School Fighting Manhwa

School Fighting Manhwa

Are you looking for some awesome Korean School Fighting Manhwa? Then you are at the right place I have selected 27 such Manhwa for you which are unique on their own self and are quite a good read.

hope you enjoy this list and if you do. Then make sure to leave a comment. That really helps me to write such content. So let’s straight get to them.

Superhuman Era

School Fighting Manhwa

This Manhwa takes place in modern times when Unknown monsters suddenly invaded earth. And humanity faced a threat of complete annihilation. And when humans are on brink of collapse. Superhumans appeared they are normal-looking humans but with superhuman capabilities which one only dreamed about.

And these individuals came together and fought against these Unknown monsters. And finally, when everything became normal people learned to coexist with these monsters. This is where the story of this manhwa begins. And with this begins the Era of Superhuman!!

Academy’S Undercover Professor


Next on the list of School Fighting Manhwa is Academy’S Undercover Professor. This time the focus is on the professor rather than the student. This is a story of a man who was transmigrated into a novel. And became a prodigy there but due to some reason he is on a chase and thus ends up in an Academy as a professor.

Now he has to keep his identity a secret but also has to preserve it from the perusers who are on his tail. If all this problem is not enough then he has to fight all the dangers that appeared in the Acedmy while saving his student and as well as teaching them. How will he do these things? Check out this amazing school fighting Manhwa.

The Novel’S Extra


I don’t know if this is still releasing or not I read it when it was being released on Asurascans. It had a few things that I didn’t like such as instead of using some magic or a sword as a weapon the protagonist choose a gun as his main weapon. But apart from this everything is cool from my side.

The story of The Novel’S Extra is yet another transmigration Manhwa based on school fighting. The protagonist of the story was the original writer of the story but somehow ended up coming in his own novel, Now he has to end this novel and get back to his own world. He can change a few things here and there as he was the original writer of the story but can he survive in this world of magic with his gun? Well, check out this School Fighting Manhwa to know more.

God Of Blackfield


The story takes place in modern times, But even though it doesn’t have any magic or thing like that it is quite good on its own term. The story follows a living legend who soon gone die though. Kang Chan was a French Foreign Legion! During the African war, at that time he was called the God Of Backfield.

And after hearing this name the enemy surrenders themselves. But during an operation, he and his party were ambushed by some enemies and with that, he was also betrayed by a few of his comrades, And thus ended up dying. Now he finds himself in the body of a young lad who has committed suicide. Now he wants to take revenge. Can he get it?

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special


The story of A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special follows a man named Desire Arman, Who was fighting against the shadow world and other entities. But he and his party were completely destroyed but they have one trump card which is Desire Arman is sent back in time.

And now it is his responsibility to gather all the party members and make them strong enough to deal with the threat lurking over their heads. And can he get past the limit or will he be stuck with his old self who has 0 talent for magic or a martial art?

And if he wants to change the future what are the things that he must do this time around? Well, find out all about his adventure in this school fighting manhwa. This Manhwa has more than 215+ chapters. So tighten up your back and get ready for a whole new adventure.

Mercenary Enrollment


Yet another modern-day-based Manhwa. This manhwa doesn’t have any magic or things like that but the fighting scene is really good and the storyline is also fine.

The story follows a young lad Yu Lijin who looks young just by his face. By experience, he might look like a war veteran. Yu Lijin who caught in a plane crash with his family and he survived somehow. And spend 10 years of his life as a Mercenary. And now after 10 years, he came to know that his sister also survived the plane crash and is currently living with their grandfather.

So, he faked his death and left the organization to live his new life as a student. But will his past leave him alone? Or will they chase them to the end of the earth? For that, you have to check out his Manhwa and find out the answer yourself.

Quest Supremacy


Kim SooHyun is your normal high school boy who is weak as hell and used to get bullied by his peers. He never exiled at anything be it studies, sports or it looks like he sucks all of these. And thus never had a group of his own. And thus used to get bullied every day.

And suddenly one day he finds a screen infront of his eyes which was giving him a quest that he has to fulfill if not then heavy punishment will be given. And thus a whole new life for Kim SooHyun begins. A journey of a weak useless boy to a become man of his dream.

Reality Quest


Most of us have a dream to play games as much as we want. But what will happen if you were forced to play games and now you hate games even though you are extremely good at them? This is the story of Ha Do-wan who is your normal high school Korean manhwa who is getting bullied by his classmates.

And not in the normal way, he is forced to play games and has to make them reach certain leagues that they wished for. And thus with this extreme play hour and pressure, The dies. But what is this why I’m in my class and what is this scream infront of my eyes? And why he is asking to do something this dangerous? These were his words. So what will happen now will he die just like he died or will he come out of this shit hole.

Get Schooled


This is kind of depressing to me. I read almost 70-80 chapters of this manhwa and after reading the constant bullying story it kind of felt like dressing so I put it on a halt. hope fully I will resume it in the future.

Just like Academy’S Undercover Professor, this story focuses on the professor rather than on a particular student. The theme is about the Korean education system and how the constant bullying culture is growing and now even teachers are not safe from this vulgar culture.

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Thus an education council is set up and one leading them is Hwajin Na who has his own dark backstory, And after hearing his story I felt this much pain is enough, And thus I put it on halt.
But apart from this Manhwa has quite a good amount of action scenes and the storyline is dark but is good enough to read. So, I would suggest you this one to read.

The Breaker


This is not a manhwa but it is a manga it is good enough to be on this list even though it is about manhwa. This manga has two parts each one of quite a lot of chapters approx 200+ in both.

And the story of The Breaker follows Shioon who is a high school student who is constantly getting bullied by his peers and that to be in an extreme level. And one day he witnessed something that he can’t believe that is possible.

He witnessed Chun-Woo who was his new English teacher fight. And this fight is not your normal human quarrel instead, it was one-sided domination, And now Shinoo requests him to teach him. But Chun-woo doesn’t teach everyone one should have one quality that he is looking for.

And for that Shinoo have to jump from the bridge into the river. So will he survive this jump and most importantly will he be able to survive this teaching as he is being taught by the one who is best in this world of martial art? To know more about it check out this School Fighting Manhwa.

Weak Hero


If you want a perfect example of “Don’t judge a book by its cover” then this Manhwa fits in this category perfectly.

This is the story of weak looking clumsy kid who just transferred to a school. And by appearance, he is the perfect target for the bullies his grey hair, dead-like eye, and skinny body makes him the perfect candidate for getting bullied.

But soon the bullies realize that they were wrong this time. And not just wrong but they provoked the worst enemy they should have provoked. Why you ask well because of the thing he believes in that he will pay back twice the amount he received. For to achieve his goal he not just focuses on his martial skill but his big grey matter too.

Unholy Blood


Not one of my types as the lead is a female character. You can call me a misogynist or whatever but it is what it is. But it has quite a high rating so I’m suggesting this to you guys to enjoy it.

This is the story of a vampire girl who lost her chance to live a normal which she was dying for. As Hayan came across a situation where she have to reveal her power and fight against a merciless hunter who took over the world 10 years ago.

She with the help of the local police force to face this challenge and save her loved ones.



This is also not a Manhwa but it is so good that I have to include this manga in this list, This manga has its own anime under the same name you can check it out for a better experience.

This is a story of a man who is the strongest among the strongest species in this world. You can say they are the Gods of this world. After many many years later he comes back into the world of living not as a ruler but as a normal high school student.

But as a higher being has arrived in this normal world will he be able to live peacefully? Check out this manga to find out the answer.



This is story is the best example of what the loss of a loved one can do to a person. And especially if one is your blood relative.

The story takes place right after Kang Hu’s death. Who died due to constant bullying by the other. And after one year his little brother decides to join the school again. But he has something else in his mind. Does he seek revenge? Or does he wants to completely destroy the delinquent system? Check out the manhwa to know more about it.

Duty After School


Duty After School is another School Fighting Manhwa. Which is a little different at the beginning but joins the line of the normal manhwa after a while.

One certain day strange creatures started appearing out of the sky. And they are not angels for sure as they are creating havoc all over the world, And Korea is facing an existential crisis as they have very little military power in hand.

And thus high school students are required to join the army and help out the military, So how will these teens make changes will Korea survive? Or will it be wiped out of the Map? Check out the manhwa to know more.

Study Group


The central character of this story is Gamin Yoon, a 17-year-old student, who somehow ends up in a school that is famous for harboring future criminals. And now he has been stuck here a place full of delinquents. Where only the strong survive and the weak get devoured by others.

And Gamin Yoon wants to join a University by the end of 4 years. But the question will he be able to acquire good grades in this environment or will he even be able to study? The second question is will survive and whether will others let him be as he is or if will he be included in a meaningless fight and end up being sucked up in a loop. Well to get answers to all these questions you have to check out this School Fighting Manhwa.



The story of a young girl named Myo Un, who has the ability to communicate with spirits. She lives in a world where people with magical powers are oppressed and hunted by the government, and Myo Un must hide her abilities in order to survive.

One day, Myo Un encounters a mysterious man named Raven, who possesses incredible powers and a dark past. Together, they set out on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth about Raven’s origins and the true nature of Myo Un’s powers.

As they travel, Myo Un and Raven encounter other people with magical abilities, some of whom are allies and some of whom are enemies. Along the way, they must navigate political intrigue, battles with powerful enemies, and the difficult task of learning to trust one another.

As the story unfolds, Myo Un and Raven discover that their fates are intertwined and that their actions will have a major impact on the future of their world. With stunning artwork and a compelling storyline, “Nevermore” is a must-read for fans of fantasy and action comics.

Hanlim Gym


The story of a high school student named Min Jun who dreams of becoming a professional mixed martial artist. However, Min Jun’s father disapproves of his son’s aspirations and forbids him from training in martial arts.

Determined to pursue his dream, Min Jun enrolls in the prestigious Hanlim Gym, a martial arts school known for producing top-level fighters. Despite facing challenges and obstacles from his classmates, Min Jun trains tirelessly under the guidance of his tough but fair coach, Goo Hae.

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As Min Jun hones his skills and competes in various tournaments, he begins to develop rivalries with other fighters, including the talented but arrogant Kang Bae and the mysterious, enigmatic Won Tae. Along the way, Min Jun also grapples with personal issues, such as his strained relationship with his father and his growing feelings for his fellow fighter, Yoo Jin.

Through intense training and thrilling fights, “Hanlim Gyma” explores themes of ambition, perseverance, and the power of friendship. With dynamic artwork and exciting action scenes, this manhwa is a must-read for fans of sports manga and martial arts stories.



Another School Fighting Manhwa -“Pounding” is a webtoon series written by Jong-Kyu Lee that follows the story of Kang Shi Hyun, a high school student who dreams of becoming a professional boxer. However, his family and friends discourage him from pursuing this path, as they believe it is too dangerous and impractical.

Despite their objections, Shi Hyun remains determined to achieve his goal and begins to train rigorously, even joining a local gym where he meets other boxers and trainers. Along the way, he faces various obstacles and setbacks, including injuries, personal conflicts, and financial difficulties.

As Shi Hyun’s skills improve, he attracts the attention of powerful figures in the boxing world, including a talented but ruthless coach named Jang Joon Sung. With Joon Sung’s help, Shi Hyun begins to participate in professional boxing matches and rise through the ranks.

However, as he becomes more successful, Shi Hyun realizes that the world of professional boxing is not as glamorous as he once thought. He must navigate corruption, betrayal, and personal demons in order to achieve his dream and become a true champion.

With gripping storytelling and dynamic artwork, “Pounding” explores themes of perseverance, determination, and the human spirit’s ability to overcome adversity. It is a must-read for fans of sports dramas and action-packed webtoons.

The Villain


The Villain follows the story of Kang Han Soo, a man who is mysteriously transported into a fantasy world and discovers that he has been reincarnated as the villain of a popular novel.

In the novel, Kang Han Soo’s character is portrayed as a ruthless and evil mastermind who brings destruction and chaos to the world. However, Han Soo is determined to change his fate and become a hero instead.

With his knowledge of the novel’s plot and characters, Han Soo sets out to rewrite the story and prevent the tragic events from occurring. He befriends the novel’s protagonist, Lee Jin Woo, and together they work to stop the real villains and save the world.

As Han Soo navigates this new world, he must confront his own past and deal with the consequences of his actions. He also discovers that his presence in the world has unexpected effects on the people around him, including the characters he once considered his enemies.

With engaging storytelling and stunning artwork, “The Villain” is a must-read for fans of fantasy, adventure, and redemption stories. It explores themes of self-discovery, second chances, and the power of redemption in a world where good and evil are not always what they seem.



“Polarity” is a captivating manhwa series it focuses on school fighting and the story follows the Soohyun, a high school student who discovers that she has the power to control electromagnetism. Her powers are rare and dangerous, and she must learn to control them while keeping her abilities a secret from the people around her.

As Soohyun struggles to come to terms with her powers, she meets a mysterious and enigmatic boy named Narae. Narae also possesses powerful abilities, and he helps Soohyun understand the true nature of her powers and how to use them effectively.

Together, Soohyun and Narae embark on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth about their powers and the organization that seeks to exploit them for their own purposes. Along the way, they must fight powerful enemies and navigate complex political and social dynamics in order to protect themselves and those they care about.

As the story unfolds, Soohyun and Narae begin to uncover secrets about their past and their connection to each other. They must confront their own inner demons and personal conflicts as they work to save the world from those who seek to control it.

With stunning artwork and an intricate plot, “Polarity” is a must-read for fans of action-packed comics and compelling storytelling.

Love In The Mask


A teenage girl named Hyun-bin lives a double life as a high school student and a masked vigilante known as “The Phantom.” Hyun-bin’s parents were killed in front of her when she was young, and she was forced to go into hiding to avoid being targeted by the same people who killed her parents.

As The Phantom, Hyun-bin fights against a secret organization called “The Company,” which is responsible for her parent’s deaths and engages in various illegal activities. However, her vigilante activities put her in danger and threaten to expose her true identity.

Meanwhile, at school, Hyun-bin struggles to maintain a normal life and keep her two identities separate. She becomes involved in a love triangle with two boys, Eun-ha and Ji-soo, who are unaware of her secret life as The Phantom. Eun-ha is a popular and charming student, while Ji-soo is quiet and reserved but deeply cares for Hyun-bin.

As the story unfolds, Hyun-bin’s past and present begin to collide, and she must confront her fears and face the truth about her parent’s deaths. With action, suspense, and romance, “Love In The Mask” is a compelling and unique manhwa that explores themes of identity, betrayal, and the price of justice.

Guard Pass


Who doesn’t love fighting especially MMA And UFC fights they are awesome and are totally on another level. This fight makes one witness what peak human capabilities are. Well, this manhwa “Guard Pass” is a martial art similar to them check it out it is worth it. The story follows the journey of a young martial artist named Ji Kang Hae, who dreams of becoming a champion in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Kang Hae begins his training under a renowned coach named Mr. Kim, who teaches him the art of “guard passing,” a technique used to overcome an opponent’s defenses in MMA. As Kang Hae hones his skills and participates in various competitions, he meets other fighters with their own unique fighting styles and backstories.

As the story progresses, Kang Hae faces challenges both in and out of the ring, including personal relationships, injuries, and rivalries with other fighters. He must also navigate the corrupt and dangerous world of MMA, where powerful figures will stop at nothing to achieve their own goals.

Despite the obstacles he faces, Kang Hae remains determined to succeed and become the best fighter he can be. With stunning artwork and intense fight scenes, “Guard Pass” is a thrilling and inspiring tale of passion, perseverance, and the human spirit’s ability to overcome adversity.

Overall, “Guard Pass” is a must-read for fans of martial arts stories and anyone who loves a good underdog tale.



I was getting quite a suggestion for this one to read. I have not completed it yet but it has a high overall rating so I’malso suggesting this manhwa to you. This is the story of Park Hyung Suk, a teenager who is constantly bullied and mistreated because of his unattractive appearance. One day, Hyung Suk wakes up to find that he has been magically transformed into a handsome young man. With his newfound looks, he gains newfound popularity and success, but he soon realizes that beauty comes with its own set of challenges.

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As Hyung Suk navigates the complicated world of high school, he faces various conflicts and obstacles, including rivalries with other students, romantic entanglements, and personal struggles with his own self-worth. Along the way, he meets a diverse cast of characters, including other students who are also dealing with issues related to appearance and social status.

As the story progresses, “Lookism” explores themes of identity, discrimination, and self-acceptance. Hyung Suk learns that true beauty comes from within and that appearances can be deceiving. He also discovers the power of empathy and kindness, as he uses his newfound popularity to help others who are facing similar challenges.

With its engaging plot, complex characters, and stunning artwork, “Lookism” is a must-read for fans of Korean webtoons and coming-of-age stories.



“Devil Sword King” follows the story of the powerful swordsman Gwangnam, who possesses a cursed sword with a demonic power. Gwangnam, known as the Devil Sword King, is feared and respected by many, as he is able to defeat even the strongest of opponents with his unparalleled swordsmanship.

However, Gwangnam’s life takes a dramatic turn when he is betrayed by his own clan and framed for a crime he did not commit. Forced to flee for his life, Gwangnam finds himself on a mission to clear his name and seek revenge against those who wronged him.

As he travels, Gwangnam encounters a variety of enemies and allies, some of whom possess powerful magical abilities. He must use his wits and combat skills to overcome the challenges that come his way, all while battling the darkness within himself that threatens to consume him.

As the story unfolds, Gwangnam discovers that his cursed sword holds a dark secret and that its power may come at a terrible cost. He must decide whether to continue using its power for his own purposes or find a way to break the curse and rid himself of its influence forever.

With stunning artwork and a complex, character-driven plot, “Devil Sword King” is a thrilling and engaging read for fans of dark fantasy and action-packed manhwa.

Greatest Outcast


A high school student named Park Dong Hoon has always been an outcast. Despite his friendly and outgoing personality, he is constantly bullied and ignored by his classmates, who see him as a loser and a nobody.

One day, Dong Hoon meets a mysterious girl named Ha Ji Soo, who is new to his school and seems to be hiding a secret. Despite her initial coldness and reluctance to befriend him, Dong Hoon is determined to get to know her better and find out what makes her so different from everyone else.

As Dong Hoon and Ji Soo become closer, they discover that they have a shared interest in street fighting and begin to participate in illegal underground matches. With their combined skills and determination, they quickly rise to the top of the street fighting world, earning the respect and admiration of their peers.

However, their success comes with a price, as they must navigate dangerous rivalries, personal conflicts, and the threat of exposure by the authorities. Along the way, they also uncover shocking secrets about their pasts and the people around them.

With its engaging characters, intense action scenes, and underlying themes of friendship and self-discovery, “Greatest Outcast” is a must-read for fans of action-packed webtoons and coming-of-age stories. Yet another great School Fighting Manhwa which you must check out.

Black Haze


“Black Haze” is a fantasy manhwa (Korean comic) written and illustrated by Yong-Wan Park. The story follows the adventures of Rood Chrishi, a young boy named Rood Chrishi who has mysterious powers and enrolls at a prestigious academy for mages known as Helios.

Personally, I love magic-type manhwa. What about you do you love this type of manhwa?

Despite his lack of formal training, Rood quickly proves himself to be a talented mage and gains the respect of his classmates, including the charismatic and powerful Dio Varus. However, Rood’s true identity and motivations remain shrouded in mystery, and he must navigate political intrigue, dangerous enemies, and his own inner demons in order to survive.

As Rood and his friends progress through the academy’s rigorous curriculum, they uncover dark secrets about the school’s history and its connection to a powerful organization known as Black Haze. With their lives on the line, Rood and his allies must fight to uncover the truth and stop Black Haze from carrying out their nefarious plans.

With its complex characters, intricate world-building, and stunning artwork, “Black Haze” is a must-read for fans of fantasy and action comics. The series explores themes of identity, friendship, betrayal, and the consequences of power, making it a compelling and thought-provoking read.

Daddy Goes To School

School Fighting Manhwa

A single father named Han Seung-hee, who is tasked with raising his daughter on his own after his wife passes away.

As a working father, Seung-hee struggles to balance his job and his responsibilities as a parent, but he is determined to do his best for his daughter, Haeun. When Haeun begins to have trouble in school, Seung-hee decides to take a leave of absence from work and become a full-time stay-at-home dad.

At first, Seung-hee finds it difficult to adapt to his new role and faces judgment and criticism from others who believe that a man should not be a primary caregiver. However, he is determined to prove them wrong and becomes deeply involved in his daughter’s life, attending school events and helping her with her studies.

As Seung-hee becomes more involved in the school community, he also develops friendships and relationships with other parents and teachers, who admire his dedication and love for his daughter. Along the way, he learns valuable lessons about parenthood, family, and the importance of being present in his daughter’s life.

With heartwarming storytelling and charming artwork, “Daddy Goes to School” is a must-read for fans of family dramas and slice-of-life comics. It explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the challenges of parenthood with sincerity and depth.

Dark Mortal

School Fighting Manhwa

Well, what do you do if you get the power to see ghosts will you freak out or will you go crazy as you got an opportunity no one got? This is the story of Jung Hyun, a young man who can see ghosts. Despite his unusual ability, Jung Hyun lives a normal life until he encounters a ghost who refuses to move on to the afterlife.

This ghost, who calls herself “Green,” has a mysterious past and a strong attachment to the world of the living. She convinces Jung Hyun to help her solve the mystery of her death and uncover the truth about her life.

As they investigate, Jung Hyun and Green encounter other ghosts and supernatural beings, each with their own stories and secrets. They must navigate dangerous situations and confront their own fears in order to uncover the truth and put Green’s soul to rest.

Along the way, Jung Hyun and Green develop a deep bond and face challenges that test their resolve and trust in one another. They must also confront the harsh realities of life and death, and the impact their actions have on those around them.

With stunning artwork and a captivating storyline, “Geom-eun In-gan” is a must-read for fans of supernatural dramas and mysteries. It explores themes of love, loss, and the human connection to the afterlife.

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