one piece episode 1008

Hey guys, I’m once again back as the new episode of one piece dropped today. And I would like to share my honest opinion with you guys. With that, I would love to read your opinion on today’s episode. So let’s begin.

Firstly, I would like to talk about the fight between Marco and Big Mom and who ODA left us with huge hype. Will Charlotte Perospero kill Marco or will he backstab Big Mom? I personally don’t feel like he will backstab her. So how will Marco get out of the situation? Because his role has not even started yet in my opinion. And one more thing that I like that how Marco’s flame defeated the flames of Prometheus.

Apart from this, it was never seen in anime that in-between dialogues someone attacks each other, and today Big Mom broke the anime code by grabbing Marco. Just kidding.

Nothing much happen where other straw hats were it is just chopper started figuring out the virus and gets infected in the process. And I think nothing serious will happen cause if he becomes oni then the game is over for samurai.

Things between Ulti, Nami, and Usopp became serious. Firstly I thought she is just joking but now I hate her character she is just so dumb and only uses a headbutt. I seriously don’t understand her character nor do I like her character. I want someone to beat the shit out of her for hurting nami.

Things got serious when she broke usopp’s skull that moment, I thought she is one crazy bitch and need to be taken care of soon. And felt relieved when Tama came to their rescue. I’m she is such a good kid. I really like her character.

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And one thing that I like the most in this episode is how NAMI chooses to dream of Luffy’s over her life. Even though she could have just lied about it. And could save her life and that would not even matter that much.

So, what do you think about today’s episode just comment down below your thoughts? I would love to read them. And please try to avoid giving spoilers from the manga I would appreciate that too.

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