Best Anime To Watch

Well are you looking for new “BIG 3” or anime that are worth watching then I got you .
And if you are not and instead looking for –

  1. What is the best anime right now
  2. Which anime series are must watch

Then here are my top  recommendation for all of your questions .

Best Anime To Watch

1. Kingdom

(Yasuhisa Hara)

Kingdom got one of the best anime story line every .Story revolve around china & how one empire took over other 6 empire & form a new whole china .

Without giving much of a spoiler .I will give a quick  glimpse  of  shin the protagonist.

Like any other anime protagonist “SHIN” has  a goal of becoming a general not any regular general but one of the six general under the heavens. In order to help  his friend to become king of  whole china .

This anime got 3 seasons 1 season got 38 episode and 2 season got 39 episode and season 3 is ongoing write now while I’m writing this blog. I you watch anime for its story then you definitely will like this anime.

2. Tokyo Revengers

(Ken Wakui)

Next on the list is Tokyo Revengers well it is a ongoing anime at the current moment .

It is kind of super natural at some point but is normal afterward . What I mean is you will only get after you check out the anime yourself.

The protagonist (Takemichi Hanagaki) was a 26 year old normal boy & used to live a normal & boring life .Full of self-doubt. His life changes when one day standing at a station he was pushed infront of train by someone & find himself in 12 year past .And then decide to change his whole life of misery and save his girlfriend.

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I will highly recommend to watch this anime & if you are not into high school type anime then you can skip this one but this got to be one of the “Best Anime To Watch”.

3. Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-kun

(Osamu Nishi)

Well this anime is about a boy whose name is “Iruma” & he used to live a miserable life. Until one day he was kidnaped by a demon & find out that his parents has sold him to demon .And from here his life is demon world begin.

This anime has comedy in it little bit of romance here & there . And lastly main objective of bringing Iruma to demon world is to make him demon king. Though this anime don’t have that strong of a plot but it is still a good anime due to its comedy & different story line.

It got 2 season and season 2 is currently being aired .

4. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

(Yukiya Murasaki)
If you like anime which are overpowered, ecchi, have magic or any of these then you definitely gone love it.

The plot goes like this diablo is a player who made a game & is summoned somehow into that game & despite being a demon lord he help other to fight demon & save human.

Along  his journey other in game character are introduced who join him .And not only storyline is good but fighting moment where he overpower his enemy is worth watching & if you are into ecchi anime then this anime will not disappoint you.

So I would say this is one of the “Best Anime to Watch”. It got 2 seasons.

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5. Attack On Titan

(Yasuko Kobayashi)

Even if you are new to anime world “Attack On Titan” is a anime that you have definitely heard of .

Why I included this already famous anime in my list is because this is ongoing anime & its last season’s 2nd part will soon be out so I recommend it to watch before it is aired. It has total of 4 season.

And story line goes like “Eren Yeager” the protagonist used to live a peaceful & happy life with his family & friend. And then one day a giant titan appeared & turned his world upside down. From here anime begins .

Without saying much this anime has great story line, fighting moments, romance here and there & lots of blood.

And main part is that it has 4 seasons

Season 1- 25 Episode

Season 2- 12 Episode

Season 3- 22 Episode

Season 4- 16 Episode in part 1 and in part 2 “To Be Announced”.

Without Saying it is one of the “Best Anime To Watch”.

6. Dr. Stone

(Riichiro Inagaki)

On first look of this anime I told to myself what a script out of the world this is why I love anime.

Script of this anime goes on like this whole of world is petrified by an unknown flash of light. And after several millennial, our protagonist find him in a whole different age or you can call it the stone age.

 “Senku” the protagonist then  start his journey of reviving humanity & modern world in stone age. With his several friends & few other companions in between their journey they face many problems and after overcoming the problem they continue their journey.

This anime has 2 seasons & has both Adventure & sci-fi .I would say you must watch this anime.

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7. Enen No Shouboutai

(Atsushi Okubo)

Story goes like this Tokyo & few other places remain after a incident .That turned whole of world up side down . People start turning into living inferno called “infernals”. To fight this special fire force force is created which consist of people who can use fire. And our protagonist “Shinra Kuraskabe”  is in one of the units and he is also a victim of infernal incident.

And further onto the story  an evil organization is trying to bring great cataclysmto the world by reviving pillers so that they can end the world .

I would recommend you to watch this anime it has 3 season. It has lots of action in it with sci-fi & ecchi in it.

8. Boku No Hero Academia

(Kohei Horikoshi)

This anime is considered as one of the “Big 3” of next generation.

Story goes on like this our protagonist “Midoriya Izuku” who is a normal kid in the world of people of Superpower called “Quirks”.

He idolize No.1 Superhero “All Might” & have a dream of becoming a hero & be like all might despite being powerless. One day he save his childhood friend katsuki who used to bullied him now because he don’t have any quirks. And is seen by all might in process.

Then All Might share his power with him that’s where his story of becoming a Superhero starts.

To be honest I like the anime & storyline. It has 5 seasons in total and a movie & is still growing in popularity day by day.In my opinion this is one of the “Best Anime To Watch”.

These are my all recommendation for anime you should watch .

Here my  suggestion if you want to watch anime and don’t known where to watch it from


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If you have any question or want to suggest any thing feel free to comment.

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