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Soul Land Episode 164

Before beginning, I would like to clarify that I’m talking about Douluo Dalo anime Season 2 episode 164. Not the Manga.

The best thing that I like about the anime of Douluo Dalo is its animation, it is just amazing. Like evry other episode animation was super or even better than the previous episode.

As the anime being, I was excited about the fact that soon this training will end and we will see some action soon but they decide to take 2 episodes on completing the fight. And it even pissed me more when they just took into the flashback but later when I got to know this is not a recap instead it might be an illusion. Then I finally started enjoying the anime but it was already too late as the anime is not even of proper 20 min. This is the other thing that makes me think that should I stop watching this anime and wait till they pile up.

Apart from this is the first time I saw Tang-san getting angry, but due to less expression, it was hard to determine whether he is angry or not. If the animation team have not made his eye red and his appearance change it would have been hard to determine. As anime lack so much expression in total. Do you guys feel the same tell me your view in the comment down below?

Unlike Other Seniors whom Tang- San fought this one is kind of has an evil character or is strict. This would be cleared in the upcoming episode.

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One thing that I can’t accept is that how can a Yue Guan and Gui Mei can stop both Gorilla and Sea Dragon they were capturing Xiao Wu whatever their ability might be but it is just ridiculous to stop them. This is one of the few things that I can’t accept in this anime even though he writer did it for the purpose of proceeding the anime in the direction in which it is now but still I just can’t accept them.

By doing this it seems that these beasts are nothing but jokes as people just easily can capture whosoever they want to capture. The same thing happen even in the time when Spirit Hall came for Xiao Wu’s mother’s power. To me, they just joke as they didn’t do a single thing but just watched from the sidelines.

What are your thoughts on this episode tell me in the comment down below.

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