One Piece Anime Discussion For Episode 1007

Today, on 23 Jan new episode of One Piece was dropped and the title of the anime as you all know was “Zoro’s pursuit! Ice Oni Tag!”. It was quite fun to watch I fully try to cover everything from starting to ending as much I could possibly can. So, let’s begin.

As the anime begin queen going rampage with his gun, I was thinking that how will they deal with it and I knew from the beginning that among these guys would be the ones who will fight the queen and then get the antidote from him. And I was sure that it is not Zoro because for him the worthy opponent is King. And as Sanji is also not there so who could it be. But as Queen himself gave the anti-dote to appo and betrayed him. I just loved it cause I personally hate appo’s character and want to have him taste his medicine. That made me very happy.

And now I would like to talk a little bit about Yamato. Though your views may be different from mine in the end it doesn’t matter. I appreciate that she is protecting “Momonosuke” and is fighting alongside Luffy. Her help really does make an effect on the battle outcome. But the fact that I don’t like about her character is her obsession with Oden and how she totally believes that she is Oden her. Admiring someone is a different thing and determining oneself is just another thing. Though it is a healthy obsession and is in favor of Luffy so I’m OK with that.

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Apart from all these things I want to see how Chopper will make an antidote to this virus and that to in mass quantity without any item and equipment. Haha though it is just an anime so let’s not get carried away. And what will happen after he gives the antidote to Beast Pirates. Will they come in alliance with samurai and Straw Hat and change the tide of the war or they will continue to fight against them. And If they fight against Samurai then how will Luffy and others win this fight I mean it still seems to be impossible to defeat both Yonko.

I would like to read your opinion and what do you think will happen in the future and how will things turn. I would appreciate it if you don’t give any spoilers or hints from the Manga and make this a healthy discussion.

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