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Today’s episode of One Piece is one of my favorites in terms of animation quality. And with this episode, I think anime has entered its climax phase and its beginning is pretty good. Do you agree?

The three calamities Vs Mugiwara and alliance. It’s gone be awesome I think. With this let’s begin the Discussion.


One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

I would like to appreciate the fantastic work done by the animation team. Just this image looks complete and talks more than enough about the quality of animation. Did you like the animation quality? Now let’s talk about Monster Duo.

Monster Duo

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk
The beginning of the fight was pretty badass for Sanji and Zoro. I’m really excited about this fight. And Hugoro said it right nobody should interrupt this fight for theirs. And I completely agree with Zoro if they overcome this fight then can have a glimpse of Luffy’s dream.

I think just like how the last arc focused completely on Sanji this arc will focus on Zoro. And he will evolve more after this fight with King. We have still not seen what is post-time skip Zoro is capable of, isn’t it?

In Dresrossa there was no one capable of handling Zoro and making him use his full power, unlike Luffy. And this thing makes it more exciting. Do you agree with me? Or does your opinion differ? Now lets about some mysterious things.

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

First is King’s backstory from the beginning King is a big mystery. Right now we know a little about him. First that he belongs to a unique race. Secondly that they can wield fire.

Here is what I think his race might have been eradicated by the world government just like Nico Robin’s hometown was destroyed(The particular reason for eradication is still not clear) and he is also the last of his race or maybe a few of them survived but are hidden. What do you think about him? Apart from that once again KUDOS to the animation team for this animation.

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One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

Next is Zoro’s link to Wano I think he is connected to this land somehow I even don’t know who will reveal his backstory but it’s going to be awsome I think. There is a sign that maybe he is connected to Ruyma one way or another but nothing can be said for sure as ODA is very unpredictable. But all I know is it gone be one hell of a story.

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

I don’t know why but I felt that this kind of situation happens to everyone when our elder talks about random things and we think he is crazy but later in life, we realize how deep that thought was. I don’t know why but this is how I felt after watching this scene. Did you feel the same? Or did you ever realize something our elder said a long time ago which that time sounded crazy but makes sense now?

And lastly, I want to talk about Momo. Finally, he is gone be useful in my opinion. All this time he was a crybaby and I hated his character everyone was dying and this shit is just crying.

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk
We all know what is behind this smoke. Right? A fully large evolved dragon.

And with this, I would like to conclude this Blog. Do you agree with my thoughts or do your thoughts differ let me know in the comment I would love to read your comment.

And I will meet you in the next discussion of AnimTalk of One Piece episode 1046. Till then you can read my previous AnimTalk of One Piece and Other animes

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