Xayah Pro Builds

Xayah Pro Builds

Hey fellas, how are you doing? Are you guys looking for the Best Pro Xayah Builds? If yes then I got you. I have brought you the build that the S3 top 3 Xayah player uses so without further due let’s get straight to it.

So before getting into the Build and Ruins. I will try to explain to you the abilities in my own words. In simple language so that things get clear to you.

Passive Ability-

What is a passive ability and Why is it so important?

Most low elo players don’t even know what is passive ability is or how to activate it. Wild Rift provides you with a different passive ability for every character you use.

And the passive ability is the one that can be a game-changer. For instance, if you don’t stack up and activate the Darius passive ability then he is useless. But on the other hand, if you use his passive ability then he is totally a beast. Hope I made it clear what passive ability can do.

Xayah’s Passive Ability ( Clean Cut)

Her passive ability is whenever you use any of her abilities(not basic attack), her next 3 attacks will hit all the enemy in the direction you attack and with that, she drops her feathers on the ground which you can recall using her 3rd ability or E. And the most amount of feathers she can store is 5.

So, how will you know that her passive is activated? It is quite simple. When you use her ability a small pink dot will appear below her health bar. From that, you can tell that her passive is activated. For more check out the image below.

And one more thing she can do but it is only with Rakan: They can both can join each other’s recall. And reach the base at the same time at the end of recall. For an instant, if Xayah starts her recall then Rakan can join in any time before the end of recall and they will reach to fountain at the end of Xayah’s recall.

Now let’s talk about her ability

Double Daggers

You can use this ability by pressing the first button or using Q.
What actually this ability does is it throw two feathers or daggers in the direction of your choice which will then deal 50 physical damage (50+50% bonus) and leave 2 feathers.
Targets hit after the first take 50% damage.
And casting this ability uses 50 mana.

Deadly Plumage

You can use 2nd ability or press W to activate this ability.
With this ability, she creates a storm of blades for 4s which grants her 35% Attack speed and her next attacks will deal 20% more damage.
With this, if your attack hit the enemy then you will gain 25% Movement speed for 1.5s
And if Rakan is your ally and is nearby then he will also gain the effect of this skill.

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With Q or using 3rd ability you can recall every feather that was stuck on the ground and what it will do is deal 56 physical damage( 50 + 80% bonus) to the enemies, they passes through. And any enemy which is hit by any of the 3 feathers will be rotted for 1.25s

Minions will also take 50% damage if they get hit by it.
It takes 40 mana to cast.

Featherstorm( Ultimate)

You can use Ultimate by using the 4th button.

And what it actually does is she will leap into the air, which will make her untargetable and with that, she will throw out many feathers or daggers which on hit will give 125 physical damage( 125 + 100% bonus), and after that, she leaves behind all the feathers. Which can be recalled by using Q or 3rd ability.

While she is in the air she can move.
And Ultimate uses 100 mana.

So now we know about Xayah’s ability. Now let’s get straight to the Xayah Pro Build which is used by pro players. This build that I’m sharing is used by season 3 top 3 Xayah players. He shared it with me.

So let’s get straight to it.
Firstly let’s talk about ruins that are used in this Xayah Pro Builds.


Xayah Pro Builds

What actually it does is when you hit with a different attack of Xayah whether it is her ability or her basic attack it stacks up and it can stack up to 5 times that means you have to hit an enemy with 5 different attacks to use the full potential.
And with every stack, you will gain 2-6 bonus AD pr 3-9 bonus AP for 6 sec.
And if you stack up to 5 times then you will receive bonus adaptive damage if you are melee then it will be 1 and if you are ranged then 7%.


Xayah Pro Builds

The next ruins that are best to be used on Xayah are brutal as this will give you 14 Ap and 2% magic penetration which is very useful on Xayah.

Hunter- Titan


The third Ruins that is suitable for Xayah is Hunter- Titan this helps you gain 20 max health and with that, if you take a champion down then it will grant you 20 max health and 4% tenacity.

Sweet Tooth

Xayah Pro Builds

You can go with other ruins as per your choice. But I prefer Sweeth tooth which will increase the amount of healing effect that and gold that Honeyfruit provides.
To those who don’t know what Honeyfruits is they are green color plants on side of the lane within the last turret that heals you.

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So these were the ruins that you can use on Xayah and you can change it to your choice.
Now let’s move to the Items that can be used on Xayah. SO let’s get straight to the Xayah Pro Build item.


The best item that I would recommend that you should use on Xayah is the critical item that means an item that provides more chance of getting a critical strike as you have seen above that Xayah has lots of bonus damage on critical strike while using her ability. So try to use the more critical item. With that let’s see what the top 3 player uses as their item.

Xayah Pro Builds

Infinity Edge

Xayah Pro Builds

The first item that you can use is infinity Edge. What it actually does is it give-

  • +55 Attack Damage
  • +25% Critical Rate

And when you hit critical damage on the enemy you deal 230% damage instead of 200%.

Statikk Shiv

Xayah Pro Builds

The next item that you can use on Xayah is Statikk Shiv. What it actually does is –
It gives –

  • +25% Critical Rate
  • +35% Attack Speed

And when you are moving and attack the enemy you will generate an Energized attack. And this Energized attack generates 50-120 bonus magic damage that bounces to 5 nearby enemies.
Also with this damaging effect can crit and applies the effects of Energized Attacks to all enemies hit.

Gluttonous Quicksilver

Xayah Pro Builds

Footwear- This gives 40 Move Speed
Seconds- +8% Physical Vamp.
Thirds- +8% Magical Vamp
Now let’s see what it actually does and when to use it. This removes all control effects that are holding you and with that, you gain a 50% movement speed bonus for 1.5 seconds.
Cooldown time is the 60s.
Note that it will not remove knock up and know back.
You can use it whenever some stun you or root you in their ability this is the best thing you can choose to remove that cc.

Blood Thirster

Xayah Pro Builds

This item gives you-

  • +50 Attack Damage
  • +25% Critical Rate

And other than this it gives:
Bloody- 15% Physical Vamp.
Bloodssworn: Physical Vamp what it actually does it over heals you, which generates a shield and absorbs 40-320 damage. And then this shield decays when you are out of combat over for 10 sec.

Serylda’s Grudge

Xayah Pro Builds

This could be an item when you are against a tanky opponent. So now let’s see what it actually do-

  • 40 Attack Damage
  • +15 Ability Haste
    Last Whisper: This sub-item gives you 16-30% Armor Penetration.
    And the second thing that this item does is – When you give damage to an enemy champion the empowered attacks will slow enemies down by 30% for 1sec.

Guardian Angel

Xayah Pro Builds

The last item is not an attack item but a defense item which might be useful if you are the one who is carrying the team or if you are the one enemy assassin is targeting. But you can switch with other attack items if you are comfortable and are sure that you can survive without them.

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Now let’s see what this item does. It gives-

  • +40 Attack Damage

40 Armor And when you die ones you will get revived and with that, it will give your 50% base health if you have taken lethal damage and it also restores 30% maximum mana after 4 sec of stasis.
And its cooldown time is 210 seconds.

So these were the items that you can use on Xayah and this was the Xayah Pro Build of the top 3 Xayah Player.
Other than this you can use other items on Xayah such as –

Xayah Pro Builds

This item gives you-

  • +45 Attack Damage
  • +25 Critical Rate
  • +15 Ability Haste

What it actually does is your critical attacks reduce your non-ultimate ability cooldown which simply means other than your Ultimate this item will reduce their cool down.
By 15% of their remaining cooldown.

Mortal Reminder

Xayah Pro Builds

This item gives-

  • +40 Attack Damage

Last Whisper: This sub-item gives you 16-30% Armor Penetration.

Sepsis: And the other thing this item does is give 40% Grievous Wounds to the enemy champion for 3 seconds. And if the enemy champion is below 50% of health then this effect is increased by 60% grievous wounds.

And what does Grevious wound does it actually reduces the effectiveness of healing and regenerating effect.

Solari Charge Blade

Xayah Pro Builds

This item provides-

  • +25 % Critical Rate
  • +30% Attack Speed
  • +15% Ability Haste

What this item does is it stores charges and it can store up to 3 charges for10 seconds. And then the player gains a 25% Critical Rate.
Attacks that crit expands charge to deal 24-52 bonus magic damage on-hit. And it can e increased to 150% against the low health target.

And also note that each unique ability can generate a charge once in 2 seconds.

Rapid Firecannon

Xayah Pro Builds

Item gives-

  • +25% Critical Rate
  • +35% Attack Speed

The player gains hunter swiftness that gives 5% move speed.
And secondly on moving and attacks will generate energized attacks.
Nd these energized attacks generate 25% faster and gain 50-120 bonus magic damage and also gain 150 attack range. And melee attack will gain 50 range.

Essence Reaver

Xayah Pro Builds

Item provides-

+40 Attack Damage
+25% Critical rate
+20 Ability Haste

On giving damage it activates ability and empowered attack deal 10 bonus physical damage+ 70.
And note that each ability can trigger this effect once or for each target.
With this, it also restores 2% of missing mana on-hit.


Xayah Pro Builds

This is the final item that is useful on Xayah other than this item you can choose whatever as per your preference. But I will highly recommend if you use only these items on Xayah. So let’s look at its effect and what it does?

It gives-

  • +25 Attack Damage
  • +25% Critical Rate
  • +20% Attack Speed

Moving and attacking the enemy will give the champion energized Attack.
This Energized attack gain 50120 bonus magic damage and slow the enemy by 75% for 0.5 seconds.

So this was the list of items that you could use on Xayah and this completes the Xayah Pro Build Guide. Tell me your opinion in the comment down below.
And by any chance, you want Darius Guide then I have prepared one for you.

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