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Today on Sunday, episode 1054 dropped. And think it was a little waste of time instead it could have been better. So why do I think it was waste of time?

As this episode was on Killer has been through a lot and literally a lot. I think he was the one who tortured most of the people of Wano. Well physical pain aside from the most painful thing that happen to him was that he lost character in this Arc. His serious side was completely crushed and now he just laughs.

Instead of showing him in misery during his fight if they had shown his moves or given more fights seems that would have been more worthy of his character rather than making scenes more emotional and a waste of time.

We know how much killer and Kid care for each other but. The idea of cutting his hand and taking out the last piece can be thought of during a clash between Hawkins and Killer.

Here is another thing it might be me only. But tell me if you feel the same fight scenes are not so good. And they don’t even create hipe as they used to create in the previous arc.

The fight between Straw Hats was very dull. Except for Robin’s fight. Fight of Jimbe and frankly was not on that level as it should be in order to create a hipe.

But one thing that I’m absolutely amazed about is how ODA thinks about how things will occur now and how will it impact the future. This is just my wild guess what if it is true? Just imagine if ODA cut the Kid’s army post-time skip just to create this moment between Hawkins and Killer.

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My only complaint is the level of the fight which I was expecting till is still not delivered. You can exclude the Yonko and Worst generation battle apart from that. Hopefully, the remaining fight is on just another level as compared to the ones that occurred till now. I have high hope as they already gave us a little glimpse of future fights in the previous episode.

So, did you like today’s episode if you did let me know in the comment, and if you didn’t tell me what you didn’t like about it. And with this, I would like to end this AnimTalk here so till then Bye bYe.

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