20 strongest devil fruit

20 strongest devil fruit

Hey, fellow One Piece fans. Hope you guys are doing fine. Well if you guys are looking for the list of strongest devil fruit lists then you came to the right place. But before we get started with our list of strongest devil fruit you need to know a few things about how I have ranked the Devil Fruit. So, let’s get started.

And if you need the list of strongest Paremica, Zoan, Logia devil fruit, or Strongest Devil Fruit including Non-Canon stories then comment in it down. And I will try to make it as soon as possible.

How Devil Fruit Are Ranked?

First of all, I have only Included Canon Story devil fruit. Secondly, I have not ranked them with respect to how their users used them. Instead, I have ranked them on the basis of whether they can beat each other if wielders are the same. For example, Ace with Gomu fruit can beat Ace Mera Mera no Mi or not. So, basically, you can say if in my imagination one devil fruit can beat another or not.

For this list take ACE as a reference and let’s try to imagine how each type of devil fruit will work on him.

If you believe my ranking and explanation are wrong and your explanation of devil fruit beats mine, I will change the list and place it accordingly. So, comment down below, I’m looking forward to a good debate.

So, now let’s begin the list you guys were waiting for. In this list, I have listed the top 20 strongest out of 139.  And if you want to know how many devil fruits there are in total including non-canon and SBS it is 191.

At first, I have listed all the defense type devil fruit for the simple reason as one can’t win just with defense and need offense in order to take down an enemy. It might be good for you as you can protect yourself but if you face any strong opponent then defense might not be a good option. So, because of this simple reason, all defense-type devil fruit is at the bottom of the rank. Now, let’s dive into the list of the 20 strongest devil fruits in One Piece.

20. Woshu Woshu no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

Currently, the owner of this Devil Fruit is Tsuru. And as for the reason why this devil fruit is on the list is because of the unique ability that can change people in cloth and wash off their personality. For instance, if you have an evil ability you will become a good person if you are caught by her ability.

 And for the reason why this devil fruit is not above any further because there might be some condition that we are not aware of and if there is not then she would have been a Big Name around the One Piece World.

19. Kira Kira no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

The next Devil fruit that was made into this list is  Kira Kira no Mi or the diamond fruit and as the name suggests it gives users the ability to transform themselves into diamonds. And we all know diamond is the strongest element and can’t be cut or destroyed easily so because of this fact this devil fruit made into the list.

 We even saw how Diamond Jozu, the current user of this devil fruit, deflected Mihawk’s slash without taking any damage in return.

This is the second-best defensive devil fruit one could have. And until one is some like Mihawk one will not approach him casually.

What do you think of Diamond Jozu let me know in the comment down below.

18.Bari Bari no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

Some people might not agree with this one but I put this above Kira Kira no Mi has no such weakness as Kira Kira no Mi has. Barrier fruit simply can’t be penetrated and it can be used in various ways as we have seen in Dressrosa Arc. 

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And also it can protect large no people, unlike Diamond Jozu who can only protect himself with his ability. The current User Of Barrier fruit is Bartolomeoand before he was one of the Orochi’s subordinated named Semimaru

So, because of this reason Barrier Barrier fruit is above Kira Kira No Mi. What do you guys think of this let me know in the comment down below.

17. Ishi Ishi no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

This devil fruit can be quite a pain to deal with as to defeat the user you need to track and knock him out. As Zoro did. Or everyone can’t defeat as Zoro did to Pica. And it would be even difficult to fight against this user if one is fighting them in his own territory.

This ability gives the user the ability to travel in the stone and even can control one. So, until one has armament Haki o is someone like Zoro it would be hard to fight against this DEvil fruit User.

16. The Chop-Chop Fruit

20 strongest devil fruit

The next Devil Fruit in this list of 20 strongest devil fruits is Chop-Chop. And the current owner of this Devil Fruit is Captain Buggy though he is not quite happy about his ability. This devil fruit is really a pain to deal with as you can’t cut users. 

And if the user is good unlike Buggy he would be probably a Big Figure in the One Piece world as you just simply kill him. As of now, we don’t know any other way to deal with this devil fruit except sea handcuffs.

Do you guys agree with me or not let me know in the comment down below.

15.Hobi Hobi no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

This Devil Fruit totally depends on the user’s personality. The more twisted the personality, the more effective this devil fruit is. This devil fruit allows users to convert people into toys and this doesn’t end with that. The person will have all his memories but his family, lover, and child will totally forget about them. You see how painful it would be if you are living with your family as a toy and they have forgotten about you and had started a new family.

But with this devil fruit has a big flaw that if ever he/she loses his or her consciousness the ability will revert and everyone will be converted back to normal. 

The current user of this Devil Fruit was Sugar. Who knows what she will do in the future with this ability.

14. Tori Tori no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

This Devil Fruit user is Marco the Phoenix, a character in the One Piece who has 0 haters. 1st division commander of the White Beard Pirates his devil fruit is Tori Tori no Mi, it is a Zoan type devil fruit that gives users the ability to use a unique type of fire that will hurt the one whom you want to.

Apart from this, it gives the user the ability to transform into a Phoenix. These flames of Tori Tori no Mi not only hurt or kill the enemy but heal too. In the recent One Piece Episode, we found out that Marco can counter the Virus that Queen made and with that can heal the allies in the process.

So, in whatever way you look at this Devil Fruit it is one of the Devil Fruit that everyone one to get his/her hands on. 

13. Kage Kage no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

This devil fruit once belonged to once a seven warlord and the captain of  Thriller Bark Pirates Geko Moriya. We all saw this devil fruit and how dangerous it could be if the users are good. 

Kage Kage no Mi is a devil fruit that lets users steal other people’s shadows from them. And once the shadow is taken a person can’t enter in the sunlight and if they do they will instantly vaporize.

One can even make the dead alive by putting other’s shadows in them as we have seen in the thriller bark Arc where Geko put the shadows of many people in Dead Giant.

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This ability is creepy as well as dangerous at the same time. What do you think of this ability let me know in the comment down below.

12. Ito Ito no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

Ito Ito no Mi or String- String fruit allows users to use string. And these strings are not your usual strings that are easily broken. These strings are impossible to break and can be used in any way you want to. It can make users fly, use it as a long-range attack and whatnot. The current user of this fruit is Doflamingo. 

Who even awakened this devil fruit and as we all saw how it can destroy a whole Kingdom and if you are trapped in it then there is no way you can get out of it except knocking out the users.

This is one of the devil fruit that would be impossible to deal with if you are not stronger than the user.

11. Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

We saw a glimpse of how powerful this Devil Fruit is and what this devil fruit is capable of. Through the Kuma, the wielder of this power saved Luffy and his crew from the Admiral. We cannot deny the fact that this Devil Fruit is one the strongest devil fruit in One Piece.

This Devil Fruit allows users to deflect anything thrown at the light speed, punches, ghosts, and many more.

One can even suck the pain of the others, let anything, even the user, travel at light speed. You can imagine how dangerous this devil fruit is. This devil fruit even lets users compress air and throw a massive punch one as we saw in Marine Ford Arc where Kuma throws a punch at Little Oars Jr. to knock out the enemy.

Now we are in the Top 10 section of the 20 strongest devil fruits. So, if you like this list leave a comment. From here on we will see the devil fruit that gives users God-like powers.

10.Soru Soru no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

You can get a glimpse of how powerful this devil fruit is by just knowing its current users. Big Mom who is the current user of this devil fruit and is one of the 4 emperors of the sea.

This devil fruit grants users the ability to manipulate souls, it also allows users to reduce other people’s lifespan by taking a piece of their soul and burning any object to life.

By using this fruit she created her whole empire and many servants that are usually objects.

Do you agree that if anyone else got this devil fruit they would have been at Big Mom level or even at the level of the warlord or do you disagree with me and think that only Big mom can achieve this feat as she was a monster since a child?

9. Zushi Zushi no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

Next Devil fruit is Zushi Zushi no Mi is truly a devil fruit of God as this allows users to control gravity and if used properly one can even create a meteor shower as we have seen. Fujitoro, one of the Admiral, is the user of this fruit. 

It allows users to control gravity from large scale to small scale. He can use it on a single person, float anything in the sky, and can bring meteorites to the surface. What else do you think this devil fruit is capable of let me know in the comment down below.

8. Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu 

20 strongest devil fruit

The current owner of this devil fruit is Kaido, one of the emperors. This devil fruit allows users to transform into a large dragon, which allows one to fly, transforming into half human half dragon with dragon scale on it.

The users gain all the power that dragons have, that is one can shoot lasers from its mouth, shoot fire, and can even allow users to create clouds that can even float a whole island as we are seeing in the Wano Arc.

7. Pika Pika no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

The current user of this devil fruit is Borsalino, one of the 3 admirals. To be honest I hate his character. He is the second Admiral that I hate after Sakazuki only because of their nature and the way they talk. 

His devil fruit lets him use the power of light scatter as light does, shoot light beams, travel at light speed, this devil fruit even lets him use it as a saber. 

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But it can be counter with Haki as we saw Raylien did in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc.

6.  Hie Hie no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

The owner of this devil fruit is Kuzan, a former admiral. And we have all seen how scary his devil fruit is. This devil fruit gives the user the power of ice. One can use devil fruit in any possible way that all depends upon creativity. 

One can freeze Ocean can use a cycle to travel across it. In an instant freeze anyone you don’t even have to touch. Like we see when Kuzan encounters Dofy. 

The even better one can even stop a Tsunami just by freezing the water. The one we saw in Marineford Arc when White Beard created the Tsunami.

5. Goro Goro no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

This one is truly God’s devil fruit and is worthy to be on this list of 20 strongest devil fruits. This devil fruit belongs to ENIL. Whom straw hat encountered in Skypiea Island.

This devil lets users use the power of electricity. And allows users to Zap on the enemies and with precise control it is more dangerous. This devil fruit enables users to regulate the voltage between 1 to 200. 

With this, his body is practically impossible to touch and even after his heartbeat goes off this devil fruit enables the user to restart his heartbeat. 

With all this major power comes a little flaw that is useless against Rubber but what is the possibility of meeting one?

4. Magu Magu no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

I bet the user of this devil fruit is the most hated character even more hated than Blackbeard or any other character.

The user is Sakazuki, the fleet admiral of the Navy. The user gets the power of Lava. One can melt anything. He can even transform himself into magma. 

Users can shoot large-scale magma like the Meteroiest from the sky. And due to its physical nature, it can defeat many devil fruits such as Ice, fire, or another natural element, and only because of this reason it holds 4th position in the rank.

3. Ope Ope no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

This devil fruit lets users create a room in which one can do anything like cutting people into pieces without killing them and this skill remains even after getting away from the room and remains till the user wants to keep. It can even swap internal organs. I mean swapping someone’s heart and that person is your slave. It can even join limbs that are cut off from the body. 

This devil fruit best suits this person who is currently using it not only suits his personality as well as his profession Trafalgar D. Water Law. Captain of the Heat Pirate and one of the members of the worst generation.

Even further this devil fruit lets users teleport people from one place to another. What else do you want? Its awakening is more dangerous. I will not talk about it right now as it will ruin the mood of anime viewers.

Considering all these factors I think giving 3rd position to this devil fruit is right. What do you think? Give your opinion.

2. Yami Yami no Mi

20 strongest devil fruit

In the 2nd position is Yami Yami no Mi. This devil fruit is owned by Blackbeard( Marshall D. Teach), former pirate of Blackbeard and current captain of Blackbeard pirates.

This devil fruit lets the user absorb anything, be it devil fruit ability or attacks. This is how he defeated Ace during their battle.

This devil fruit lets users use the power of a black hole. And one instant of its power is shown when he consumed the whole city.

I mean this devil fruit truly deserves to be in 2nd position and right at the moment we don’t know about its true power.

Tero Tero no Mi 

20 strongest devil fruit

I simply put this fruit at no.1 because of the level of destruction this fruit can create if the owner is capable just like its former user Whitebeard(Edward Newgate) created during the Marine Fort Arc. It was so amazing that nothing till now compares to it.

This fruit lets users control seismic waves which are the cause of earthquakes.

This allows users to create shock waves in the air, and even create their own natural disasters like creating tsunami and to add more and this fruit lets users tilt entire sections of the world by grabbing and flipping the air, And now this fruit is in the hand of Marshall D. Teach. 

So, with this, I would like to end this list of the 20 strongest devil fruit. Hope you guys like it. Let me know from which devil fruit you agree and from not. Even tell the fruit that I should consider adding to this list in the future. 

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    1. Well, my reasoning was simple for not putting it on this list as Luffy brought the devil fruit maximum potential out. And this is the list of strongest devil fruit which means even the dumbest user can use its abilities to their full potential which is not the case with gomu gomu no mi as it require some creative person with certain amount of will to bring out its potential. And the second point is when I was writing about this Blog Gear 5 was not released which made his devil fruit significantly weak as compared to other devil fruit users which were admirals and yonkos. Hope you got my point.

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