Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

tryndamere build and complete guide

Hello, fellow Wild Rifter hope you are all doing well. Today. I would be sharing with you guys my experience and build of tryndamere. So stay tuned as you will learn something new in each section if you are at low elo.

But before that I would like to talk about my experience and league. If I am not worthy then it would be a waste of your precious time .


I’ve been playing wild rift since season 0 and completely shifted to Wild Rift from Mobile Legend: Bang Bang from late season 2. And now currently at Diamond 4 and reached Diamond consecutivity. For some High Elo Players this might not be impressive.
But it does prove that I’m worthy of telling others about my build and experience. My main champions are- Darius, Tryndamere, Sett, Master Yi, Malphite and Mundo. Other than that I can play a support tank role very effectively.

So, now without wasting any more of your time let’s straight head to the tryndamere build and complete guide.

Why Passive is Important-

First and most important before you even try a champion you must understand is its passive. WIth this you will be already way ahead of the player that learns the ability while playing.

This can also give you an upper hand in low elo as most of the low elo players either can’t activate the champions passive or don’t even know what it does. So let’s check out what is the tryndamere’s passive.

Tryndamere’s Passive-

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

When you land a critical strike on an enemy you will gain 0.32% as fury. This fury will be shown as a red bar under the health bar and the amount of fury determines how much damage you give to the enemy.

And you will get 45% attack speed when you attack an enemy and this has a cooldown of 6 seconds.

How you gain Fury
5 Fury for every attack, 10 for a critical strike, and 15 for a kill. So, if you want to gain fury fast during early game try to get a last hit on minions this way you will ensure that you will lose less fury due to a cooldown of 8 seconds.
And the final thing that tryndamere’s passive does is Attack Speed bonus increases with Undying Rage’s ability rank.

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Other Ability-


Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

At first glance this ability seems completely useless to many players. And to be honest I also used to think the same. Because all it does is heal and that to a small extent. But well it has other uses too. Let me explain.

First of all when you have used your ulti and need to run away and are under some spell or bleed effect then you can use this to at least survive.

Secondly, you can use it just before using ulti. What this will do is give you extra health as well Active and Passive ability which I will explain a bit but before that let’s see what it will. As you have consumed the rage now you use ulti it will fill your rage bar half so like this you can use tryndamere exceptionally well. So, now let’s take a look at this passive and active ability.

Passive: While using this ability you will gain 5 attack damage and plus additional 0.25 attack damage which depends on per 1% of missing health.


Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

This ability is quite simple to understand; it reduces nearby enemy champions’ attack damage by 25% for 2,5 second. And if the enemy is running away from you then it will slow him down by 20%. So, I hope you know when to use this ability.


Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

This ability is the most important ability in tryndamere. You can do many things with this ability.

You can chase enemies, run away or prepare an ambush all depending on your creative and game style. And obviously you will max out this ability first and other abilities at last.

Now let’s see it use-

It dashes toward the direction you choose and gives 80 physical damage + other bonus damage.
And one plus thing about this ability is that critical strike against minions reduce the ability cooldown by 1 second, and it will be doubled if you strike a champion with critical strike. And also gain 2 fury for each enemy hit.


Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

Lastly is ultimate and as the name suggests tryndamere can’t die during this phase. So, my suggestion is to try to target enemies with low health( ADC and Support) as this will get you most out of your ultimate. Now let’s see passive and active use.

Passive: Increases Battle Fury’s Bonus attack speed to 50%.

Active Ability: Tryndamere can’t die during this phase for almost 5 seconds and can be used under crowd control.

So, these were the tryndamere abilities . Now before getting to its build let’s see some other things.

What is tryndamere good at?

This should be the first thing that should come to your mind before playing any champion: what exactly this champion is good at and what he is not good at.

So like this, tryndamere is good at short battles and bad at long fights. This is why most tryndamere players go after adc and support cause they are easy to kill. And if you go behind tanky characters then all you would be doing is wasting its ability and will die eventually.

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Tryndamere Role:


Now let’s talk about the role that tryndamere excel. The best role that tryndamere can have is jungle. Due to its ultimate cooldown time this is the best role for him in my opinion and with the help of his spinning ability he is good at ganking lanes at the same time.

Baron Lane:

After this you can use tryndamere at baron. I myself use tryndamere at baron lane. But this comes with major flaws such as if you have an enemy which has range ability then he will poke you till death. But if you are a melee champion then believe me you can dominate them from level 1 this is the power of tryndamere. And after level he is a total beast. And at the same time if you are being pushed and dying then there is no worse champion than this.

Mid Lane:

Apart from this you can use tryndamere as a mid laner. You can gank both baron and duo lane pretty easily with your abilities and can change the battle outcome. But there is also a flaw as mid lane is most important if you start losing the lane then the whole team will suffer. And your ultimate cooldown makes it even worse. So, choose tryndamere wisely.

Now. let’s talk about the things that for which you guys came here i.e tryndamere build as we just completed the ability guide:

Ruins that you should use one tryndamere:



Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

In my opinion this ruin is the best suit tryndamere whichever role you are playing.
Champions gain stacks of AD or AP when you hit the enemy champion with different attacks. And when stacked 5 times you will deal bonus damage to the enemy.


Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

Your champion will gain 7 AD or 14 AP. Other than you might go for Gathering Storm but personally don’t like Gathering Storm.

Hunter- Titan

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

Next you might want to use hunter-titan as a jungler because you will be in lots of fights and this will give 20 extra health for every champion take down. So, this might be good for jungler. You can also use this ruin on baron and mid lane. All depends on you.

Adaptive Carapace

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

This ruin is also good on tryndamere. It basically gives 50 health to champion and when a champion is below 50% health champion gains 12 AR this might be useful for tryndamere because he almost every time below 50% health due to its build.


Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

This ruin gives you 2.5 ability haste on every unique champion take down.

I personally prefer this one.

Sweet Tooth

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

This might be useful for mid and baron lane tryndamere. I personally use Hunter Genius.


Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

This might come handy for jungler as it gives 9% movement speed in brush, jungle and river when out of combat.

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Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

This ruins is also a good option for jungler as it gives 10% bonus true damage to epic monsters and 10% bonus damage to turret.

And finally we are in the section for which you guys came here. Tryndamere build. Basically there are two types of build for tryndamere:

  • Critical Fighter
  • Jungle Build

Critical Build

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

Jungle Build

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

I will explain each of these items in short so it is easy for you to understand.


Core item for fighter tryndamere:

Blade Of Ruined King:

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

This item gives +20 attack damage and with that it also gives +35 attack speed.

Statikk Shiv:

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

+25% critical rate, and +35 attack speed

Why are these item are core item for tryndamere because aas you know tryndamere excel at short battle and to get most damage in short time we need speed and these are item that gives tryndamere what he need for battle that is speed +35+ 35 , attack damage +20 and critical rate +25%.

Core item for jungle tryndamere:

Statikk Shiv:

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

+25% critical rate, and +35 attack speed
Reasoning is the same for this. And the rest depends on you what you want to use.

Infinity Edge

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

You might want to go for this as the third item if you want to give the most damage to the enemy as this item gives you +55 attack damage and +25% critical rate.

As for the boots you can for anyone:

Gluttonous Greaves:

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

It gives +8% physical vamp and +8% magical vamp and +40 movement speed.

Boots of Swiftness:

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

+50 movement speed

Mercury’s Treads

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

+40 movement speed and +10 magic resistance.

And above this you can use


Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

Quite a useful item but many don’t use. This item removes all the crowd control and give 50% movement speed.

Mercury’s Glory

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

Gains 15% movement speed and after 4 seconds release a shockwave which slows enemy champions down.

Mercury’s Protobelt

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

Gives a short dash in the direction you want and launches a few missiles that give 75-145 magic damage.

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

This item gives you +45 attack damage, +25 critical rate and +15ability haste. And also on critical strike non ultimate abilities cooldown will be reduce which mean more spinning abilities.

Guardian Angel

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

+40 Attack damage and +40 armor and when you die it will resurrect you again.

Solari charge Blade

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

+30 % attack speed, +25 critical rate and +15ability haste.

Trinity Force:

Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide

+200 Max Health, + 20 attack damage, +30 Attack speed and + 25 ability haste.

Spell that you can use on Tryndamere are:

  • Flash
  • Ignite
  • Ghost
  • Smite

Now before I end my tryndamere build and complete guide. I would like to tell you about a few champions that tryndamere is strong against.

  • Darius
  • Garen
  • Nasus

Tryndamere is almost strong against all melee champions. All depends on how you play against your opponent. Here are a few more and these are from my experience.

  • Kayle
  • Jarvan

And as for Sett it all depends on how you play you might dominate him or he might dominate you. But after level 5 if he didn’t kill you once or twice punish him hard.

And he weak Against ranged champion in laning phase such as-

  • Vayane
  • Lucian

Champion that can give you a hard time till level 5.

  • Teemo
  • Malphite
  • Singed
  • Jacee
  • Fiora

So with this we complete our tryndamere build and complete guide. Hope you got everything I want to explain. And if you have any problem contact me.

Instagram- @Call_Me_Pahadi
Youtube Channel- Glitch Gaming Wild Rift

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