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What up One Piece Fans how are you all doing? I hope you guys are doing great in this Blog I would like to talk about today’s episode of 1047 which was pretty good overall.

Let’s begin with Frank’s fight with Tobi Ropo.

One Piece Episode 1047 | AnimeTalk

I was expecting more out of this and something new and innovative from Frank. And also this fight ended way too quickly and the same goes for a fight with Jimbe it felt like they were handling kids. But at the same time, they were not even overpowered. I think they chopped down some of their fights.

They had a pretty long fight in the manga if I remember correctly. I may be wrong as it has been a way too long time. after that, I stopped reading manga.

One Piece Episode 1047 | AnimeTalk
Next, I want to talk about their fight I’m really looking forward to their new awakening. This is a must condition if and then they can’t defeat this baba. What could be the awakening of Law Kids pretty much we can assume but what would be his awakening?
Any guess?
One Piece Episode 1047 | AnimeTalk
Ussop never dissopint me. Whenever he appears he makes me smile. And his reaction is my all-time favorite action. Do you love his character or do you find it irritating? Let me know.

And the best thing about him is his lying ability. I don’t have this ability and I envy this thing of his even though he is a fictional character. He can turn a losing event into his winning side with just a little help which I can’t pull. For ex-

One Piece Episode 1047 | AnimeTalk
he just turned the time without moving a finger. Just like that. TRULY GOD USSOP!!!
One thing I hate about anime is characters started trusting each other very quickly and their bond is depicted as so pure and so trust worth that I find it cringe as this is not possible in real life and even if does exist it is very very very rare.

But apart from that she held very well against him. She has done more than enough in this battle and I think she deserves to be part of Luffy’s crew do you agree?

One Piece Episode 1047 | AnimeTalk
Momo can be finally useful and I loved this form of his PINK Dragon do you love this PINK DRAGON? Let me know. And last thing that I’m looking forward in a future episode is this-

Did you like today’s episode? let me know your views on this one.

Until next time you can read my previous comments on One Piece.

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