Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Are you looking for anime where the character is Lazy but Smart at the same time? Then worry not I have prepared a list of 22 Lazy But Smart Anime Characters Selected For You.

This list includes characters from all different genes be it action, comedy, romance, sci-fi and etc. And if you are watching anime for quite a time then you might be similar to some of the names. And if you are then let me know about it. And if you have some other characters in the mind even then let me know so that I can include that name in this list.

So, without further delay, let’s get straight to the list.

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Spike Spiegel

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

First on the list of Lazy But Smart Anime Characters is Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. he is the protagonist of the series He with his crew travels across the space hunting other people with Bounty on their heads and thus they were called Bounty Hunters.

Before becoming a bounty hunter he was a member of the group called Dragon Crime Syndicate. He is shown as lazy and tries to do things slowly, whenever he likes but with perfection.

He seems to be good with his brain but he is also good at other things he is a multivalent one- he is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, good at shooting, and is also a martial art fighter.

Shota Aizawa

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Shota Aizawa from My hero Academy is the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A which is the classroom of our protagonist of the series. He has an ability or you can say Quirk called Erasure which nullifies the person’s Quirk or ability.

And due to his disease of dry eyes and after the strain of his ability he always seems tired and kind of lazy. But his true worth is shown later in the series where his ability as well as smart-ass approach changed the course of the enemy. He is one of the heroes in the series from whom villains are careful.


Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Gintoki Sakata, personally I love this character and its whole anime. When I first watched this anime from the beginning it made me laugh. I personally loved it.

At the beginning of the anime, he is shown as lazy, greedy, selfish, and overall jerk. But deep inside he is kind, and caring, and stands for weeks. He runs a business “Yorozuya” which is barely alive as he charges minimum fees.

He runs his business with his two friends a young samurai Shimura Shinpachi and the young girl Kagura(who belongs to some alien race). And with the coming of these characters, the series became wholesome.

In his youth, Gintoki was a Joul patriot with his comrades- Takasugi Shinsuke, Katsura Kotaro, and Sakamoto Tatsuma.

Kei Tsukishima

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Kei Tsukishima from Haikyuu!! is a first-year student at Karasuno High. At first glance, it seems that he is full attitude and looks down on others. But as you get more similar with his character you find that it is not his attitude but rather his laziness and his observation skills that make it seems him that way.

He started playing as one of the starting middle blockers. But currently, he is a middle blocker on the Karsuno High Volleyball Team. He always maintains his calmness and tries to observe his enemy and tries to find flaws in their game. And at the same time, he sees his teammates as his rivals. But he rather not declares it openly as it is embarrassing.

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Daiki Aomine

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

What will happen if a born talent, and genius met in a single body? Daiki Aomine happens he is a basketball prodigy and was a member of a renowned Generation of Miracles. but the only side effect to it was that he was lazy in every other aspect of life.

He finds it drag to anything but as soon as he hears about basketball his inner beast wakes up. He is Daiki Aomine an Ace player from Tōō Academy,=

Houtarou Oreki

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Houtarou Oreki is our next protagonist from the Classic Literature Club series and Hyouka. He the perfect example of a character who is lazy as well as smart. For now, you have to check out the anime.

He is a high school student at Kamiyama High School and is a member of the school’s Classic Lit Club. He is a strong believer in energy saving and he applies this formula to every aspect of his life. And to make up for that he possesses brilliant deduction skills.

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Our next protagonist is from You-Zintsu. Kiyotaka Ayanokoujiis currently a second-year student of Advanced Nurturing High School. One can gauge his level of I.Q simply by looking at his grades which say full points in every subject.

He is placed in Class D where he sits beside Suzune Horikita. Unlike the other character in this list of Lazy But Smart Anime Characters, he has a girlfriend Kei Karuizawa.

Ikta Solork

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Ikta Solork is the lead protagonist of the anime Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyō no Alderamin. He is a young man who has black hair and typically is lazy. He even lacks the strength and motivation to do anything but he makes up for this through his high intelligence.

This is what he likes to do most of the time take a nap, and hit on girls especially those who are older than him. He is also against handsome man and always threaten them until they leave his eyesight.

And he has a childhood friend Yatorishino Igsem who is exactly the opposite of Ikta.


Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Shikamaru Nara is one of the best friends of the lead protagonist of the series Naruto. He is a shinobi from Konohagakure’s Nara clan. A clan that is the master of shadow Jutsu.

From his childhood to his adulthood is of lazy nature but if you check out the Nara Lineage you will observe that whole of the Nara Clan is Lazy. So basically it is a hereditary trait. His character is such that even if he is winning he will lose the winning game if he is in lazy mode.

But if you hurt his loved ones then he will personally show the way to hell and in the most painful way possible. He is famous for two things first is his laziness and second is I.Q which is second to none in the whole series.

Konata Izumi

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Izumi from the Lucky Star series is a hardcore otakus who sees everything anime. She even lives for anime, Konata Izum loves anime and adult video fame, and the one that introduced these things to her was her father.

He himself used to play these adult games and thus she had no problem getting her hands on these games and anime. This is where her journey of becoming a lazy otaku starts. But this is not all to her. She loves to watch anime and often mentions their name-Yu-Gi-Oh!, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuu’utsu, DragonBall Z, sergeant Keroro, and Kanon 2006.

Yui Hirasawa

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Yui Hirasawa is one of the 5 main characters of the K-ON series. She is the lead guitarist as well as the vocalist of the band Ho-ago Tea Time.

She has a personality that is always looking for fun. She is fearless and when she is on stage fear and anxiety are the things that are far from her. Though she is smart and genius in other aspects of life she is lazy as hell in terms of her education.

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Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Gabriel White Tenma or Gab from Gabriel Dropout is our next protagonist who is lazy as hell but was not like this always something changes her. What that might be? Before that, I would like to tell you about her previous personality and where she used to belong.
Gabriel White Tenma was an angel who used to be at the top of her class or you can say she was number 1 at the Angellic School. At the time she had a personality where she was a very kind, friendly, diligent, and polite angel.

But then she came across an MMORPG game on her laptop and then she became a fallen angel. Her personality took a sharp turn she became a sarcastic uncaring and lazy Fallen Angel.

Glenn Radars

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

From the Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor series, Glenn Radars is a professor at Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. He has a dark past but now he spends his time sleeping and lazing around.

He is practically bored at everything. Currently, at the academy, he is a substitute teacher in Sistine’s class. At first look, he seems like a fool who is good for nothing but as you become more familiar with his personality you would come to know that he is very sharp and keeps everything in check also he is very good at using magic. In his days he used to be as passionate about magic as Sistine is right now. But due to the death of a close one,0 he completely lost his interest.

It is later revealed that he was an adopted son of Celica Arfonia and used to work as an assassin for the military and was infamous there by the name of “The Fool”.


Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Karma is the protagonist of the series Assassination Classroom. Though at the beginning of the series he is not presented as he was suspended from the class. He is one of the students of Kurosensai and is a student in Class 3-E.

But due to his violent behavior, he was suspended from school. He is the close friend of Nagisa who I thought was the protagonist of the series in the beginning. Apart from this, he has a fickle and mischievous personality. For his own amusement, he teases Nagisa. With this beginning said he also has a sad personality but one thing that he knows is his brain and the way he uses it.


Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Near is also known as Nate River, he is one of the antagonists of the death note anime series. It has been revealed that he is the youngest son of L who is raised in one of the orphanages which are for gifted children(Wammy’s House).

After his father’s death, he begins his investigation. After 4 years of investigation, he decided to tell about his investigation to the president of the USA. he also declares that he is the true successor of L.

After this, he becomes the head of SPK and begins his hunt for Kira. But soon after making contact with L( Light Yagami), he suspects him to be Kira. After reading you might think he is not lazy but he is.

Mahiru Shirota

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Next on this list of Lazy But Smart Anime Characters is Mahiru Shirota from Servamp.
Mahiru is shown as open-minded, and independent but is very lazy. He would rather believe in his own ability rather than depend on others.

Takuma Terashima voices him. In the Japanese and English versions, he is voiced by Clifford Chapin.

Mahiru Shirota is the protagonist of Servamp. His Servamp is Sleepy Ash.

Staz Charlie Blood

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

The next character on this list of Lazy But Smart Anime Characters is from the series Blood Lad. His name is Staz Charlie Blood and he is the boss of the Easter District of Demon World.

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You can misjudge his personality just by looking at him. At first, you might think he is a terrifying vampire that only drinks blood. But in reality, he is just like you and me an otaku vampire who is obsessed with everything from Japan.

He is a high-breed vampire but he hates the vampire community and thus ran away and now lives a normal life with the mission of bringing once-human Yanagi Fuyumi back to life.

Kusuo Saiki

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Our next protagonist is from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. He has all kinds of ESP powers, you name it they have it. He has a lazy personality and usually prefers to be alone most of the time. In the beginning, he keeps himself reserved but later in the series he slowly opens himself to others.

You can easily find him in the crowd as he has a unique character design- with a pink head and two antennae on his head you can differentiate him from afar. But this is not what is popular for the way he uses his brain to use his ESP power it is amazing.

Ryner Lute

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Ryner is the main character from The Legend of the Legendary Heroes. He has some legendary power which is called Alpha Stigma, basically, I allow him to analyze and copy other magic.

And if you were around him you definitely be envious and jealous of him. And thus he kept his distance from others but what can he do with the power he possesses He is even popular with girls. And thus he was called the “Deadliest Magician of Roland”. And he has been avoiding this fact but eventually, he came to realize that he is a demon god.

Miharu Rokujou

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

When you know you are destined to be great, laziness comes as its byproduct. And exactly this happened with Miharu Rokujo, our protagonist from the anime series Nabari no Ou.

He was only 14 years when he found out that he has body had a secret ninja art known as Shinra Banshou. And knowing that he will become the ruler of the hidden world known as Nabari laziness gets better of him.

But this doesn’t mean the threat to his life is any less. And you know what is the best thing to train with being lazy at the same time.

Layfon Alseif

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Layfon Alseif from Chrome Shelled Regios was a Heaven’s Blade Wielder. Until he was exiled from Glendan his home city. Before his exile, he was a member of the 17th Platoon of the Academic City and as of now, he is a wanderer who is exploring the world with Felli.

At first glance, Layfon has a normal personality which includes simple-minded, kind, caring, and helpful. But as the time passes by then you will notice that he has exactly the opposite personality. And you will come to the conclusion that you can’t call him simple-minded but you can definitely put him on the list of lazy but smart anime characters.

Ayumu Aikawa

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

Ayumu Aikawa is our protagonist in the anime “Is this a Zombie”. And you can roughly guess why the name of the anime is like this. Because he is lazy but at the same time he is smart.

And how he turned into a zombie well when he was 16-year old he was murdered by a serial killer and now he lives on a zombie resurrected by Eucliwood Hellscythe. And currently, he is living his life with Magical Garment Girl Haruna and vampire ninja Seraphim.

My Top 8 Favourite Lazy But Smart Anime Characters-

Lazy But Smart Anime Characters

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