of the series brother is the one whom we were following throughout the series. Can you guess his name? Let me know in the comment section down below.

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Here are many other instants but this was the most amazing among others.

Assassination Classroom

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

The story of Assassination Classroom revolves around an Octopus-like creature who gave the threat to destroy the earth if he was not killed. But by looking at him you will understand he is impossible to kill.

And thus he gave a chance to humanity by raising students to assassinate him. The anime is full of comedy and action. But the plot twist that got me was when I found out the identity of the Octopus-like creature and even about his lover. And another twist came when we discover that Kuro- Sensei(Octopus-like creature) didn’t destroy the moon.

Then who could it be? If you haven’t seen the anime then check out the anime and find out.

The Promised Neverland

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

From the beginning, it has a plot twist. And this pot twist might be a nightmare for the children(anime characters) as well as the ones watching it.

If you didn’t get what I said then tension is not what I am here to explain. The story follows orphans of Grace Field House. Who are living their best life they were given everything love, family, and lots of playing time.

And if they grow up families adopt them so they thought. Until this illusion of there breaks when two top-scoring students discover the dark truth that was hidden from them. The truth is they are livestock kept to feed demons. And students who are said to have been adopted were fed to them.

Many other plot twists came like one of the students was secretly keeping an eye on other students. There are many other plot twists but they will ruin the whole anime so.

Your Name


Your Name is one of the few romantic anime that I have watched and I have totally loved it. Be it its story or its animation I was totally in for this anime movie.
The story goes like this a comet has fallen first time in thousand years in Japan. The story follows two high school students. One wants to live in the city and the other wants to live in the countryside. And then an unimaginable miracle happens that is they both switch bodies.

And later it is revealed that they both were living in a different timeline. This was completely unimaginable to me. And to add more shock it is revealed later that Mitsuha along with her countryside people were wiped out when the comet strike them.

And when Taki realizes this he decides to change this and save his lover. Another plot twist happens at the end if you know it then it is good but if you don’t know then I would not tell as it will ruin everything.

Attack on Titan

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

Here is my thought about this anime. Overall anime is amazing. I would even put it in the list of top 10 anime of all time. But the ending of this anime(according to manga) is the worst I totally hate it. Though this is my personal opinion. You might have a different opinion.

The story begins with a huge and i mean really huge titan destroying the only hope of humanity the great wall. Which was protecting the humanity which was stuck there. Outside that wall were hordes of titans that devour humans.

And one of the first victims of this incident was our protagonist Eren Yager. He lost his mother in the incident and thus decide to join Survey Corps whose duty was to kill and defend the wall.

For me, the greatest plot twist came when it was revealed that it was Eren from the beginning who has decided everything and I really mean everything the whole story. The only words that I had that was WHATTTTTT!!!!!.

Your Lie In April

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

This anime Your Lie In April and 5 centimeters per second are the reason why I quit watching romantic anime. I really this kind of ending and almost every anime has this type of ending. I know that every time there can’t be a happy ending still it is anime you can make it a happy ending. I’m here to watch anime and have some happy time but these right here make me almost cry.

The story of Your Lie In April follows a child prodigy Arima Kousei who has lost his ability to play piano due to the death of his mother. And since then he had been having trauma when he tries to play the piano.
Until one day he met Miyazono Kawori and things started changing for them and he again started playing piano for her. And everything seems to be good and I also started getting attached to characters( which was my worst mistake)and then happen the unexpected someone very very important died…


Anime With The Best Plot Twists

This classic thriller anime gives vibes to western TV shows but it is actually better than them. Why? Because of its amazing plot twists that keep you so engaged that you just ask for more of it.

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The story of Monster follows Jenzou Tenma a Japanese brain surgeon currently living in Germany, he had it all that one could ask for. Money, a rich and beautiful fiance, and a bright future.

But fate played a game with him. As when he saved a mysterious boy things started to fall apart one after another.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

Jojo series is one of the most popular anime series. And what made it so popular was its new way of fighting in every other episode and the amazing plot twist.

But one thing that I personally hate about this series was the change of protagonist. I really hate these kinds of things. But if you can overlook this then it’s an amazing anime.

Jojo Bizzare’s adventure revolves around two brothers Jotaro and Dio. These two are fighting to kill each other.

The thing that surprised me the most was when Jotaro and Dio fought using time-wrapping, in Though every other episode they fight using new power such as Hamon’s magic or invisible creature connection but this time warping was particular was amazing.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most criticized, popular, and overanalyzed anime. The story of Neon Genesis Evangelion follows Shinji Ikari who was summoned by his father to the city of Neo Tokyo-3.

And he was forced to become a pilot of a giant robot by the name EVA01 and using it he was given a mission to protect humanity.

But the part that amazed me was when we found out that there are many Ayanami. And if one’s die in action they can be replaced by other. And these Ayanamis were made by mixing the DNA of Yue, Shinji’s mother.

Death Note

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

Death Note without a doubt is one of the greatest series out there. If you haven’t watched it already what are you waiting for just die in and I guarantee you that you will love it.

Yagami Light the protagonist of this anime is one of the smartest anime protagonists and one day he out of nowhere found a notebook. The word “Death Note” was written on it.

Basically, it gives the user to kill anyone if he knows his name and face. Thus Light decider to exterminate the criminals of this world.

But the antagonist of this anime L decides to catch Light red-handed. And the biggest twist comes when he was just a second away from catching him red-handed. And he would have done it if there was another shinigami at that time.

Though there are many other plot twists out there in this series I personally like this one.

School Days

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

In this one, I will not explain the scene because it will basically tell everything about the ending of the anime. And which will ruin all the fun.

Our protagonist Makoto is a high school student who goes to school by train every single day. And in his second term, a girl caught his eye, and fortunately, she also travel on his train every single day. But he can’t talk to him. And now he is on a mission to somehow talk to her.

Though the anime is full of energy and romance at the beginning the biggest plot twist comes at the ending of the anime as it takes a sharp turn on the dark path.

Dragon Ball

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

If you grew up watching DBZ just like me then you might agree with me that at times the pressure we felt when CELL destroyed everyone was on another level.

For those who are not familiar with Dragon Ball, here is a quick summary. The story of DBZ follows a child Goku who was sent to earth by an alien species called Sayan. He was picked by a master who later become his guardian and teacher.

But what made him unique was his body, mind, and heart. He has a strangely strong body for a child, and with that, he was dumb too, but also was a kind-hearted fellow.

Here is my personal favorite plot twist from the Dragon Ball Super series. The introduction of the biggest villain of this series and the one who lead to the destruction of the earth. Was Black Goku. And the second biggest thing that caught me off guard was the introduction of God Of Gods Zeno-Sama.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

Just like the novel “The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho” this one is well-written anime. The protagonist of The Alchemist as well as the protagonist of this anime Fullmetal Alchemist Edward learns important life lessons the hard way. And not only does this teach the protagonist but the viewers also as these principles and rules are applied to our lives also.

And this is why I love this anime. Our protagonist of this series Edward Elric and this brother try to revive their dead mother through Alchemy. But the cost they paid was way too high. Elric lost his arms and legs, his brother lost his whole body and somehow Elric put the soul of his brother in metal armor. And the thing they revived they can’t even call her mother.

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But this is not the plot twist. It is said that with the help of the Philosopher’s Stone one can restore their body thus they set on a journey to find one. But when they find out how Philosopher’s Stone is made their whole world was turned upside.

The Philosopher’s Stone was made by sacrificing many humans. To add fire to the fuel they also found that the whole nation is built as one big human sacrifice to make a Philosopher’s Stone.


Anime With The Best Plot Twists

In the distant future humanity developed a system that can measure a person’s emotions, desires, and every inclination. And with this, the system got the ability to determine when a person might commit a crime and stop it before it happens.

The story revolves around a team of policemen who are trained to maintain public order and they were called as Enforcement Division. They are responsible for the apprehension of criminals and the second branch is called Supervisory Division, This division keeps an eye on its colleagues in the Enforcement Division.

The greatest plot twist in the series was delivered that the whole system in which humanity believed blindly was corrupt. And in what sense it was corrupt you have to check other anime to find out.

Kill la Kill

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

The story of Kill La Kill takes place in a high school where students possess uniform which gives them the ability and unique powers, the student council president Kiryuuin Satsuki is the one who is top amount all the children in the school and she rule the school by force.

But things started changing after the transfer student came to the school she revolted against her. Her name is Matoi Ryuuko she is there to find the one who is behind the murder of her father.

It is revealed later that both Kiryuuin Satsuki and Matoi Ryuuko were sisters all along. But a more shocking fact was revealed that their r mother was the main culprit and the antagonist of the series.


Anime With The Best Plot Twists

Yet another great series with amazing plot twists. Two main plots twist in this anime I like the most. But before that, I will like to give a quick recap of the anime.

Tatsumi is a fighter who sets on a journey to make money in the capital. And his motives were to help his poverty-stricken village. And before him, two other friends of his went to the capital to make money.

But as soon as he reached the capital he finds himself in a difficult situation and he was helped by a novel lady. But later it is revealed that this novel lady is a psycho and loves to torture and kill the poor people that come with dreams in the capital. And she is the one who killed Tatsumi’s friend and was planning the same thing for Tatsumi. And the second great plot twist was at the end of the series which broke the anime code.

That is a protagonist of the series never dies.

Steins; Gate

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

The story of Stein; Gates revolves around a group who are working on a project called a time machine. And our protagonist of this anime Okabe Rintaro is referred to as a mad scientist by others. And he and his friends somehow discover a time machine.

But at the same time, an organization called SERN which is also working on the same project found out about them. And now Okabe and his friends are on run. They have to do something about them.

And the best thing is the spy which leaked the information about their discovery is among them or even leave close to them. I will not reveal the name as it will ruin all the fun.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

The story of Jujutus No Kaisen follows a normal high schooler who is not so normal in any sense. His name is Isadora Yuuji he lives with his only family member his grandfather who is also on his death bed.

Through a series of incidents, he finds himself against demons who feed themselves on humans. And to save his friends he dives in. And this is the part from where his new life begins. The plot twist might not be that great of a plot twist to us but to the characters of Jujutsu No Kaisen, it was really a shock. Why I’m saying this is because it is revealed to us early than others.

The twist is that Itadori dies in an incident. So, we thought so but he has revived again but someone who lives inside him.

Here is my personal Favorite Anime With Best Plot Twists-

Anime With The Best Plot Twists

You might be wondering how I ranked them. Well, firstly I decide whether it has a great storyline or not. And the second reason could be my personal attachment to the characters. Your opinion might differ,

With this, I would like to end this list of Anime With The Best Plot Twists. I will add 13 more anime to this list so stay tuned. Till then you can enjoy other blogs on my website.

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