Should I Watch Boruto

Are you looking for the reason why you should watch Boruto? After the immense hatred, Boruto got from its Naruto audience its reputation is kind of evil. So if you are looking for reasons which can make you believe it is worth investing your time, here are a few of them.

In this Blog, I have included some reviews of people from Reddit and Quora and some of my own thoughts are included. Hope you enjoy it.

Watch with a thought as you are watching a new anime-

Should I Watch Boruto
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A viewer named Adorebelaa made a good point regarding the anime. Which I think is important to know before you watch the anime.

He suggests that you should go with the mindset of watching a whole new anime. As we all know it is now a peaceful time. So, everything would be completely different from Naruto. Each and every situation will be different. So, you can’t expect as much intensity from Boruto from the beginning as we got from Naruto.

And another thing he added is that he is watching this anime from the perspective that he knows at the end Borutop is going to lose everything which is completely opposite of Naruto who had nothing and eventually earned everything slowly and steadily.

Watch until the original Creator was involved-

Should I Watch Boruto
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Another Reddit user soalone34 justice that you should watch Naruto The Last Movie, The day when Naruto became Hokage OVA ( As we were waiting for this day eagerly), Boruto Episode 17-24, and lastly Boruto The Movie. As these were the parts where Kishimoto was majorly involved in the anime later he was replaced by someone else.

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Data Speaks Different Things-

Should I Watch Boruto

Well, you might be hearing mostly bad things about Boruto. But the data speaks totally different things it shows positive signs. It continues to be on the popular list of anime streaming websites be it an Original provider or it pirated website.

So, this clearly shows that there must be something going on in the anime that kept them hooked in the anime. And it is not like it recently on the wall since its release. So, now it is up to you to whether go with data or with the things that you are hearing on the internet.

High-Quality Taijutsu-

Should I Watch Boruto
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This is one you should consider before diving right into the anime. I used to really enjoy the Taijutsu of the anime whosoever fights it is in Naruto they have good and high-quality Taijutsu
And that is one of the things that made naruto what it is today.

And so the same thing you can say about Boruto. If you want to enjoy High Quality and expert-level Taijutsu then go for it. You would not be disappointed at all.

For Nostalgia-

Should I Watch Boruto
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And this brings me to on my another important that I think you might consider before watching the anime. That is Nostalgia if you are like me who has long finished Naruto and got a little bit emotionally attached to it.

Then you can watch Boruto as it has all the Naruto characters in their adulthood and they all have their proper screen time. You should consider it if you want to recall some memories and don’t want to watch Naruto again as it will take a long time to build up again. Then you can consider Boruto.

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And this point leads to my next heading that is.

Naruto And Sasuke

Should I Watch Boruto
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As I got a little bit emotionally attached to all the anime. I started watching anime all because I want to see how well these characters Naruto and Sasuke will turn. And as they didn’t have many fights together as a team. Boruto fills that as they team up more than often in Boruto which makes me more than happy.

As all kind of emotions emerges when I see them together and I’m not saying this all for writing’s sake I really mean all this. And if you are one who is like me then you should get into it and enjoy that part at least.

Filler Alert-

Should I Watch Boruto
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Here is a review from Boruto viewer Stevie Taylor ( Quora). According to him, you should Boruto till the end of the Momoshiki Arc. He said Yes he expects a filler( As we have all gone through that in Naruto) episode but for at most 10-15. The Momoshiki Arc ended on the 66th episode. And from there on for the whole 53 episodes that whole year went with fillers.

So, now it is up to you where you have to watch the anime.

And now I think you got a rough idea of what you want to do. These are some of the reviews of people and mine included which I thought would be more than enough to give you a rough idea about Boruto. Hopefully, you decide to watch the franchise.

Until next time you can check out other Blogs on this website.

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