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Hey, One Piece Fan have you watched today’s episode yet? If not then you can watch it after my short review about it. Today’s episode was one hell of an episode full of action, and backstory. And it teaches us also many things such as loyalty, friendship, and many other things.

So, let’s begin with the Race of the King to which he belongs. Hoho, is another mysterious legendary race that got extinct at the hands of the world government. World governments had done more bad deeds than all pirates collectively. But the only difference between them is that pirates are not good at hiding things and they are experts at hiding things,

Like many others, I was totally looking forward to the face reveal of King and I would like to say he looks like a kind of Handsom lad in his Human form but in his dragon form without a mask, he looks ugly as hell. Would you agree with me on this? And just like Queen and Kaido King is also ruthless against their subordinates. Well, that also been they are playing the role of villain very well.

Also, now I’m really curious about Kings Clan as 100 million berries just on confirming his identity that he quite a hefty bounty for that purpose. How powerful or secret his clan holds that the world government is willing to pay that amount of money. Yet another secret that ODA did not reveal and hung us just like always.

Now, I would like to share with you a moment I personally enjoyed apart from the climax seen fight is this on. I don’t know why but this one just got stuck to me so I’m sharing it with you guys. What do you think does it deserve to be mentioned or not?

One Piece Episode 1062 | AnimeTalk

And as always I would like to Thank the Animation team for providing this much amazing animation. This whole episode’s level was on another league. Don’t you agree? Just take a look at these two images. These two images talk a lot about themselves. So cool. On first one King is going into rage mode and the second one is his imperial strike something I don’t remember the name and Mangma Ryo(Dragon) is launched.

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Now, let me tell you what I feel about King’s backstory. Well, first of all, many things were hidden by ODA on purpose this is what I think because how King got captured is not explained though Kaido’s presence there might be explained as he was captured and was going through torture there and when he was getting bored then he went on destroying the whole facility.

And the second queen’s backstory is also not revealed or did they? And how did Queen become Queen and how he joined Beast Pirates? I think ODA hid all these on purpose for creating a larger picture as he always s does.

And talking about Climax seeing it was very very cool will you agree with me? Fall of one legend and rise of another legend. On Way to Become King Of Hell should be the title of the episode.

And lastly, I would like to say only one thing about this banner which has not changed in decades if my memory serves me right,” A change worth Appreciation”.

One Piece Episode 1062 | AnimeTalk


Totally satisfying episode filled with action. The fight was neither lengthy nor too short it was perfectly on Mark. Many secrets were also created which makes One Piece Standout from other anime and finally, I’m looking forward to the new episode of One Piece.

And till then I would like to take my leave. And if you enjoyed today’s AnimeTalk let me know by commenting down below. You can also read AnimTalk of Episode 1061.

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