Unique Top Anime Movies

In this blog I will try list 7 Unique Top Anime Movies which are worth watching .This blog will we part -1 in future I will bring more movies that are top rated.

Movies in this list will be mix in genres some will be from action some from romance and etc.

Top Anime Movies
Top Anime Movies

This list also applies for search such as :-

  • Top Anime Movies of all time .
  • Top Anime Movies of IMDb.
  • Top Anime Movies To Watch.
  • Top Anime Movies On Netflix .
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First On The List Is:

1. One Piece :Stampede

(Eiichiro Oda)

14 movie of one of the greatest series of all time “ONE PIECE” Stampede is one of the movies worth watching. Movie is full of action & adventure of luffy and his crewmate.


Story goes like this “Straw Hat” gets the invitation for pirate festival-world’s greatest exposition of pirates, by pirates , for the pirates.

Organized by “Buena Festa” on delta island .A contest is hosted for treasure for none other than Pirate King “Gold D Roger”. Every infamous pirates are called to island including “Straw Hats” & Pirates of Worst Generation.

But it turnout that event is a trap planned by Festa & Legendary pirate “Douglus Bullet” who was in impel down prison for last 2yr.

Douglus  then challenges all the pirates on the island that whosoever will defeat him will get the treasure and if not then he will kill everyone.

So, fight between douglus and worst generation begin. 

Animation in this movie is so cool and specially the badass moment of “Luffy & Zoro” are so amazing that it create a type of hype.

Meanwhile marine has called for “Buster Call”. So luffy now has to defeat douglus and save his crew mate & leave the island .

And if you think you are an One Piece Nerd check out your knowledge I have prepared a quiz test your knowledge and let me know- Check Your One Piece Knowledge


2. My Hero Academia :Hero Rising

(Yosuke Kuroda)

This movie of “My Hero Academia” is as good as its anime. Action Animation are beautifully designed & executed  by “Bones” Animation Studio.


So the story goes like this “The League of  “Villains” are persuade by “Endeavour & Hawks”.

Though they destroyed the truck they were perusing they failed to comprehend what was in the truck & what were they trying to accomplish.

“Midoriya” & his class mates are send to remote island ‘Nabu’ as a safety program. Where Midoriya and Bakugo meets ‘Mahoro Shimano’ & her brother ‘Katsuma’.

 In mean time ‘Nine’ the villain who was in the truck has formed his party & has attacked Maharo’s father who has quarik to heal but find’s that it is not much of use to him. So he decide to use his child’s quarik .

So finally nine & his party attack nabu island where they fight with ‘Class 1-A’. The action animation are worth watching .

You can say this movie could be one of the “Top Anime Movies”. 

3. Violet Evergarden

(Kana Akatsuki)

With IMDb rating of 8.5 this romantic is one of its own kind. This movies is taken from Japanese light novel and have many awards back to back. 


Story shows the journey of violet evergarden how her life changes after the war as she is a doll and have no purpose except to find the meaning behind the last words of her owner


I would recommend that you should watch anime series of violet evergarden to better understand the movie.

Just to make you know it has anime also divided in episdoes if you prefer that way you can check that out with that being said just like Voilet Evergarden I have 20+ other suggestion of anime for you- 25 Best Adventure Anime Suggestions

4. The Garden Of Words

(Makoto Shinkai)

Released in 2013 is one of the must watch anime movies of all time every person who watches anime will highly recommend you to watch this movie.

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Theme of this movie is rain & how ‘rain’ changed the life of a young boy ‘Takao Akizuki’ (who is a 15yr high school boy & his dream is to become a shoemaker)& Yukari Yukino (who is 27yr old women & teacher at Takao’s school). 

One day both facing life problem bunks the school and meets coincidently at a place .From there on the story begin .

Though it was released on 2013 still animation are fabulous and story line is high rated so without a doubt this is one of the ‘Top Anime Movies’,

5. A Whisker Away

(Mari Okada)

This Movie has a ‘Netflix Adaptaion’ you can watch it on netflix also and was released on 18 June 2020.


Story goes like this ‘Miyo Sasaki’ is unhappy with her life she does not get along with her stepmom. And was rejected by her crush several times.

 One day she receives a mask from a man and find’s herself as a cat after wearing it. As she is cat now she start living with her crush ‘s house & decides that this how she want to live .

Then after a incident the mask seller once again appears in front of her with a proposal  “that is she willing to live as a cat forever” and she gladly accepts it but soon regrets her decision .

And In in order to meet mask seller and to cancel the contract she follows him to the cat island.

With this said this gives various life lesson’s alongside with its romance & wonderful animation.

6. 5 Centimeter Per Second

(Makoto Shinkai)

Released on 3 March 2007.Movie revolves around a boy ‘Takaki’.Movie is divided into 3 Episode or phase of life of takaki.


Episode 1- Cheery Blossom

Due to family relocation ‘Shinohara Akira’ had to leave Tokyo the strong feeling for each other keeps both of them in contact with each other. And as takaki’s family is also relocating from Tokyo he decide to meet her one last time.

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The train journey in this episode shows how it feels like forever when you want to meet some one you truly love.

Episode 2- Cosmonaut

Now this episode takes place several year later as takaki write mails to akira but never sends it to her. Meanwhile “Sumita Kanae’ his classmate has feeling for him never had the guts to confess. 

Episode 3- 5 Centimeter Per Second

Now Takaki is working as a computer programer & live a normal life by remembering his former love .

And one certain day he passes a women who looks familiar to him…….

This anime has drama, romance, slice of life and like any other romantic anime it has sad and frustrating ending. This is the only thing  I hate about romantic anime movies or anime series.

7. Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners Of The Sky

(Nakaba Suxuki)

Movie was released on 18 Aug 2018 it is the movie of the famous anime series “Seven Deadly Sin”.
If you haven’t seen it yet then you should watch it.


Well story goes like this ‘Meliodes’ & his band travel to remote land in search of ‘Sky Fish’. But they are separated in between and meliodes & hawk end up in ‘Sky Palace’.

Meanwhile there is duplicate of meliodes on sky island& had committed a crime & fled. Due to this misunderstanding meliodes is thrown into prison.

Now Demon Army of Black Arrives at Sky Island & try to remove a Seql which will release a furious beast.

So in order to prevent this battle between Seven Deadly Sin and & Six Knights Of “Black” take place.

You should watch this movie as animation is up to the mark as well as fight moments.

Specially  I like fighting of ‘Esconer’ though his screen time is less but the way he  over powers his opponent is just amazing.

So these were my  top 7 recommendation for “Top Anime Movie”. Hope you like it.

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