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There are quite a few things I want to talk about in this episode. Especially about Makima. But before that, I would like to talk more about how fucked up is fucked up in this anime. Humans are insane and Devils are chilling.

Take a look at this-

Chainsaw Episode 11 | AnimeTalk
He is having the time of his life. The reverse formula is applied in this anime. Take look at this image
Chainsaw Episode 11 | AnimeTalk
This dude didn’t even split a tear on the death of her disciple but is getting attached to their psychos. When I saw this scene I was like WHAAAT!!!!
Chainsaw Episode 11 | AnimeTalk

Now let’s talk about this line-

Chainsaw Episode 11 | AnimeTalk

I was thinking that he would fail the contract as he doesn’t have anything specific to offer him. He has only 2 years of life, etc. But this line made me think what is the thing that he saw that made him go so far to make a deal only to watch him die. This gives me Goosebumps.

My hopes are very high for a future event or the ending of this anime. Hope the author lives up to his words. What do you think might happen in the future let me know. I’m not good at making predictions of future events. So, you can try I would love to read it.

And I also think that this is not the only power he can offer him. Though he got me in the first half.

Chainsaw Episode 11 | AnimeTalk
He must have more than this. Something like a takeover or power overload or something other. What do you think?
Chainsaw Episode 11 | AnimeTalk
Well, this was also a good turn of events. I expect to see the serpent instead come across Ghost. That girl might have the power to absorb the devil of others or something similar to this. Other than this I don’t have any other idea. What do you think is her power? Let me know in the comment section.

Now let’s talk about Makima. My view of her is that she… is a crazy bitch and a psycho who will show her true face soon. This kind of image is formed inside my head when I think of her. Hope so I don’t get to see that face of hers.

Chainsaw Episode 11 | AnimeTalk

This bitch knew something like this incident will take place and still had not warned her teammates. And she didn’t warn her close one. I think she was taking revenge on Himeno for taking the first kiss of Denji. As she knew other than him everyone can survive. Two are undead and one has a high chance of survival. Well, this is my prediction. Let’s see if something like this is revealed in the future.

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Here is another incident of how crazy she is … her way of working is totally insane. Took the eye of every family member who the fuck do this in the name of public security. LOL.

Other than that I’m really curious about the powers she and kill from miles away, she can kill even without looking at someone or even without touching someone. What kind of devil did she make a contract with? Definitely looking forward to this.

Chainsaw Episode 11 | AnimeTalk
Chainsaw Episode 11 | AnimeTalk

Totally loved how these guys from division 4 were introduced. You don’t have to worry about zombies instead you have to worry about them. Haha, cool introduction.

one is an angel and eating zombie, one is a shark, one is a crow, and the other is a spider. Totally a zoo. What do you think WHO is the crazier amount of all of them? I think I will go with the angel one. Anime Logic one who is calmest is the craziest. What do you think? Let me know in the comment.

With this, I would like to end this AnimeTalk. And I will meet you at the next one. You can read my other AnimeTalk by clicking on this link. Anime Discussion

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