Regressor Instruction Manual

I don’t know I’m quite excited to share this list with you guys as I personally follow almost all of this Manhwa. And if you are into regression and reincarnation type manhwa, then I’m sure you will love this list, especially the one I actively follow.

You can find all of these manhwas in one place which is Asura Scans. And without any further due let me take you straight into the list. I have separated these manhwas into two categories one which I’m reading on weakly base( Active) and one which is on halt or I have dropped but have high ratings.


Standard of Reincarnation

Regressor Instruction Manual

Saimon who was one-handed from birth had a rough childhood due to a loss of expectation from him. Even his own parents treated him horribly but he never gave up and came face to with his so-called rival but was betrayed by everyone even his parents and thus met his end. But this is not his ending.

He was reborn once again with all the knowledge and memory intact 500 years into the future. But this time in another family the question is that can he get his revenge back on the Saimon household which treats him like shit even though he was loyal to them.

Well for that you have to check out this Manhwa. And if you decide to check it out let me know in the comment section down below.

Return of the SSS-Class Ranker

Regressor Instruction Manual

The story of Return of the SSS-Class Ranker follows a gamer named Rokan who was once at the top of the leaderboard. But this enemy completely destroyed him with his schemes and power.

After his complete defeat, he is offered to join him but he refuses and thus ends his gaming career. But to his surprise when he woke up from the VR machine he found himself 3 years in the past. Guess what will he do now?

It is a revenge time and this revenge gone be a good one. Follow Rokan on his journey to becoming a legend.

Damn Reincarnation

Regressor Instruction Manual

Damn Incarnation follows Hameul, who was a warrior who was on his way to defeat the Demon lord but sacrificed himself so that his party can move forward and defeat the demon later.

But this was not the end of Hameul he reincarnated in the family of his best friend and finds out something which he couldn’t believe his party made a compromise with Demon Lord and now demons and humans coexist tighter. But will this peace will remain forever or does Demon lord have some kind of plan in mind? And why did his party compromise with Demon lord and is anyone of his party member alive? He needs to find out all these answers. Join him on his adventure.

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

Regressor Instruction Manual

Yet another beautiful regression Manhwa. And this time around the story follows a boy named Jin Runcandel, who is the youngest son of the Runcandel’s family the most prestigious swordsman family in the empire. And he was the biggest failure in his family.

He can’t even use the sword which was the main weapon of his family and thus was banished from his family. Later he learned to use magic but died tragically. But to his surprise, he came back in time when he was just a little kid. Can he change his destiny this time around? Can he become one of the prominent swordsmen of his family? Can he even use a sword? Find out all the answers in the Manhwa.

Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House

Regressor Instruction Manual

He conquered everything. Vanquiesed the battle against the Tulkan empire. Tulkan Empire was the strongest empire in the whole continent. He won every battle that he fought but he still found something missing deep inside his heart.

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And when his final time came he did not refuse it but rather accepted it happily. But wait what is this? He thought he is dead and now finds himself in his 14-year-old self. This is not an illusion nor is this black magic then what is the problem? How come he came back in time?

But how can he get back everything that he lost in his previous life? And fill the gap that has been left in his heart.

Worthless Regression

Regressor Instruction Manual

Lee Sungmin was a normal high schooler until one day he was summoned into a world called ‘Eria’. But he was just a normal human without any talent for marital art and thus lived the life of an average soldier whose role was to be cannon fodder. And thus he served his purpose.

And when he thought he is dead he regressed back in time and finds himself at the time when he was summoned to ‘Eria’. But the question is can he change the outcome of his life this time around? Or will he just become cannon fodder once again? “If you can’t fly then run, If you can’t run then walk, and If you can’t walk then crawl” is the motto of his life. Can he change his life with only this motto? Well, find out by checking out the manhwa.

Return Of The Shattered Constellation

Regressor Instruction Manual

This is the story of a human who rose to the level of god just by his effort and now even the most prominent god feared him. He is the “ Twilight of the Gods- Lee Changseon”. And thus fell into the dirty schemes of the god and was executed from the entire existence nothing to be left. But he somehow escaped. And regressed.

Now he seeks revenge on all those gods who betrayed and framed him. What will happen if you fck up with the god of war? Find out by reading this amazing one of the masterpieces. Let me know if you went to read this manhwa.

Duke Pendragon

Regressor Instruction Manual

This is the story of Raven Varte who fell into a scheme of rich families who were jealous of his family and thus framed his whole family and executed and made him a slave. And spend most of his life a salve warrior. And when the time for his freedom came he was killed. Truly a sad story.

But he has been bestowed a chance to live his life to the fullest this once. And he was regressed into the body of a Nobel family whose only heir was on the verge of death. So, can he change his life this time around and can he find out the mysteries related to his previous life? Check out the manhwa to know more.

The S-Classes That I Raised

Regressor Instruction Manual

The story follows an F-rank Hunter who was struggling in his life. But was kind from heart and soul. And one day he died in the dungeon while struggling to make living. Sad:(.

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But started changing from here on he received a few things as a reward for dying and killing the Boss who was not supposed to be in the low-level dungeon. And when he awakes he finds himself in a few years in the past when the dungeon outbreak started to occur.

And the time when he received his pathetic F rank but this time around something has changed he got new powers and a much more exciting life ahead of him. But the question is can he make up his mind and achieve what he wants in life? Check out the manhwa to know more about this exciting story.

Archmage Transcending Through Regression

Regressor Instruction Manual

What will happen when a 10-circle Archmage will regress in time what is the new height he can reach? And what changes will he bring to this world?

This is the story of Mikhail Walpurgis who was only a 9th circle Archmage mage who was fighting against the Demon king and his army when they were fighting the demon lord he completely lost and humanities only hope was Mikhail Walpurgis was on the verge of his death obtained enlightenment.

And became the 10th circle Archmage and cast a spell that helped him to regress in him for 20 years. So, how will he use this golden opportunity and how will he correct the blunders that happened in his past life which could have made them victorious? Join him on his adventure.

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Regressor Instruction Manual

What will happen when a D-rank non-combat raider will get a mythical god’s eye? And at the same time, he will regress in past.

I personally like the story and I’m weakly following the manhwa. If you want to read it then you have my approval without a doubt it is one of the best Regression Manhwa.

The Return of the Crazy Demon

Regressor Instruction Manual

Yi Zaha the strongest martial artist alive also called a crazy demon. He is one chase after him stealing a heavenly pearl if the Demon Cult leader. And when he found his back against the wall he decides to jump off the cliff rather than surrender infront of ht enemy.

But to his surprise, he finds himself in his past when he was a weakling and used to get allied by everyone wherever he go. So what will happen when his past self is taken over by a crazy demon?
Whatever it went be an interesting thing. So, are you gone read this Mahwah? If you want to read it. You have my approval.

Sword Fanatic Wanders Through The Night

Regressor Instruction Manual

He was an orphan when Mystic Lunar Dance Troupe took in Jin Sohan. But fate had something else for him. He was kidnapped by two masters for their experiment purpose. But later they got attached to him.

And they started teaching him their martial art. Now when he is finally freed and is allowed to live his life. He went straight to Lunar Dance Trope. But he discovered that they were destroyed and taken as slaves.

And thus from here on he decided to take revenge and establish The Lunar Dance Trope. This arc is finished very quickly. And revenge is taken out mercilessly. So what will he do after his revenge will he take all the continent under him? Find out by reading this Manhwa.

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HALT( Manhwa I have put on Halt)

Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

Regressor Instruction Manual

This is the story of a boy who fell into hell. He had nothing with him but only his desire to live. And he was surrounded by demons but he survive this hell and came out victorious even though seven Archdemons bow down to him. It’s been 10,00 years since he came into hell and became the king of hell.
What would you have done if you were to send to hell would you survive and even if you survive can you remain sane for 10,000 years? And will you still desire o come back to earth when you have achieved everything in hell?

Well, the protagonist of this story is dying to leave this hell. Why? You ask to check out the manhwa to know more and what will he do when he reaches earth.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Regressor Instruction Manual

This time around the story follows Shi Feng who was betrayed by his club member. he used to be a top MMo player in a game called, “ Divine Realm. And just like a normal human begins he drinks till is knocked out. But when he opens his eye.

He finds himself 10 years in the past at a time when Divine Realm was just released. And now he went thoroughly destroy those who betrayed him and take his revenge. And for this to happen he went to use his past 10-year experience. Join him on his journey of destroying his enemies.

Regressor Instruction Manual

Regressor Instruction Manual

What will you do if you were suddenly summoned to a world and went through hell all through your life? Due to your worthless talent. And when you were about to die you were regressed to the time when you were summoned into this hell? Let me know in the comment section.

But a similar thing happens with the protagonist of this story. His skill and talent 0. He lacked in every aspect. And the only thing he has is his knowledge from his previous life. Can he use it to his advantage and change his life in a better way this time around? Check out the manhwa to find out more about it.

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

Regressor Instruction Manual

He who was the oldest son of a renowned swordsman family became faster than anyone stronger than anyone and yet he was not enough strong to kill a dragon and thus died fighting it.

But where am I? This is the question he asked himself when he opened his after he died. And to his surprise, he finds himself back in past but few things have changed due to his regression.

What are these changes? And now how will he change his life? Find out these answers and many other answers by reading this manhwa, And let me know if you are planning to read it.

With this I would like to end this Blog. I would keep on updating this list when I encounter some amazing Manhwa. Till then you can check out my other Blogs.

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