Jujutsu NO Kaisen 0 Review

Jujutsu No Kaisen 0 is one of the most awaited and most needed anime. I guess I don’t have to explain the reason why it was one of the most awaited anime movies. And as for the part about why it is one of the most needed anime I will explain myself.

But later in this Blog, so stick around, and let’s discuss this anime in detail WITHOUT GIVING SPOILERS. This is my first attempt so if it sucks then excuse me.

About Anime and Anime Quality

Before getting anywhere else let’s start with the basic which is its animation quality. As we are familiar with the animation quality of Jujutsu No Kaisen anime. The animation quality of Jujutsu No Kaisen 0 is of the same level or I would say near that level MAPPA has done an amazing job in regard to the animation.

Be it character development, fighting scene development, or be it background development each and everything are of high quality.

Here is my personal take on this I liked the animation of Jujutsu No Kaise anime more than Jujutsu No Kaisen 0. Why I would like to explain it in the Fighting scene part.


Well well well, what should I say about this it is just amazing and I really mean it. In the beginning, it was all about a basic introduction of every character that is going to be there in this movie. But in the end as curtains from various mysteries started to rise and when the viewers start to connect wires with Jujutsu No Kaisen anime.

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One big plot twist I would say so occur which shakes all the reasoning and fan theories(not talking about mana readers). To me, it just felt like Why?

If you haven’t watched the anime you must go and watch it I’m 100% sure that you also ask Why? It will make you think can we really trust this person who is blindly trusted by many?

Let me give a little bit hint about him he is the most handsome character in the series. To me, it really felt like everything that I watched till now was all lie.

And if I say anything more than this it will really ruin your mood. So with this let’s move into the section on why Jujutsu No Kaisen 0 was really needed.

Why Jujutsu No Kaisen was needed?

Why jujutsu No Kaisne 0 was needed the reason are few and are simple. Firstly there was a need for everyone’s backstory and where this all begins. Though the story of the antagonist is still far from moved from this, we can get a rough gauge of the situation. But it will give you a clear picture of certain someone and why and how he came into Jujutsu.

Secondly, the reason is also related to the first one if this backstory was shown in anime itself it would have consumed both time and effort. And for viewers, it would have been boring so instead of giving them a 20min episode that will bore them it was a good idea to have a full movie about his arc. Which led me to the third point.

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Which is its rating you might ask how is it related to rating well here is how first of all if you make a show someone just backstory they would eventually get bored and this will lead to the killing some of the hype which was created and all the mindset of people drastically changes. It will not kill all the hype but it would certainly have some effect.

Now you can ask so how it was a good idea to show it as a movie well here is how people’s thought process completely changes when they are in theaters they tend to think differently as they are there to enjoy for whole 2hours with friends or lover. And thus tend to enjoy the whole of the anime as they know the story will slowly build and the climax scene will be at the end.

But this same scenario changes when one waits for a whole week to watch a single episode of 20 min and you all show him just backstory.

I hope you got my point.

Fighting scenes

Now let’s talk about the best part of the whole movie. The fighting scenes first of all I would say fabulous just fabulous. Just watching fighting few things get clear. First is that people all over the world can be members of Jujitsu, second Gojo is still no.1 whosoever he faces, and third, you might be a newbie but if you have a special grade spirit you are a top ranker.

And let’s talk about fighting scenes themselves personally I like fighting scenes of Jujutsu No Kaisne anime more than jujutsu No Kasien 0 especially the one where Gojo takes matters into his hand. But definitely fighting scenes in movies are no less than anime itself.

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If you have read through all the Blogs then you can skip this one part it might have a few spoilers. Well, it makes me a little sad and this is the most hated part of any when there is a really sad tragedy.

Especially it hurts more when one who dies is the one you loved the most. Which are the parts in anime that makes you cry? Let me know in the comment section down below for me this is the only thing where it makes me sad rest I take all as fiction.

And with this my review ends how was my first review of the movie I would love to read how it was. If any changes should be made to the comment I’m open to suggestions. And in the future, I would love to review more of these anime. And if you want to review a particular anime then comment down I would definitely try to make one.

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