Several new trailers of Tales of Arise role-playing game were unveiled by Bandai Namco Entertainment on Monday. In the preview of the first video, the company showed the opening animation by ufotable as well as the theme song of the game “Hibana” which is sung by Kankaku Piero.

First, look at “Tales of Arise Game’s” Trailer:

Next Video showcase the trailer, of the theme song from Blu-ray:

At last here is the trailer of the official anime opening.

Here is the preview of the gameplay of Tales of Arise:

The game will be launched for the following platforms:

  1. PlayStation 4,5
  2. Xbox One
  3. Xbox Series X|S
  4. PC via Steam

And regarding the game’s launch date, it is revealed that it will launch in Japan on September 9 and in the West on September 10.

Originally Bandai Namco was planning to launch the game in 2020 but due to the aspiring nature of the project they asked for more time and they also added that COVID-19 has also affected the project a little.

The website revealed two playable characters from the game:

The game’s website describes the two main characters:

1. Takuya Sato- He is a young Alpha from planet Dahna and has lost his memories and sense of pain, and he hides his face under half iron mask.

Tales of Arise
Image Source- AnimeNewsNetwork

2. Shino Shimoji- She has a curse that whosoever touches her feel pain, she is cursed by “Thrones”.

Tales of Arise
Image Source- AnimeNewsNetwork

Few Additional Information:

  1. Developer- Bandai Namco Studios
  2. Publisher- Bandai Namco Entertainment
  3. Producer- Yusuke Tomizawa
  4. Artist- Minoru Iwamoto
  5. Composer- Motoi Sakuraba
  6. Genre- Action role-playing
  7. Mode-Single-player
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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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