Most Popular Anime Character

Most Popular Anime Character

There is a huge craze among anime fans about who is the most famous character of all time. And if you are among the one who is curious about that then I’m here for you. In this blog, I reveal the names of the 27 Most Popular Anime Characters.

So, here are a few things you can do before we jump on the list. Comment down below your favorite anime character and there is one feature or characteristic that you like.
And I will reveal my own favorite anime character with his/her traits that I like the most.

So now let’s get straight to the list and check which character secures the position in the list of Most Popular Anime Characters.

Shouto Todoroki ( Total Vote: 40,283)

It’s Not Your Fault, We’re Just Playing On Different Levels.

Shouto Todoroki
Most Popular Anime Character

First on the list of Most Popular Anime Characters is Shouto Todoraki who is a student at Hero’s High School. He aims to become a Pro Hero. He got into school because of his talent and his
power Quirk of Ice and Fire.

He is the son of No.2 hero Endeavor. Who has the Quarik of Fire. Shouto has bi-colored hair, the left side of his head is red which signifies fire Quirk, while his right side is white color which depicts the Ice Quirk.

Son Goku ( Total Vote 40,848)

“I would rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster.”

Son Goku
Most Popular Anime Character

Son Goku who is also known as Kakarot is the son of Burdock. Son Goku was an inhabitant of Planet Vegeta but was sent to earth by his father Bardock in a capsule.
Because his father discovered the evil plans of Freeza of destroying the planet Vegeta
And as Goku is sent to earth is found by an old man who adopts him as his grandchild.

Yato ( Total Votes 40,980)

My Silence Doesn’t Mean That I Quit, It Simply Means That I Don’t Want To Argue With People Who Just Don’t Want To Understand”

Most Popular Anime Character

Yato is the main protagonist of the anime Noragami. He secured the 25 position with a total of 40,980 votes. He is the one of the Gods who is almost forgotten by everyone and a god who considers himself as the God Of Fortune. Though his past tells a different story as in the past he used to be referred to as the God of Calamity.

And he has a dream that one day he will become the most popular and famous God.

Spike Spiegel ( Total Vote 41,613)

I felt like I was watching a dream I could never wake up from. Before I knew it, the dream was over

Spike Spiegel
Most Popular Anime Character

Next up on the list of Most Popular Anime Characters is Spike Spiegel even though it’s been decades since the anime finished airing and seeing Spike Spiegel on this list shows how famous this character is and I would like to take a few moments and commend him for that.

Spike Spiegel is a 27-year-old tall man who is a bounty hunter and was on the planet Mars.
He used to admire the famous martial artist Bruce Lee and used his martial style of Jeet Kune Do. Other than that he has fluffy, dark green colored hair and a reddish-brown suit. And one of the eyes is artificial.

Emilia ( Total Votes: 43,738)

Most Popular Anime Character

Next on the list of Most Popular Anime Characters is a female character and the main heroine of the Re: Zero Most Popular Anime Character. Candidate for the 42nd King of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica she is half-elf and half-human.

As she is one of the main characters of the series almost every event revolves around her.

Ken Kaneki ( Total Vote: 45,168)

Never trust anyone too much, remember the devil was once an angel

Kaneki Ken
Most Popular Anime Character

The next protagonist is Kaneki Ken from another famous series, Tokyo Ghoul. He secured the 22nd position by getting 45,168.

Husband of Touka Kirishima and father of Ichika Kaneki. He has quite a story of becoming what he is today. His personality was not like this when he was first introduced in the series.
He was shown as one who had a kind heart and used to live a normal life as a student.

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But life took a huge turn after he met Rize Kamishiro whom he found quite beautiful and had a crush on her. But was unaware of the fact that she was a Ghoul. That’s where things start getting complicated in his life.

Kakashi Hatake ( Total Vote: 47,002)

I won’t allow my comrades to die. I’ll protect you with my life. Trust me

Kakashi Hatake
Most Popular Anime Character

Kakashi Hatake secured the 21st position on the list of most popular anime characters. Hatake Kakashi is famously known as Sharingan Kakashi or Copy Ninja by his enemies. He is a shinobi from Konohagakure’s Hatake clan. Even as a child he was feared by everyone in the Narutoverse.

He is also the teacher or sensei of Team 7 which is the team of the protagonist of this series Naruto and in Future, he becomes the 6th Hokage of the Leaf Village after the fourth Shinobi World War against Madara and Obito.

Saitama (Total Votes: 47,133)

I’ll Leave Tomorrow’s Problems To Tomorrow’s Me

Most Popular Anime Character

Saitama from the One-Punch Man who is a hero for fun has gained a total of 47,133 votes and secured the 20th position in the list of Most Popular Anime Characters.
Shown as the strongest character in the series who can end a fight in just one punch.

He trained so hard that he became bald and now is frustrated with the fact that he is too strong and can’t get a proper fight with anyone as he just overpowers them.

Also, he registers himself with her association and gets initially a C rank even though he breaks every machine and record that existed.

Guts (Total Vote: 49,034)

Even if we painstakingly piece together something lost, it doesn’t mean things will ever go back to how they were


Guts from Berserk secured the 19th position on the list of Most Popular Anime Characters,
He is also called by Black Swordsman by others. He used to be a mercenary and was a part of a group called the Band of Hawk. Now he wanders around from one place to another with a constant internal struggle.

While in his early days when he was living for his survival, he joined the band of Falcon and began his journey. The leader of the group was Griffith who led the group in the Hundred- Year War and successfully gained victory. But later on their path they separate and Guts goes on his own journey.

Kazuto Kirigaya (Total Vote: 50, 980)

Most Popular Anime Character

Also called Kirito by his friend has gained 50, 980 votes and gets 18th position in this list.
He was one of the Beta Testers who tested the first virtual reality game called Sword Art Online and also joined the official release. But on its release date when all players logged in were trapped in the game and were forced to play the game.
And all 10,000 players were given a mission to clear 100 levels of the game and thus they can return to their world.

That is where Kirito plays a solo player and meets his lover and friend and kills the main boss. And were finally able to return back to reality.
After the end of this game, he continues to play VRMMORPG and continues to enjoy and solve the problems in this game.

Eren Yeager (Total Vote: 57,173)

You Have The Freedom To Defend The World’s Freedom And I Have The Freedom To Continue Moving Forward

Eren Yeager
Most Popular Anime Character

The 17th position is secured by Eren Yeager from Attack On Titan(AOT). You can call him the protagonist as well as the antagonist of the anime at the same time due to his action.
Eren was a small kind-hearted boy who used to live with his parents and his childhood friend Mikasa in Paradise Island.

One certain when their home town was attacked by Titan his mother died and then he joined Survey Corps to fight against Titan.
Now he defends the wall with corpses but there is a catch: he has the power of titan within himself and now uses it against the titan.

Mikasa Ackerman ( Total Vote: 57,380)


Mikasa, the childhood friend of Eren Yeager, secured the 16th position in the list of Most Popular Anime Characters.

Her parents were killed by human traffickers, and was saved by Eren after that they lived together. And a friend named Armin who gets separated when they were attacked by Titan but later they meet again and then 3 of them join the Corps to fight against Titan.

In her training days, she was considered the best among all the candidates. She, later on, enrolls herself in the Survey Corps in order to follow Eren, becoming his greatest asset.

Hachiman Hikigaya (Total Vote: 64,594)

If wishes could be granted, if desires could be fulfilled, then I wouldn’t wish for or desire anything after all. The things you’re handed on a silver platter are never genuine and never everlasting: and that is why I’ll always keep searching [for something genuine]. ”

Hikigaya Hachiman
Most Popular Anime Character

Next on the list of Most Popular Anime Characters is Hachiman Hikigaya from My Teen Romantic Comedy.
He is the protagonist of the series and as well as the viewpoint character of the series. He is a student at Sōbu High School and is currently in class 2F. He also joined a club called Service Club and is the second member of the club.

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Rem (Total Vote:64,644 )

“ You stole Sister’s horn… and on top of that, you’re not satisfied with robbing me of my reason to live… ARE YOU GOING TO ROB ME OF MY REASON TO DIE AS WELL!? „

Most Popular Anime Character

The next character who is on the list of Most Popular Anime Characters is Rem. She is a character who has played every role in the Anime.

Be it antagonist which she played in arc 2, the lead character in arc 3, and as a supporting character in the remaining series. She has a twin sister named Ram.

Kurisu Makise (Total Vote: 65,182)

Most Popular Anime Character

Daughter of Shouichi Makise, Kurisu Makise is the 13th character who is most popular. She is a genius girl who graduated from the university just at the age of seventeen, with that she is a member of a group called Brain Science Institute at Viktor Viktor Chondria University and the Future Gadget Lab.
Kurisu Makise is one of the main characters of the anime Steins; Gate.

Gintoki Sakata ( Total Vote: 66,608)

Have faith in your inspiration. Feel the imagination!

Gintoki Sakata
Most Popular Anime Character

Next on the list is Gintoki Sakata who is from one of the most funniest and popular anime Gintama.
He is the leading character of the anime and is shown as one of the rebels and lives in the fictional verse of Japan in the 1860s which was invaded by aliens and is now controlling it.
He used to fight aliens before until one day he realized something.

After that, he lived his life as a freelancer. He used to live alone and not so long ago he was joined by two other leading members of the story, Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura.
And as the series goes on more mysteries about Gin Tama are revealed.

Itachi Uchiha (Total Vote: 67,743)

People’s lives don’t end when they die. It ends when they lose faith.

Itachi Uchiha
Most Popular Anime Character

Itachi Uchiha was the one who slaughtered his own clan in order to maintain peace and harmony in the Leaf village of Naruto.

As a child, he used to be considered as the prodigy by others and single-handedly can defeat an adult. As a teenager, he became a member of Anbu who used to work in a show to protect the Leaf village.
He was the older brother of Uchiha Sasuke ( the last Uchiha).

After the massacre of his clan, he left the village and joined a mysterious yet most dangerous organization named Akatsuki in order to protect his village and his brother in time of need. He is one of the characters who have 0 haters.

Killua Zoldyck ( Total Vote: 80,551)

Most Popular Anime Character

Killua Zoldyck is the only character who is on this list even though is not the main character of the series and the main character is not on this list.

Killua is the youngest son of the Zoldyck family and is a child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck. He is from a family that is considered as one of the most dangerous families as his family is a family of assassins.

One day he runs away from his home and starts his journey as a rookie hunter. And during his examination, he meets the protagonist of the anime named Gon who has also come to become a hunter. And soon they both become best friends,

Rintarou Okabe ( Total Vote: 81,763)

Keep the past, for all intents and purposes, where it is.

Rintarou Okabe
Most Popular Anime Character

Yet another character from Steins: Gate and this time around is the main character of the anime.
Rintaro Okabe is often called Okarin or Kyouma.

He is a self-proclaimed scientist and works in his own lab. He is mad about time travel and wants to invent the machine that is capable of doing so. He and his friend tried to transport bananas in the past with the help of an oven. After many tries, they succeed in it.

Naruto Uzumaki (Total Vote: 81,963)

I’ll never go back on my Word. That’s my ninja way

Naruto Uzumaki
Most Popular Anime Character

The 8th position is secured by the protagonist of the anime Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki who was an orphan from his childhood used to live a terrible life as a beast sealed inside him everyone in the village used to discriminate against him. But he turned his weakness into his strength and fought back.

As a teenager, he was in a group called No.7 who was under Hatake Kakashi. Later in the series he becomes the Hero of the village by defeating pain and making everyone love him.

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He played a major role in the fourth great ninja Battle and fought against many strong foes such as Madara, Obito, and Kaguya.

Edward Elric (Total Vote: 86,467)

Most Popular Anime Character

Elric was the elder brother of the two and he secured the 7th position in this list of Most Popular Anime Characters. He lost one arm and body of his brother while trying to revive his mother by using Alchemi.
He became the youngest State Alchemist in the history of State Alchemist, he received his certificate at the age of twelve. And now after 3 years of his enrolment, he is searching for the philosopher’s stone, from which he can get his brother’s (Alphonse Elric) body back.

Roronoa Zoro (Total Vote: 112,643)

Most Popular Anime Character

Now we are finally one the name which has a huge presence all over the globe. The 6th place is secured by Rorooa Zora who is the Vice-Captain of Straw Hat Pirates and is the best friend of Monkey D. Luffy.

His aim is to become the world’s strongest swordsman in order to fulfill the promise he made to his dead friend. He is from East Blue and is the first member whom Luffy invites to join his crew.

He uses a unique style of sword art that is a 3 style sword. He is also referred to as Pirate Hunter due to the fact that he used to hunt bounty pirates before joining hands with Luffy.
And currently, his bounty is 320,000,000 berries.

Light Yagami (Total Vote: 113,083)

“If we catch Kira, he is evil. If he wins and rules the world, then he is justice.”

Light Yagami
Most Popular Anime Character

Light, the protagonist of the series Death Note, secured the 5th position on the list of Most Popular Anime Characters. His life changes when he finds a book lying on the ground and on it was written as Death Note.

This book has the power to kill people whose name was written on it and if his face is seen by light. So after this, he decided to change the world and eliminate all the criminals from the world. And soon he was labeled as Kira.

Levi Ackerman (Total Vote: 140,994)

I want to put an end to that recurring nightmare, right now. There are those who would get in my way. But I’m fine playing the role of the lunatic who kills people like that. I have to be ready to rearrange some faces. Because I choose the hell of humans killing each other over the hell of being eaten.

Levi explains his mentality to his squad
Most Popular Anime Character

Levi Ackerman is from the Ackerman clan, a famous yet known clan. He was often referred to as Captain Levi by his subordinates. And also known as humanity’s strongest soldier. He is more OP than the main protagonist of the anime.
He is the squad leader of the survey corps, a battalion which is specialized in fighting Titans.

L (Total Vote: 149,697)

“Kira is childish, and he hates losing. You guessed it, I’m also childish and hate losing.”

L (“One”)
Most Popular Anime Character

Yet another character from the series Death Note and this time around the character is the enemy of Kira, the protagonist of Death Note.
L is a detective well known all around the world ad he accepts the case of finding the world-famous mass murder Kira.

While his search gets suspicious of Light Yagami and now tries his best to prove him as Kira.

Monkey D Luffy (Total Vote: 152,392)

Most Popular Anime Character

The 2nd position is secured by the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates Monkey D. Luffy. He wants to become the King of the Sea while enjoying his adventure with his Nakama( Crew).
Like his Vice-Captain, he is also from East Blue and admires Shanks who is one of the Four Emperors of the Sea.

He was the one who motivated Luffy to go on a journey and find One Piece.
Other than this he has a father and a Grandfather who are also world-famous his Grandfather is a Marine Monkey D. Garp who is called the Hero of the Marine and his father is the world government’s main enemy or threat to the world Government Monkey D. Dragon.

Lelouch Lamperouge ( Total Vote: 160,063)

“ If the king does not lead, how can he expect his subordinates to follow? ”

Lelouch vi Britannia
Most Popular Anime Character

With 160,063 votes from Code Geass is the Most Popular Anime Character of all time.
He is the protagonist of Code Geass anime. He also plays the role of a side character in series like Code Geass: Oz the Reflection and Code Geass: Lancelot & Guren.
He was the Eleventh Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and son of the 98th emperor, Charles Zi Britannia
He was chosen as the most popular anime character male in 2006, 2007, and 2008 at Animage magazine’s annual Anime Grand Prix.

He was chosen the most popular male character of 2006, 2007, and 2008 at Animage magazine’s annual Anime Grand Prix. His Japanese voice actor Jun Fukuyama also won the “Best Actor in a Leading Role” award for his portrayal of the character at the first Seiyū Awards in 2007.

My Favorite Character:

Uchiha Madara

Most Popular Anime Character

My All-Time Favorite Character is Uchiha Madara. None can replace him in terms of being Overpowered, Showing Off, and many other things. I can keep going on. And my favorite moment is when he single-handedly fought the Shinobi alliance and was just playing with them when they were trying their best to fight against him.

And another part is when he asks the Kages from the Five Nation how many Susano they would like to fight and summons five or each one of them. OMGI went crazy by seeing this moment.

Tell me about your favorite character, I would love to know about it.

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