Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

Are you one of those who are interested in a story where MC looks weak but is strong AF? Then I have prepared this blog only for you as in this blog you will find Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong. And the storyline of every manhwa is completely different from others.

So, let’s get to the list.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

This is the story Yeon-woo of who had a twin brother. He suddenly disappeared 5 years ago and was missing since then. But one-day Yeon-woo received his brother’s pocket watch. And inside that was another dimension that contained a dairy regarding what happened to him.

The diary begins with “ By the time you hear this, I guess I will already be dead”. And to discover what happened to him he set his foot in the tower. Here anything is possible once life is a threat at any moment of time.

Can he survive this harsh environment and can get his revenge?


Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

The story follows a high school lad who can’t even stand up against bullies. But his life soon gone a change as he encountered with world’s strongest individual but his appearance changed and he is stuck in that body for the time to begin.

This is the story of Jiwoo who picked a stray cat to pet but to his surprise, he was the world’s strongest individual. It is said that he is so strong that he can fight against 2-3 top rankers altogether.

So, how will his life change?

The Undefeatable Swordsman

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

Song Woo Mun is the protagonist of this story. He lives with his family who own an Inn in a town. Due to his intellect and weak body he could not learn master arts.

But things started changing after Song Woo Mun received a painting from an unknown sage. Now his body as well as his mind started growing tremendously. But it is said that with greater powers comes greater responsibility. Now the question is can he use it wisely?

The Descent Of The Demonic Master

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

The protagonist of this anime goes throw many lives each in a different period of time. In his first life, he met with an accident in which he lost his family and his legs. And as his life comes to an end he finds himself in a different world as a red devil warrior.

And thus he decide not to waste this life and thus reached the pinnacle of humanity. He was considered the strongest at that time. But he was betrayed by his most cherished person and thus he died once again.

This time he finds himself in his original timeline but in the little past before the accident. And thus he now decides to change his life once again completely. He tries to live his life peacefully this time around but destiny has something else in mind. And he is dagged in unnecessary events.

Fff-Class Trashero

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

How would you feel if you passed your class but you were failed because of your behavior? How would you feel? Let me know in the comment section down below.

This same thing happened to our protagonist of this manga who has been struggling for 10 years to kill the Demon Lord. And when he succeeds in doing so. The god who brought him into this world came with this report card. And he scored an F grade.

And now he once again has to go through all this. But the question can he do this? What will happen if he gets F again and how can he get those perfect grades? Is it even possible to get them? These were the question that came to the mind of Kin Han Soo who is our protagonist of this series.

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Legend Of The Northern Blade

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

After reading this Manhwa I will completely agree with the name. Martial artists gathered and formed the ‘Northern Heavenly Sect’ when the world was facing its darkest time. And with their sacrifice people were enjoying peace once again.

However instead of repaying them back other people became envoys of the and started conspiring against them, And thus Norther Blade Sect fell. And the single individual of the northern sect remains.

He seeks revenge on all those who conspired against Northern Blade Sect. But our protagonist now not only has to take his revenge but to fight against the threats that are lurking above humanity. Can our protagonist do this?


Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

Before anything, I would like to tell you guys that if you can tolerate this Manhwa for at least 50 chapters then go for it. Because until then it is way too much boring but after that, it is totally OP I just loved it. I dropped this Manhwa many times and when I finally decide to read I thought to myself that I should have continued reading it.

The manhwa takes place in a VR world where our protagonist Greed was struggling. He became an addict to this world and now was betting his all on his last game. But to his disappointment he lost and now is at -10Lvl.
And he has to struggle his way back from there. Though he received a unique title ‘Pagma’s Disendent’. It was like a curse to him right now. But can he discover his true worth and can he find the best use of this title? Or will he remain as a blacksmith forever?

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

Tales Of Demons And Gods follows Nie Li, who has traveled back to his 10-year-old self. He was killed by supreme king in a battle. But fate has bestowed him with another chance. Though he came back in time his memory of his previous life is still intact and knows every single detail.

From the best cultivation technique to the best treasure there is in the world. In his previous life has known the deepest secret and treasure that one can know. He alone was the hope of the world.

But now the question is can he use his knowledge in the best possible way to come up with the best plan to kill the sages and king who killed him in his previous life?

Trapped In A Webnovel As A Good-For-Nothing

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

This novel I don’t know how I came across but I’m glad that I encountered it. Though the art is not that good it still was a good read. I had nothing to read and then ‘Trapped In A Webnovel As A Good-For-Nothing’ appeared.

Our protagonist was a normal daytime worker at a company. And due to overwork, he slept and when he woke up he was inside a web novel. And this web novel was the one he was reading.

To make it worse he was the heir of one of the feared people. And now he has to fight against a fearsome sibling for his throw. From good-for-nothing work, he has gotten so much responsibility.

And let us not forget about the protagonist of the series his danger is always lurking around him. So how will his appearance change the storyline of this web novel or will he meet the same fate which was originally planned in the web novel? Check out this manhwa to know more.

Return To Player

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

Sehan Kim was the last survivor of a sadistic game. In which all people of earth were forced to participate. He through his selfish behavior survived somehow. But when he was the only savior and when he was dying he realized something.

And thus he was given another chance. He now has to make sure that most of the people survive and use the information that he got from his previous life to the best use.

Can he do this? Can he surpass his previous self and make the gods pay?

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

Another amazing Manhwa where MC looks weak but he is the most OP character. This is the story of Desire who has to travel back in time to make things correct. And making people aware of the danger that is lurking above their heads.

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He and a few of his friends stood against this danger even after giving their all they failed. And thus now it is on his shoulders to prepare everyone around him.

Mercenary Enrollment

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

This manhwa and the God Of Battlefield are the only manhwas in this list that are based on a little bit of reality. The rest of them are either isekai-based or magic.

The story of this manhwa follows Yu Ijin who was the sole survivor when he and his family met with an accident that is what he thought so. And thus from a very early age, he worked as a mercenary and 10 years later when he became the no. 1 mercenary he discovered that his sister is still alive and is living with their grandfather.

Thus he tried to return back to his normal life. Ut the question is can he lace the organization that easily? And even if he tried to leave will they allow him to leave that easily?

Kill The Hero

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

One certain day world with its most disastrous day. It was when Dungeon started appearing all over the world and heroes with abilities started appearing and people started treating them as gods.

And thus our protagonist and his guild member of Messiah guild started clearing the guild but as soon as they were at the end our protagonist Kim Woo-Jin was betrayed by whole clans they want to monopolize the dungeons and want to rile the world as heroes were the one with most powers.

And when he thought he died he appeared at a time when dungeons barely started to appear. And now Kim Woo-Jin seeks revenge that he also wants to destroy these dungeons and the ones who seek to monopolize the dungeons.

God Of Blackfield

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

Kang Chan’! A living legend who was famously called as ‘ God Of Battlefield. And his enemies refer to him as the black land’s God. He was so a terrifying figure. His name was enough to make his enemies tremble in fear.

But he conspired with his won teammates and was killed in a mission. And when he thought that God Of Blackfield is dead he open his eye3 years after the incident. And now he seeks revenge on those who betrayed him and his other teammates. He promises to give them ruthless death.

He seeks revenge for not only himself but for his fallen comrade who was dying one by one in front of his eye. But first of all how will get out of school? As his body is a 19-year-old child who has committed suicide.

Arcane Sniper

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

Our protagonist of this series was in the military and was the God of Sniping. You will agree if I say he gets bullseye on a full magazine.

But he met with a misfortune accident during training and lost his both legs. Since then he lost his hope of living. And then one day his friend introduced him to a hyper-realistic fantasy game.

Ha LeeHa when he first entered the game couldn’t believe that he can use his legs once again. And now he wants to live his life once again and what could be best than a sniper? Thus he decides to become a musketeer this is the class that no one has ever picked up.

So, can Ha LeeHa make it up to the top? Find out by reading this manhwa.

Worn And Torn Newbie

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

How about this you gave a game your life and then suddenly one day you went back in time to the day when your favorite game was released and now it’s time to get back the return of your hard work. How will you feel?

This same incident happened with our protagonist of this manhwa he gave 15 years of his life to this game. He played till the time when he was the only player left on the server and finished the game.

But to his surprise, he went back to when he had just started playing this game. Can this Newbie shake this world with the skills that he accumulated all those years? Well, find out by reading this manhwa.


Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

This is the story of a young man who is on his way to avenge his master. But the problem is that they all died. That is what he heard. In his despair, he started to recall all those he trained for and started asking all sorts of questions. Why did he train for those many years? And what will he do now? And he can’t even avenge the master that gave his life for him.

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Though the beginning of the story of Gosu is very slow and a little bit boring but it son gets interesting.

And it started getting interesting when he first finds a clue that these guys who he has decided to kill are still alive.

Poison Dragon: The Legend Of An Asura

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

One of the prominent clan Yakmun clans was completely wiped out and massacred. The corpse was piled all over the place and among these piles of corpses was a young lad who survived through his sheer will.

And as he opened his eye he fell in despair. Life played a cruel game with him and now he captures and is tortured by getting poison almost every day.

But one lucky day he escaped and he knew what he has to do. Swear to himself he will make all these warriors’ clans pay for what they did. Especially the clan attacked his clan and massacred his family and clan member.

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

The story of Return Of The Mount Hua Sect follows Chung Myung, who was the 13th disciple of the Mount Hua Sect, and was one of the 3 greatest swordsmen of his time, he was famously known as Plum Blossom Sword Saint, alongside his sect member and along with various mighty warrior defeated Chun Ma.

The greatest threat to humanity where ever he goes that place is destroyed completely. He was the face of a calamity.

And when they finally killed Chun Ma. Chung Myung also collapsed and when he opened his eyes he finds himself 100years after the incident. And the thing that shocked him the most was that his beloved clan has fallen to make it worse for those whom they fought they showed their back to them.

And now decide to bring the Mount Hua Sect back to life.

Reformation Of The Deadbeat Noble

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

Irene Perreira was a boy from a novel family and he was so lazy that he want to escape from reality that he was called Deadbeat Nobels by others.

But one certain he saw a man swimming swords in his dream. That was the day when his life completely changed. From that day onward no one was as hard-working as Irene Perreira. But still, he has a long way to go.

And what exactly did he sees in the dream that made him change so much? Check out the manhwa to know more.

Reincarnation Of The Suicidal Battle God

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

Yet another amazing Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong. This tie around we are going to talk about Zephyr who is the protagonist of this series.

Zephyr was the only last man standing against the demon lord and demon worshipper. But ultimately he was lost at the hand of a demon god.

Impressed by his struggle gods found it amusing and gave him a chance. He was sent back to a time when was a slave. And now he has to prepare himself as well as others to defeat the demon king.

But the question is can he destroy this deep-rooted evil that is on verge of taking over the others?
Well, you have to find out all about him and about his backstory by reading this manhwa.

Dungeon Reset

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

Like Gosu and Overgeared you have to give a little bit of time to this manhwa. And believe it is worth it.
Our protagonist with his other classmate was taken into a dungeon and now to survive they have to complete the quest.

Jung Daeun while completing a quest became a bug and now he is completely ignored by the dungeon system. Can he create this moment into an opportunity?

Solo Bug Player

Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong

Solo Bug Player is the story of a boy who is good for nothing. He does nothing except play MMORPG and now he ends up dying but he is given another chance.

But can he use this chance? Or will he waste it just like his previous life?

And with this, I would like to end my blog about Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong. I will be adding 20 more manhwas to this list so stay tuned till then and read my other Blogs. And if you want me to make a list on some other topic then feel free to comment. Till then bye.

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