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Hey, anime fans how are all you people doing? And hope you guys are enjoying One Piece to its fullest. But after watching today’s episode I was not enjoying the One Piece to its fullest. I will explain Why? To begin with I would like to start with the Main context of the episode. And later I would like to focus on other aspects of today’s episode. So, let’s begin.

Sanji VS Queen My Views

How should I put it…umm. Here I will say it bluntly. I didn’t even feel excited about a fight between these two. It seemed to me like this was a child fight where one bullies another for his parent’s actions and throughout the fights Sanji was getting bullied just because he was Vinsomke.

Well, I agree that there might be a trauma of the past like that to make it feel more natural or something like that but still, it feels way too much off. Fighting scenes were like one beating the other then the other way around and then repeating nothing to hype up.

And the way Queen got distracted by that girl seemed like Sanji had a plot armor as he was in the protagonist team. To date, throughout this Wano Arc, not a single fight felt like it was yes this is the fight. Till the end, they were showing new new moves instead of fighting till one is down.

I was totally disappointed with the action throughout the Wano Arc. I don’t know if it is just me or if you guys also feel that. Throughout their meeting till their ending I just felt like something is missing and I was thinking that after this good part will come up it never came.

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Yes, the Sanji power was definitely good. But I feel sorry to say that apart from that nothing seemed to be interesting to me.

Next, let’s take a quick look at a few other aspects of today’s episode.

As I’m on criticizing part then let me criticize one more thing. I hate this kind of emotional shit I don’t know if anyone in real life does things like this. But this kind of thing makes me cringe instead of making me feel sympathetic toward them.

Here is a reason for that. If I know that going somewhere is dangerous then I wouldn’t go there for sure. And most people think that way but I this anime shit is too much not only she will hurt herself but will make things difficult for those who are protecting them. Are you on the same page as me?

And when she did this thing I thought that now things will get difficult for Sanji but well it was the other way around.

One Piece Episode 1066 | AnimeTalk

Now, let’s talk a little bit about Sanji and Vinsomke and all these things. Well, it was worth emphasizing Sanji and Vinsomke as it was a type of trauma for Sanji that he have to overcome in order for character development.

And as for his anger towards his family and tuma I think are justified as looking at the massacre they have done, how they treated Sanji and other aspects I think all things are justified in Sanji’s case. What do you think let me know in the comment section down.

Next, I would like to talk about the new powerup of Sanji. I think it is very cool just because of its different color apart from that there is nothing change in other things. Even the move is the same just name are changed a little bit. But well animation is cool nothing to complain about here I loved that.

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And I also want to appreciate the change in the animation during the climax scene I don’t know if you guys noticed it or not. And I certainly loved it and looking forward to this kind of animation in the future.

And finally, I think something is off here. I don’t mean by scene but with all parts in total. I think ODA made Queen fall on purpose if he would be on the isnad he would have got up again. As I think this much beating is not enough to take down Queen and with this, we can also say that this was done for some purpose that might take place in the future.

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And looking at the track record of ODA in this kind of thing it is highly possible. What do you think let me know in the comment section down below.


Overall in terms of animation, action, and character development, the episode was quite good. But if you have high expectations just like me then you definitely will be disappointed.

And with this, I would like to end this AnimeTalk and if you liked the talk then comment down your views. I would love to read them and lastly, if you want to read more AnimeTalk then check out AnimeTalk.

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