What Country Watches The Most Anime Top 10 Ranked Full List

What Country Watches The Most Anime these are the things that, I used to wonder in past as an hardcore anime fan and I believe you also have also wondered once or twice in your life time.

You also might have wondered where does your country stands around the ranking of anime enthusiasts. As, I have been watching anime since my childhood firstly on Television thereafter on Mobile, But around 5-6 years ago almost no-one talked about anime as it is being talked now.

I’m talking about my country that is India, now even cosplay and other anime events are being organize in the metropolitan cities which made me curious did anime community really grow all over the world in these past 5-6 years. And thus I decided why not share it with you guys.

Your country may be or may not be in this list. But still stick around to see which country is producing the most anime viewers. To make things more interesting I made the list in Ranking based on percentage of active viewers from country.

See the number are estimated number and active viewers might be was more than mentioned here so just take this list lightly.

What Country Watches The Most Anime Top 10 Ranked Full List

10. Mexico

What Country Watches The Most Anime Top 10 Countries

Firstly allow me to take you to Mexico where people of Mexico specially the youth have made a place for anime along side their traditional alebrijes dance alongside the lively beats of mariachi music while enjoying their Taco’s.

It is quite noticeable that more and more people are jumping to animeverse and are become regular viewers of this amazing storytelling and animation style.

Just like he intricate designs of alebrijes tell stories of imagination and folklore, anime transports viewers to fantastical worlds where heroes rise against adversity.

And I think this similarity between the culture allow them to indulge in anime as they indulge themselves in albrijes.

These are a few of the anime that are quite popular in Mexico right now- “Naruto,” “Dragon Ball,” “One Piece,” “Pokémon,” and “Attack on Titan”.

9. India

What Country Watches The Most Anime Top 10 Countries

Well, lets begin with place from where I belong. That is India because I can certainly vouch for this one as just like me there are millions of anime fans here.

Even though the number is small compare to population of this country but that does mean it is a really that small as I have already mentioned it is over millions people consuming anime regular bases and this number might be small.

And this can be confirmed by the fact of increasing number of convention and cosplay events organized in the metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru. And fans in these event are not small number even though I have never been to these events but I definitely have seen other anime content creator who have been there.

If you still do not believe me or what I say this article from cnbctv should confirm my claims which says – Comic Con India 2023 concludes.

Apart from anime culture Japan and India share many other culture similarity which could be one reason of rising anime popularity, other might be just how crazy good action, romance, story is in anime which automatically made home in the heart of young Indians.

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Other things might influence of geopolitical relation. If you are an Bhartiya let me know what you think of this and growing anime influence in Bharat.

8. Russia

What Country Watches The Most Anime Top 10 Countries

Anime just other parts of the world is spreading in russia like a epidemic.

Not only there are increasing number of anime conventions, cosplay, cultural center, art sharing but also there are other news that is also coming out of Russia for ex- Anime fans brawls with rival at shopping mall in Ukraine and Russia , Mob group of Russia Anime fans on the rise.

This trend of rising anime popularity can be confirmed by looking at the chart of most loved anime all over the Russia which are AOT (Attack on titan) Naruto, death note etc. howsoever the relationship between the country geopolitical but in anime world they are all one.

7. Indonesia

What Country Watches The Most Anime Top 10 Countries

Yet another big name which is contributing the most to anime community is Indonesia. With its vibrant youth culture and tech-savvy population, these people have wholeheartedly embraced anime and its culture.

And this can be confirmed by recent survey, which talks about Indonesia being top ranking in anime viewership, with more than millions of fans.

And this craze of anime can be seen from Big cities to small village, where they watch anime on regular base in fact it is begin reported that more than 60% of anime viewers user are consuming anime regular base. Whether it’s the latest releases or timeless classics, Indonesian fans eagerly immerse themselves in the captivating worlds of anime.”

6. Philippines

What Country Watches The Most Anime Top 10 Countries

Unexpected To my expectation Philippines emerged as a leading country in watching anime which can be seen in its constantly growing anime, manga fan base.

And this passion can be seen across the Philippine in their anime conventions which is fully packed with thousands of people in their favorite cosplay dresses. T

he Japanese culture is quite prevent in Philippine as you can see cafe and store with anime theme.

This is just one aspect of the big picture people all over the social media are discussion and sharing their favorite anime and which anime one should watch next.

These all signifies to one thing that is growing anime fandom in this island nation.

To make things more surprising for me I found people adding their own creativity to these anime and sharing their Art, Cosplay, Fan fiction and much more making it more fun and vibrant.

On further analysis as to how and why anime is growing so much faster in Phillippine I found out it was due to- several factors, including its accessibility through streaming platforms, widespread internet connectivity, and a youthful demographic eager to explore diverse forms of entertainment.

Additional to all this there is one another role that played a significant role in developing anime in this nation that is the cultural affinity for Japanese pop culture, fostered by decades of shared history and influence, further fuels the nation’s appetite for anime.

As a result of these factors, the Philippines has cemented its status as a key market for anime consumption, influencing trends and driving demand for a wide range of content.

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5. Brazil

What Country Watches The Most Anime Top 10 Countries

After breaking the records of number of FIFA world cup, I think Brazil is in its way to top the list of What country watches the most anime.

I’m saying this because of the sheer amount of people consuming anime in this country.

Maybe you are thinking that only football based theme anime works in this country but I would correct you on this regard as not only foot based anime but also other based anime particular type anime are famous too such as Pokémon, AOT, Jujutsu No Kaisen and many other.

And the amount of people that are watching these anime are as large its beautiful and enormous Amazon forest it is estimated that approximately 10 million+ people regularly consumes anime.

And slowly and steadily its is becoming a cult there. And its presence in this list of top 10 countries that consumes most anime says a lot.

I think they will get at the top position of this list just like they did in FIFA. – So what do you think of this paragraph and does this follow nested loop model

4. South Korea

What Country Watches The Most Anime Top 10 Countries

If we closely look at this small nation which is providing great value to the world from its innovation to entertainment.

Be it affordable great value car or mobile or be it K-pop or K- Drama this nation is leading in every other sector. And to add a little bit more spice to their creativity they have another contender which already so large and booming that it can no longer be ignored.

I’m talking about the Korean anime and Manhwa community. It has grown considerably in past few years.

And with every passing day not only the quality amount of Anime and Manhwa is increasing in this country but also their fans and consumer are increasing in considerable amount.

And this number is not to be looked down upon as it is way past millions which is massive you look at the population of South Korea.

And these people don’t discriminate they equally love Korean and Japanese Anime Manga which gives them a new adventures story look for.

As I have talked earlier that Korea has produced a beast of the industry which is their Anime and Manhwa community and to back my opinion here is one Manhwa I would like to provide which I’m sure most people have heard of which is Solo Leveling and amazing piece of work which was so unique at the time of its release that it just blew up and ultimately made leveling up with system and alien envision into a particular genera. And now even its anime it out

But as our anime community is grow day by day one is thing is crystal clear to me as a reader and viewers of anime. Korea with its unique manhwa style and viewer will we at forefront in this evolution.

3. China

What Country Watches The Most Anime Top 10 Countries

As big as China is, anime lovers from China are also comparatively large in size. Even if you give a rough estimate, it would be easily around a hundred million.

And how could we forget about China’s own anime and manhwa which produce equally good amounts of anime if not greater than Japanese anime.

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But the one thing about Chinese anime and manhwa I strictly hate is the sheer amount of ads in the anime. I mean, just give me a break! Firstly, you promote another anime, then you promote some junk food, then you have a short interval, and then you have your intro and outro all this in a 30-minute episode.

I mean, what the heck is this? And about manhwa, the art style is just simply trash. Well, who am I to complain? All that matters to me is a good storyline and some quality animation, which is definitely there.”

2. United States

What Country Watches The Most Anime Top 10 Countries

here is mine tell me if it follows media res storytelling- ohh man who could ever forget Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc- what an amazing Arc was it.

And even if one want to forget about it no one would ever could as first of all the time at which it was released for very painfull you know what I’m talking about.

I’m pandemic and this movie played a role of stress buster of all those anime fans or maybe included more people into anime world as it was massive hit in America and not only Demon slayer but also Attack On Titan Season 5, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, and many more anime were massive hit in America in pandemic.

These anime were massive hit in America which is know for its entertainment industry all over the world.

From Star War to Avengers America has it own superhero movie cult. But despite having all these big names and franchise. Anime making its won cult in America is just amazing fleet achieved by anime writer and studio.

With every passing second this cult is only getting bigger and more amazing. America comes in second position in regarding to population which watches anime.

1. Japan

What Country Watches The Most Anime Top 10 Countries

I’m going to be the king of the pirates!’ – Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece” this piece of line from One Piece not only started the new age of pirates but also it started a new age of animeverse.

Just like how Gold D. Roger sent a new wave of pirates to the Sea Luffy send a whole new wave of anime fans. And among this new wave standing at the first position is all mighty Japan who gave the a whole new form of entertainment which breaks the limit human imagination and creativity.

Japan with the most anime viewer percentage out all the countries top this list of “What Country Watches The Most Anime” with approximately 0.81% of population watching the anime which 1 million people. These number of viewer of anime can vary over time, but some perennial favorites include “Naruto,” “One Piece,” “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” and “Attack on Titan.”

That’s it from my side I would like to conclude this Blog with this much name hopefully your country’s name appeared in this list.

If it didn’t then make sure to love anime as you are loving now and keep sharing it with your friends you never know your country might come in the top place next time around I make this list.

If you loved this Blog then make sure to leave a comment and here is another suggestion for you before you go- 200 Coolest Nickname Of Anime Characters Full List.

You can check out this list and see what is your favorite characters nickname just in case you forgot it.

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