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25 Best Dungeon Manga For You

Hey, people are you looking for a manga that is based on a dungeon and the main character clears the dungeon in a totally overpowered way then you came to the right place here I have suggested 25 such manga and they all are awesome.

I myself have read quite a few and I suggest that if you haven’t read any of the dungeon manga before and love overpowered the main protagonist then you should check out these mangas you will not be disappointed.

The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower

dungeon manga

This Manga here is totally filled with badass and Op moments and if you are into this type of manga then I would like to say go for it. And the great thing is that the protagonist doesn’t start everything from zero so that he is not reborn but instead he completely annihilates the enemies and comes back. From this thing, only you can think how badass he would be. Just like Saitama from One Punch Man. Just with more sense of his surroundings.

Anyway, I would try to give a summary of this Manga. The protagonist of this manga Hyeonu Kim was betrayed by his party member and was trapped in the tower for 12 years full of regenerating monsters. Instead of giving up he fought with them and destroyed the dungeon. And now he is back on earth’s surface, and on a mission to find the culprits who were behind his imprisonment. So how will he accomplish this check out this awesome Dungeon Manga?

Knockin’ on the Dungeon Door

dungeon manga

What would be our first reaction if you find yourself elsewhere instead of your bedroom.
This similar thing happened to Hyeonbok Kim but with a little different thing. One day as he was heading outside he opens his apartment gate and finds himself in the dungeon full of monsters and not the corridor of the apartment. And as a natural human reaction firstly he hides from the monster and tries to survive as long as he can.

But when everything fails he decides to either die or face this situation toe to toe and tries his best to defeat the dungeon bosses. And he has his skeleton friend with him to assist in this mission. Soon he discovers a rare talent for magic while learning about friendship and bravery. So what will happen now is he is ready to face this dungeon, Follow the manga to know more.

Solo Leveling

dungeon manga

Well if you are familiar with the Manga world then you have definitely heard about this Manga and if you haven’t. Then I’m here for that. An anime adaptation is in-process and I’m already looking forward to that. Totally hyped for the anime release. And the best thing about this is that it has everything that one Manga reader is looking for: Badass protagonist, Amazing storyline, OP moments, color with good character images. And another thing is that it is completed with a total of 179 chapters.

The story of this Manga follows Sung Jin-Woo who is famously known as the Weakest Hunter ever lived. 10 years ago, Gates all around the world started appearing and some people started getting special power and were referred to as “Hunter”.

And Jin-Woo is the weakest among them who can’t even clear an E-level dungeon. So that is why he was referred to as the Weakest Hunter but on a certain dungeon, the mission changed everything for him. He and his party members were all stuck on a mysterious dungeon which appeared in an E level dungeon and almost all the party was annihilated and some were left and when he woke up he found himself alive with some mysterious system stuck to him which only he can see and have access to. So follow up Jin-Woo on his journey to read this Dungeon Manga if you haven’t read it.

Tomb Raider King

dungeon manga

The next Manga in this Dungeon Manga is Tomb Raider King. In short, this is a story of a man who was given a chance to do things again from the beginning as he was betrayed and was killed.

The story begins as God’s Tombs start to appear all around the world in an indifferent dungeon. And one who clears these tombs gets relics that give users a unique power. While other Relic users become enslaved to these relics and power.

And among these people is a person famously called Tomb Raider who used to rob relics whenever and wherever he could.

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But he was betrayed by the owner of the company to whom he was working and was trapped in a dungeon and was eventually killed. But he was given a chance by a strange crow who appeared in front of him in his last moment and summoned him back in time before the Tomb started to appear.

So will he change the tide this time around and why are these tombs appearing all around the world? And will he get his revenge? You will find all these answers in the Manga so check it out.

Dungeon Reset

dungeon manga

The Manga follows Jung-down who was once a player who used to clear dungeons. And you might be thinking that manga has something to do with reset. And if you are thinking this then you are right. So let me explain.

Jung’s Life turns upside down as he was all of a sudden summoned into a Dungeon, where he has no choice but to play a deadly game. And has to clear everything from dangerous monsters and life-threatening traps in order to survive.

And to make his situation even worse he has only a crafter skill with zero combat points. Things changed when he was trapped in a trap and after a weird reset, he gained an oddly helpful skill.
So how will this help him? What exactly is this you need to find out for yourself? And if you have read the manga already then comment down below your opinion.

Isekai Meikyuu de Harem o

dungeon manga

This might sound funny at the beginning. This is a story of a man who was looking for a way to commit suicide over the internet. I mean seriously who does this, but while looking for a way to suicide he came across an odd website that was being asked a lot of questions which eventually will allow you to create a character based on your questions and point you received. and when he was finally done he was already into the thing and want to know more about this.

So, one final thing he was asked to do was are you ready to be transported to another world. And there was a message that with this setting of your player returning might not be possible, so will you accept? And without thinking about it twice he clicked YES and the next thing he finds himself in another world, So what does this world look like? Find out by checking out this manga.

Sekai Saisoku no Level Up

dungeon manga

20 years ago dungeons suddenly started to appear all around the world and since then people started getting power which is determined by Level, Status, and Skills.

And here is our protagonist of the story Amane Rin who is dreaming of becoming rich quickly. Amane Rin is an adventurer who is fired up to capture dungeons. Even though he poses unique skills he is incompetent because of his inability to control them. However, a turning point came into his life.

After years of dedication, he started capturing dungeons And leveling up in the process. And soon he became an existence unrestricted by the rules of the dungeon. And now he has no one to stop so he became the sole individual who started climbing dungeons with monstrous speed and secured the position in the list of strongest ones in a blink of an eye.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

dungeon manga

Well you might have heard or even watched about the Manga and its anime. This is the story of Bell Cranel who is a young lad who lives with his goddess Hestia.

This young boy is trying to find his way into this world where there is a huge dungeon filled with monsters and the depth of the dungeon is still unknown.

Bell Cranel and many other people live with their goddess who descended on earth from Heaven to help these humans.
Bell Cranel has a big dream and while chasing it he ran across a swordswomen with whom he fell in love at first sight. But can an amateur adventure dare to do so?

Dungeon Builder: The Demon King’s Labyrinth is a Modern City!

dungeon manga

How do you feel if someone would be playing with human life as everyone used to play with their toys as a kid? In this Magna, the world is controlled by demons lords build dungeon and they devour human emotions, among them is a rookie demon lord, named Procel he had a different idea on the how things should be and he decide that he will create a dungeon where monsters and humans coexisted. But before that, he had to defeat the Wind Demon Lord.

Salaryman no Fushigi na Dungeon

dungeon manga

A salaryman named Yamagishi Amizuna was all of a sudden in front of the cave and before he could understand what was going on in front of his eye was a giant black tiger.

But when he thought he died he found himself back where he was. Firstly he panicked and could not grasp what was going on. Soon he discovers what exactly is going on and he finds out that it is a dungeon where he uses his own body to level up and beat dungeon lessons one by one.

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Sword Art Online: Calibur

dungeon manga

You might as well have heard about this manga if you follow anime. This manga is based on VRMMORPG. The players that logged in the game on the first day stuck in the game. And were noticed by the game developer that you have to clear all 100 stages of the dungeon or the game in order to return to reality.

So, all the players pack their bags and start clearing the game. And among these players is Kirtio who is a solo player and fights in the front line to clear the stages of the dungeon. And is often called the black swordsman. And during his journey, he meets with his friends and his lover Asuna and together they dedicate themselves to clearing the dungeon in order to return to reality.

Other than this, this manga has many parts all based on different themes. You might also enjoy them.

Goblin Slayer

dungeon manga

This is also one of those mangas that you should consider reading. It is quite different from the other manga of dungeon because it does not focus on big monsters instead it focuses on goblins which are considered the weakest monsters. So, you might be thinking how come this manga is good, it must be quite boring but mark my words it is not at all boring you will enjoy it.

Other than that manga has anime adaptations too.

This is a story of a man whose family was slaughtered by h Goblin and so he decided to annihilate all the goblins from this world. And so become a solo adventurer with a sole purpose.

The story of the manga begins with a priest forming a party with other adventures to clear a low-level dungeon in which the goblin used o dwell so they become careless and almost all the party except the priestess was slaughtered by Goblin and then comes the Hero to rescue her and kills all the Goblin.

The Dungeon Seeker

dungeon manga

Next on the list of Dungeon Manga is Dungeon Seeker. The story follows Junpei Takeda, who was a high school student, he used to get bullied by Kido Shouta and had only one friend, his childhood friend Noriko Tatsumiya. One day they were suddenly summoned to a different world. Summoned as Heros but Jinpei’s stats were worse than a farmer’s. And was tricked by the one who trusted the most into the labyrinth of death. And now he seeks revenge.

What exactly happened to him in the labyrinth. Check out the Magna to know more.

The World’s Strongest Rearguard: Labyrinth Country’s Novice Seeker

dungeon manga

How about you living a boring life and working in a company and you don’t even want to do that job. And then you die and be reborn in a fantasy world of your choice. What would be your reaction? Tell me your views in the comment down below.

And why I ask this is because a similar thing happened to the protagonist of this manga.

After living a corporate life, Arihito is reborn in a fantasy world. And the role that was assigned to him was quite mysterious, not clear, and was titled as ‘Rearguard’. But he soon discovers what his ability is in battle. Though his moves are not flashy but can do everything that is needed in a fight. So what is this ability check out the manga to know?

The Blade of Evolution: Walking Alone in the Dungeon

dungeon manga

The Blade of Evolution: Walking Alone in the Dungeon is about a man who gets an ability of healing but his ability to use it is trash. And on a certain underground mission in a dungeon, his party faced a life-threatening situation and all died except him. What is the reason he survived this? You have to look into manga to know.
Along with this, he found a sword in the dungeon that upgraded his powers. So what will he do now?

Magi: Sinbad no Bouken

dungeon manga

I have quite a few times mentioned this manga in my blogs but as this manga falls into each category I have to mention it. So ignore this manga if you already know about it. Still for the sake of new viewers. I will explain it in short.

The story follows a young lad who dreams to become a big man one and so one day she went on a journey to clear dungeons which started to appear all around the world. And these dungeons give a powerful ability to use. And so Sindabad starts to clear as many dungeons as possible. Follow this young lad and join him on his journey of fulfilling his dream.

Dungeon Meshi

dungeon manga

This is manga is a story of a boy whose team raid failed in a dungeon and his sister was devoured by a dragon and to make things worse their supplies were lost. But they didn’t give and Lycos and his teammates are determined to save his sister before she gets digested.

But it is not a way task without any food and they need nutrition they start eating monsters as food, and by chance, they meet a dwarf who introduces them to the world of dungeon meshi. So what exactly is this dungeon meshi and were they able to rescue Lycos’s sister? .y reading the manga.

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Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon

dungeon manga

With this kind of name, you might be confused about what exactly this manga is about. Is it about a person becoming a Vending Machine in a new world or he was reborn into a new world with his Vending Machine? Well, I understand your problem because I was also confused when I first read its name. But as you will read the manga things will get more clear to you. So, let’s just hop on to the synopsis of the manga.

This is a story about a man who died in a traffic accident. And as his eyes opened he found himself standing near an unfamiliar lake. He tried to move his body but he couldn’t move he wanted to shout but he couldn’t and instead of words that he used to speak he spoke a different language a language he heard somewhere and that is of Vending Machine. He has become a Vending Machine and the only things that he can do are what real-life Vending machines do. And there’s no way on how he can have a meaningful conversation with others so how he will survive this dungeon in a different world. Check out this odd manga to know more.

Spirit Migration

dungeon manga

What would you have done if you were a spirit who can possess other people’s bodies? I know you have heard about and been asked about this many times but I would really like to know your wildest dream. For it would be to get a chunk of money into my bank account so that I don’t have to work for anyone and travel and play video games all day.

Well, this is not connected with manga anyway but a little similar thing happened with our protagonist of this manga.

A spirit was wandering without an aim in another world’s dungeon as his past memories were missing. But he had an ability to possess the body of others. And soon he mastered this ability. So he starts possessing the body of the monsters of the dungeon. And was trying to get out of this dungeon and in the process, he finds a young female knight in the dungeon unconscious. So he drags her out of the dungeon and then begins the new adventure of our protagonist. In the new world.

Dungeon Hoiku

dungeon manga

This is a story of a salaryman who dies because of a silly mistake. And now in order to reach Heaven, he has to reach the magical fountain of purification and that is also not easy to reach because it resides at the bottom of the difficult dungeon, and if not he reaches there he will be not allowed in heaven,. And in order to conquer the dungeon, he has to summon strong and powerful monsters. But his first monster was an lvl1 female goblin.


dungeon manga

Have you ever wished that there should be other species than humans in this world or in the neighboring planet or in the other dimension?
Similar things happen in this world as humans used to live in a place called Overworld, and demons used to live in the underworld. And the only thing that connects this world to others is Warble. And why is this called humanity’s last hope? Find out by reading the manga.

Limit Breaker

dungeon manga

This is the story of Kim Kibong, who was stuck in the Awakening test for 3000 years due to an Unknown error. But whereas in the real world it has been in 10 years and is now overrun by monsters and dungeons. And now the journey of Kim begins as he comes back with max-level stats. And what he could do to restore the world back to what it was.

Kill The Hero

dungeon manga

Well, this concept on which this manga is based, might not be new to you guys but it is worth reading. The story goes like this: one day the whole world transforms into a game. And Dungeons and Monsters started to appear all around the globe. And with that players with God’s blessing appeared. And among these players is Se-jun who is the guild master of the Messiah Guild and wishes to bring salvation to this world. So, how did he and his guild member achieve it check out the manga to know more?

SSS Class Suicide Hunter

dungeon manga

Have you ever wished for things to happen so badly that you can die for it? And what will you do if your wish is granted and will only complete when you die.

Well, this thing happened to a player who wanted an S-Rank so badly that he said he would even die for it.

And all of a sudden he hears a voice that your wish has been heard and all you need to do now is die. Check out the manga to know what he did. And tell your opinion what would you have done in this situation would you have gone back on your words or you have completed the trade.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

dungeon manga

The next and last manga in this list of Dungeon Manga is Ranker Who Lives A Second Time.
The Story follows Yeon-woo whose twin brother disappeared five years ago suddenly. And one day his brother’s pocket watch came into his possession. The thing he found in the watch shocked him inside that watch was a hidden diary in which these lines were written- “By the time you hear this, I guess I will be already dead….”.

With this, I would like to conclude this list of dungeon manga. Hope you like it and if you do then leave your valuable comment down below. I will really appreciate that.

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